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billsballbag Posted on 26/09/2014 20:08
Thank God That's Over

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1. Whitticase has got to go.
2. What's the bowling coach doing?
3. Get some experience in to mould it around McKay and O'Brien.
4. Appoint a non mentalist Chief Exec who doesn't suffer fools.
5. Sort out the hole facking shebang. Minor details are pish poor. The website, the marketing.
6. Tell everyone remaining that over 100 years of history is on the line.
7. Get the new Chief Exec in front of the ECB to talk through what the plan is. Look for guidance. Travel around the counties and see how they do it.
8. No more excuses, no more "we're" listening nonsense.
9. Get a new coach who is an ex international.
10. Stop blaming everyone else and nobody internally.

It's about time they were told what a disgrace it is, how the ineptitude is threatening the very future of the club.

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billsballbag Posted on 26/09/2014 20:13
Thank God That's Over

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And give the players a kick up the asre. Clean slate but home truths.

Eckersley this year - poor.
Greg Smith - poor.
Naik - gone backwards.

Robson and O'Brien - well played.
Rains - promising.

Taylor - average at best.
Shreck - average.

Start afresh. New coach with respect. Open forum to vent grievances and then create a siege mentality.

If you want to go, disappear. If you want to stay and fight to keep the club in first class cricket we'll back you. You pick on one of us, you pick on all of us.
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billsballbag Posted on 26/09/2014 20:14
Thank God That's Over

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And sack off the victory song nonsense and turn yourselves into a hard nosed, professional outfit.,
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Glennyfox Posted on 26/09/2014 23:49
Thank God That's Over

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Can't disagree with any if that.

Would add.
1. Stop rewarding poor performance and giving contracts purely because they came through the ranks. We are XXXXXX poorly every year yet we offer the same players contracts so that we can be poor next season. Blind faith a misguided loyalty has got us us to the stage we are at.

2. Stop believing the hype that we have a young squad with ability. When was the last time an academy player had an excellent season?

3. Whilst I would have kept Cobb, is it really a disaster that a player with a mid 20's average leaves. He brings more to the party in one dayers but after 4-5 seasons, to have a career average ofid 20's is not good enough. Him going means we can give Wells a chance. Similar type of players.

4. Smith. Career average of under 29 and since may has averaged 23. Not good enough. Move on.

5. Boyce. Career average mid 20's. In his late 20's. Why offer a contract? No other county would offer a contract. Is retaining him a step in the right direction to sort out poor performance over several years?

6. Naik. Last 3 years 49 wickets at 50 and a wicket every 16 overs. Not good enough and he has been given the responsibility of being our number 1 spinner. This season he has had the opportunity in playing time, early on had the bowling conditions and has had the rough created by 2 left handers. Embarrassing performance. Gets a 1 year contract. No other club would have offered him a deal.

7. Taylor's stats as an alrounder have been reasonable and in a stronger bowling side he would be a good 9 option, again as a left arm creates rough for a spinner to exploit. He and Raine have similar capabilities but raine a better bat.

8. I defy anyone to tell me that there is another manager, head coach in professional sport worldwide that has a worse record than witticase. If he is a good coach then he cant get his message across. His record is an embarrassment to the profession. Genuinely continue to be amazed that he hasnt been dismissed and equally amazed that his professional integrity hasnt resulted in him resigning. Simple..he has had a chance and a long one at that and it hasn't worked.

9. Tennant. We have the worst attack year in year out. All of the young bowlers go backwards and the discipline to stiffle the opposition or have a game plan to get wickets is non existent. This again like pfw is over a lengthy period of time.

10. Build a side. Have a plan. 1 year contracts do not build sides. You are liable to players leaving if they have a good season and you only keep them afterva poor season. You therefore end up with a cycle of retaining players of average ability.

11. Chief exec with drive. Siddall never gave any sign of positive direction.

12. Accept that we are poor and embarrassing. Stop giving excuses. That feeds down to all and detracts from a winning mentality.

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billsballbag Posted on 28/09/2014 21:01
Thank God That's Over

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All frustrations aside, hopefully this is the nadir.

Battings improved on last year and we've kept Robson and O'Brien who are by far the best.

Eckersley been a major let down which means he'll probably be staying and hopefully he can rediscover some form.

Bowling will hopefully improve with Mackay coming in. Better than Buck whose gone.

We desperately need a spinner.

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Joe91 Posted on 02/10/2014 13:42
Thank God That's Over

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Yes I think it's important that the club faces up to reality and stops clutching at straws - along the lines of we did well in the previous couple of games and managed to cling on to the last day etc.

They should draw a line now - start afresh. It's astonishing that those 'managing' this disaster seem to think they should still be involved. Not winning any games doesn't seem to be a problem in keeing their jobs - they defy the law of gravity season on season.
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Joe91 Posted on 15/10/2014 16:16
Thank God That's Over

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At last there is the possibility of change.
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billsballbag Posted on 30/01/2015 14:38
Thank God That's Over

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Half of my original list have come good already.


We'll beat Derbyshire and Northants this year. Show Thakor and Cobb that they've made a mistake although they can keep Cobb.

I hope Greg Smith likes playing second team cricket.[:D]
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