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sadam Posted on 10/03/2010 16:27
The worst season ever.

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I am 27 years old,and at the start of this season,had so much hope for the team.In short,it has been a disaster.I'm sick and tired of the mess the yanks have created and can not see them selling up because they are both too greedy and are wanting to much money,but also,it is time to look at Rafa.He is to negative and cautious to be a real success.The performance against Wigan was the worst(even worse than against Portsmouth in my life time).If you look at what he has won,the champions league and fa cup were down to brilliance from a peak Gerrard.When Manure need to win a game, they will take the chance of losing by throwing extra strikers on,Rafa sits back and is content for the draw,or leaves it too late with his changes.I am now so sick and tired of it all,I will not be going back to Anfield until Hicks and Gillett and Rafa are gone.Manure are going to run away with titles before we are ready to challenge again.When Rafa does go,lets hope he takes Kuyt,Ngog,Riera,Babbel,Aqualani,Lucus,Aurellio,Insua with him.Only Pepe Reina has played with any conviction this year.The club is in a worse position finacially then ever before in our history,and on the field,not since the end of Houlliers reign has the playing staff been so poor.
The bright side is having Torres,Gerrard, Benayoun,Macharano,Pachero,Carra,Aggar,Johnson,Skrtel.Sorry the long moan, but i'm so naffed off with it all.
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