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NialQuinn Posted on 01/09/2010 03:28
Poor mans Everton

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[:o)] Hey lads, as a born and bred liverpudlian i am so proud of our noble and pure heritage and cannot wait for a return to the gloryholes of yesteryear.
However there is a glaring fact that we, as proud gay liverpudlians must stand up and take notice of:


Dinnae hold it against me, but as a reds fan of 450 years i feel i have the pedigree to say this with 100 percent conviction.
I have watched as we cheated our way to every single one of our (fictional) 18 league titles and completely unproved european cup victories where we are credited with 5 wins.
I must point out that along with certain other events in history long held as fact by many historians...this NEVER HAPPENED.

We have been and will continue to live in Evertons shade for the remainder of our existence and now comes my final and painful point:

We MUST ... burn anfield down to the ground and rip every single replica shirt to a thousand pieces then have the ash from all of this shot into space in a rocket piloted by Buzz Aldrin naked.

We must then send the remaining Liverpool players to play for Everton in front of a baying crowd of nazis whereupon they will be forced to kiss the bare feet of michael schumacher before being publicly flogged.

Och aye dinnae hold it against me lol.

Love from Colin Calderwood xxxxx
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mattb_lfc Posted on 01/09/2010 08:49
Poor mans Everton

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Do one you troll!!!
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