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leicsfox Posted on 26/04/2013 12:42
Thornely, smith, cobb

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Thornely smith and Cobb have all been given another chance to score over 2 innings again in a match against the students. I have maintained since we signed thornely that over time he will not be good and his start to this season has been poor. The problem is he is on a 2 year deal now which is ridiculous and I feel that young Angus Robson would be a better bet as thornely has had enough chances at Sussex etc now. Greg smith baffles me, in 2008 he scored a century against the same uni side and continued to show promise especially in 2010 when we were a few points off promotion but since then I don't know what's happened, his game has gone backwards and sufferered a crisis in confidence yet before playing a game this year he has been offered a deal too. Cobb flatters to deceive, a very good white ball player but with the red ball he is not good enough and is even our vice captain. Still only one century in 5 years at this level, he has had a dreadful start to this campaign. On a side note buck is injured again but is offered a deal too, I would have made him work for this contract. It seems the county are more obsessed with keeping a young group of friends together for team spirit rather than genuine talent reasons and whilst I accept team spirit is vital it is only going to take you so far. Cobb and thornely average 20-25 with the bat. I have faith in Eckersley Thakor and boyce's talent but the others for me should be in last chance saloon and I don't think we could afford to offer Cobb a one day contract. If we are not to suffer an embarrassing defeat to the students it will take the 3 batsman of hope I mentioned to dig us out of a hole
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Joe91 Posted on 26/04/2013 15:20
Thornely, smith, cobb

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This result is an absolute disgrace. Professional cricket is a results driven game - with one exception - Leics CCC. We have a large number of contracted players who are simply not good enough to play first class cricket and highly paid past it players who well time expired. I think you are absolutely right that the policy is to keep a certain cohort of players together irrespective of performances. i also beleive that this is compounded by the club being managed by the second rate and a coaching staff who are an old boys club within a club.
Thew whole set up is rotten and needs fresh leadership not ham strung by the old gang.
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Meet Posted on 26/04/2013 16:19
Thornely, smith, cobb

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Pearson out.

S.hit....wrong message board.
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Glennyfox Posted on 26/04/2013 18:24
Thornely, smith, cobb

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Right message board, wrong name.

I nearly posted this morning saying that today was a massive day and that a defeat should mean PFW's position must be close to untenable, but decided it was a tad negative.

I think that the contract extensions were dished out to stop all of the young 'talent' going to Notts etc... I would definately have waited for Smith to show some form before giving him a deal. Thornely apart from his first handful of knocks was poor in the last 6-8 games. Cobb has to do better. Started last season well but then went off the boil. This has to be a year he contributes.

Can't be many sides that get rolled out twice in good conditions to a university side for under 200.

The whole mind set of the club is a disgrace. Last week they were more bothered about not losing to Kent than trying to win the match. I can't see that PFW instill's confidence in his side to do better than they are.

Started an email to Daggers this afternoon but had to stop to do some work. With them being on the radio every game now, they need stuff to talk about and i intend to raise the odd issue or 2.

Disgusted of Glenfield
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lccc Posted on 28/04/2013 15:39
Thornely, smith, cobb

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Its a real worry.
Here are some key expiry of contracts (from what I can remember)

Thornley 2014
Smith 2014
Eckersley 2014
Cobb 2014
Boyce 2014
Buck 2014
Wyatt 2014

What happened to making young and unproven player earn contracts?

Cobb and Buck were deserved of new contracts to stop other sniffing around early doors after what happened with others (Cobb fantastic One Day player).

BUT the others should not be contracted for so long. Smith, Boyce, Wyatt and Thornley are not going to be snapped up by any other county because they wouldn't get into any other side but we seem to be handing long terms deals out like they're going out of fashion. With all these players here for 2 years means we probably wont have the space in the squad or the money to sign anyone 2014.

When will the madness end?
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