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leicsfox Posted on 11/10/2013 16:51
Squad for next year

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I think the club have gone from one extreme to another with regards their policy - too many Kolpaks and now too much inexperience. There have been a lot of decent cricketers left Leicestershire and replacements aren't as good. Is Boyce better than maunders? Definitely not. Is thornely better than Benning bat or ball? Definitely not. Was Williams etc better than Malik definitely not. I have read on the board about getting collymore and de bruyn in which would be very good but maybe bite the bullet and say to some of these unfortunate players sorry we were wrong. Is eckersley happy to o'brien keep wicket because we don't want to lose him on that basis. I would offer Cobb a one day contract only. And home many more chances will Buck get?
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Sbody8 Posted on 12/10/2013 09:57
Squad for next year

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Personally I think Boyce is better than Maunders but that's just me. The biggest problem with the club is the coaches and the mental set up. The players have shown in the past that they can do it, just not consistently. 3 years ago we were 8 or 9 points away from promotion with Smith and Naik at the top of the national averages (albeit having played less games). Buck & Hoggard regularly knocked 2-3 over early doors but we then couldn't follow that up and finish teams off.
Those days are gone but the players aren't (most of them anyway). Hierachy, coaching etc. that's what we need to sort out.
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Joe91 Posted on 12/10/2013 16:07
Squad for next year

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Sadly we are locked into a situation where real change is ruled out by a management committee which has an appalling record and is not prepared to take any decisive actions. Everyone knows that the coaching staff are hopeless but as we've seen the only response is to shuffle the pack. I fully expect 2014 to be a repeat of 2013 and 2012 and its going to take something extraordinary to happen for any improvement any time soon. Very very sad.
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Glennyfox Posted on 12/10/2013 16:41
Squad for next year

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Sbody8, agree 100% re coaching. Not a critcism but I am curious as to why you believe Boyce is better than Maunders. Not about putting a case for the defence or anything but am interested.

For me, Maunders was average but was a better player than Boyce. In First class JKM played in less games and less innings but more runs, more 100's, more 50's and a better average. JKM opened and Boyce did likewise, Boyce's record has improved massively by giving up the opener slot. JKM's job was harder than Boyce's but has favourable stats.

Beyond that JKM went on to play for another county when he left LCCC. I promise you Boyce will not find another county.

There lies a problem. JKM was Average and Boyce who has been around for a number of years is worse. When Boyce does well it is to the detriment of the team as he scores at a rate that is negative to an attempt to win a game.

LCCC reruitment has been dreadful in the last few years. Injured released players, youngsters or veterans. The Injured players don't play. The vets get injured and the youngsters struggle. The good youngsters who develop then decide not to hang around and so we carry on the cycle of then replacing them with another youngster, injury prone player or veteran. This then results in no direction and no spine to the side of players in late 20's or early 30's who perform and who you can build a side around for 3 years.

Lewis or De Bruyn are veterans who at best have 1 year left, so we then start the cycle again. No continuity and players looking for a last crack whilst not expecting to achieve anything. This will likely see Ned look at it and see that the team for the next 2 years and not know who will be here and whether there is even the slimist of chances of being competitive.

Shrek has been released by Kent. At 35 he is at the endish, but performed last season and would improve us for 2 or 3 years. He could give us 3 years and give stability that an older bowler would. Would be a good signing.

O'Brien is 30+ and was a signing that gives us a degree of stability in batting. He wasn't great but was better than the rest, ned apart. Another bat of that status, standard would be great in the middle order (or open with NOB in the middle)

Not many decent first class bowlers would come here who are at 30-32 years old which is what we need. I therefore think a kolpak (and a proper bowler at that)to fill the opening bowler slot with Shrek would be the order of the day.

Give Ned a 3 year contract minimum with assurances regarding recruitment with a bottom 3 finish providing a get out clause.

1. Smith
2. NOB
3. Ned
4. Sarwan
5. Thakor
6. Mr 30+ bat
7. Raine
8. Freckingham/Buck/Wyatt
9. Naik/Sykes
10. Shrek
11. Mr Kolpak

Not sure about Robson but may need a chance. Cobb for 1 days only, Thornely & Boyce on the fringe, Smith has had a chance but other that Mr 30+ being an opening bat with Wells down the order, we may have no other option there. Wyatt isn't good enough, Buck has gone backwards massively and is desperate to get away (apparently). Ireland looks OK but is never fit enough. Freckingham got wickets but is too expensive and it provides the chance for the oppo bats to get set, similar to Wayne White.

After next season, loads will leave which would free up salary for further improvement but it needs to be by looking at the side not for next year but for 2 years with improvement next year
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Sbody8 Posted on 13/10/2013 13:39
Squad for next year

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I think it's really down to a perception I have of both Maunders and Sadler, that they only tended to perform towards the end of the season when they were under pressure for a new contract. That and the fact that Maunders seemed to spend far too much time in the bookies.
Boyce seems to be more grounded as an individual although I'd rather he spent time in the winter playing rather than walking or cycling. I know it's for a good cause but at this rate he'll have a lot of time on is hands when his career is curtailed earlier than he would have wanted.
The irony certainly isn't lost on me though. What we need is an experienced batter to score 800+ runs a season and we let him go when he was almost at this rate.
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leicsfox Posted on 23/10/2013 11:02
Squad for next year

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All interesting replies. I think we badly lack a batsman who bowls in all forms and could be a 5th or 6th bowler. In the past we have had Maddy, Stevens, Allenby and to a lesser extent maunders and benning but to watch Thornely take the ball last year was an embarrassment. I really don't understand the club when you compare the stats of someone like benning with thornely from their respective records at the club.
Batting: Matches. Inns. NO. Runs. Avg
First class: 6 11 3 296 37.00
List A 13 13 0 433 33.30
T20 14 14 5 193 21.44

Bowling: Balls. Maidens Runs Wkts BB. Avg. Eco
First Class: 786. 22 443 10. 3-43. 44.30
List A. 452. 1. 387. 12. 2-29 33.25 5.13
T20. 111. 0. 155. 5. 1-10 31.00 8.37

Batting: Matches inns NO runs avg
First Class. 20. 33. 0. 796. 24.12
List A 20. 18. 1. 475. 27.94
T20. 10. 8. 2. 51. 8.50

Bowling :
Balls. Maidens Runs Wkts BB. Avg. Eco
FC. 664. 16. 427. 6. 2.29. 71.16.
List A. 234. 0. 276. 4. 1-20. 69.00. 7.07
T20 21. 0. 34. 0. 9.71

Make of those stats what you will and I know the club has money issues but would thornely's wage be much lower than benning's? I really struggle to watch Thornely especially his bowling - no other county would ever give him the ball showing how little depth we have in our attack.
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Joe91 Posted on 12/11/2013 13:13
Squad for next year

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Looked at your squad Glenny and enough of the boxes are filled in to be confident to say we will finish bottom again. Only 4 and 5 (and hypothetically 10) are good enough to play county cricket. I would always pick Cobb and accept that he is a loose cannon in the 4 day game - but he has ability which is a rarity in the squad.

You do remind us of one encouraging factor - that is the opportunity to clear the decks at the end of next season. However, this management committee either can't bear to face reality or it has seen reality and has decided they can't do much about it - so I'm not confident that they will have the nouse/ will to change things for the better for the 2015 season.
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Glennyfox Posted on 07/05/2014 13:30
Squad for next year

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Ye of little faith Joe
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