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thetomatokid Posted on 18/01/2011 12:41
Pompey fan in peace!

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You may well remember just before Christmas i posted a message on here regarding the free dowload of an app from myshoppinggenie.

I correctly predicted that Pompey would soon be on board (as they now are) along with countless other league teams.

This for me is a way to make money (for a small initial outlay), but also for people to save money by simply downloading the free, and totally safe app.

I am pleased to say i've had my first 3 month statement through, and whilst i have not made mega money, i've certainly covered my outgoings, quite comfortably, all by doing very little if i'm honest.

go to www.myshoppingenie.com/shanesteve to see how you can SAVE money on your online shopping, or MAKE money by becoming a distributor, for a 130 quid outlay.

You really have nothing to lose, as the app is totally FREE, and totally SAFE

Link: Link to saving money on internet shopping!
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