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Paddysboyz Posted on 13/12/2019 17:13
Silkmen Supporters Trust Update 13th December 2019
Edited On: 14/12/2019 00:57
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Dear all.

Please forgive the delay in providing a contemporary Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) update but as I am sure you can appreciate we are involved in many things at the moment.

1) The current donations to the Hardship Fund as of today stands at £12,411 and we have had £1,364 this week including nearly £300 in cash that was provided by very generous donors at the SST AGM on Monday. The benefit of receiving money in the form of bank transfer, paypal, cheque and cash means that money is instantly available as and when needed.

2) There is obviously monies that have been transferred into accounts of playing and non-playing staff in the form of a flexible no interest pay-day loan, and the heartfelt gratitude we have had from those who have benefited has been both touching and heartwarming. We WILL NOT be publicising the names of those who have benefited or the amounts loaned to respective individuals as we believe these issues should remain confidential.

3) John Abbott, whose professional integrity is without question, is managing the account, and his accounts are so meticulous that anyone could view them anytime and would see that they are accounted for to the last penny.

4) A crowd-funder is set up and ready to go although John and I have very limited experience / knowledge of how such a scheme works but will do our very best. The downside of such an approach is the interest charges and that the money is not instantly available. However, we acknowledge that people would like to contribute in such a way, and as soon as it goes ‘live’ we will update everyone on the website.

5) We will look to provide a regular update (probably weekly) of the combined amounts in the respective parts of the hardship fund.

6) Thanks so much for all those who have contributed or intend to contribute as it really is making a massive difference to the lives of those who have and will make use of the hardship fund.

7) The SST has provided high quality post-training food for the playing staff on three occasions this week. Many thanks to Arighi Bianchi & Pinches Medical for their help in this matter.

8) The SST have indicated their commitment to providing some short term financial support towards a high quality training facility as they prepare for the busy Christmas schedule.

9) The minutes of the SST Annual General Meeting will be made available on the SST website, Star Lane End Facebook page and Wraggs to Riches as soon as they have been approved

10) John Abbott, Robert Wilson & I met with senior officials from the English Football League (EFL) on Thursday with the support of Deborah Dilworth from Supporters Direct. The meeting proved useful in clarifying a number of issues and we will provide you with an update from that meeting as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely

Andy Worth

Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust
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Fola Posted on 13/12/2019 19:03
Silkmen Supporters Trust Update 13th December 2019

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Thanks the update. Makes sense about the crowdfunded but glad to see one being set up.
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Paddysboyz Posted on 14/12/2019 00:24
Silkmen Supporters Trust Update 13th December 2019

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I have been advised by John Abbott that the crowd-funder is scheduled to 'go live' on Saturday 14th December 2019 at 08.00 [^].

Kind regards

PB [smi].
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bollingtonblue Posted on 14/12/2019 08:33
Silkmen Supporters Trust Update 13th December 2019

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Where do we find the crowdfunder?
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southern_blue Posted on 14/12/2019 19:34
Silkmen Supporters Trust Update 13th December 2019

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Thanks for the update. Superb effort from those on the SST Board. Thank you for giving up your time and money to support our Club and its players and staff.[^][^]

Also 100% agree with the comments about John Abbott - I'd trust him with my last tenner [:D]
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