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Riders_of_the_night Posted on 25/10/2008 10:33
tottenh*m points sweep stake....

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Following on from an idea from B'jesus on the arsenal message board we are having a tottenh*m sweep stake on just how many (or few) points they will have in the bag on x-mas day. Due to it being likely more than one person will pick the same amount of points the tie break will be how many goals the helpless Gomas will let in.

The winner will be the person who guesses correctly or the nearest without over estimating there points total

To enter simply email shewore@gmail.com before midday on Tues 28th Oct. with your user-name, amount of points and goals you think the poor scum will be on.

Everyone's predictions will be put on the arsenal message board on weds 28th Oct

The prize is 2 tickets to there going down party in May
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Ferdie Posted on 27/10/2008 11:26
tottenh*m points sweep stake....

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rider's what are you on about on the United board, surely you should be off ranting on the arsenal board about how great you think the XXXXXX fans and players are??
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