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billsballbag Posted on 21/09/2013 22:34
Overseas Player Nest Season

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They should look to the Caribbean.

There's a crop of very good fast bowlers coming through their central academy.

Holder, Gabriel.

Also some good spinners.

Or how about Kirk Edwards whose a good bat but needs and wants to improve in English conditions.

No point in having a Sarwan. We need a young player with raw talent.

Our local youngsters haven't got half the skill.
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Glennyfox Posted on 23/09/2013 08:29
Overseas Player Nest Season

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Disagree. Whatever overseas you get, he needs to be solid, reliable and dependanble. A bat who is guaranteed to get you 1000 runs or 60 wickets. An unproven raw talent isn't that person.

In addition, the pressures on a young raw talent to carry the god awful bowling attack that we have wouldn't work IMO.

Keep Sarwan (contracted) for a complete season. Him and Ned at 3 and 4 SHOULD give real solidity in that area.

Bowling wise. 3 quickies needed. Who and where from I don't know. Seasoned qulity pros aren't going to come to LCCC. The attack needs a leader and wonder what Kolpaks chances there are for one player and see what else is out there.

With Wells and Raine as 2 all rounders coming on who you can give the ball to, the signings are quite simple.
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Joe91 Posted on 25/09/2013 10:55
Overseas Player Nest Season

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on balance, keep Sarwan, whilst recognising he is a dependable bat - but not a match winner.

It's too much to ask that the overseas can turn round this side. Money has to be found to bring in at least a further three good players or we are at risk of the ECB and other first class clubs losing patience and kicking Leics out of the first class game.

As I've said before i think we should seek to persuade Maddy to contract for a couple of years. Maybe go in and try to prise Darren Stevens from Kent - if he is available to play of course next season and maybe Smith of Durham. I appreciate that this wouldnt do too much for the bowling but strengthening the batting with veterans and seasoned players would at least make us more difficult to roll over ...and might also create a bit mor interest for the paying public.
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