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onemrpastry Posted on 05/09/2013 19:36
what a joke

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we must be the the laughing stock of the cricket world.hope at the end of the season someone from the top comes out and admits how poor we have been and does not give the excuse about us being a young side.the club should count themselves lucky,if they had the same profile as the football team [city] the mercury and radio Leicester would be in meltdown.
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Glennyfox Posted on 05/09/2013 21:53
what a joke

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We are an embarrassment. For the last few years and in particular the last month or so we have performed like a minor county or a unicorn type side giving players rejected as not good enough, one final chance to have a go. Utter joke and pathetic.

Every player (apart from Super Ned) should hang their heads. All coaches should tender their resignations and the board want shafting.

In any other sport and actually for every other professional cricket team, a record like ours would see mass reform or at least public outcry. You imagine in football a team as bad as ours and nothing changes, week in week out season in season out.

In business your business is performing worse and is shrinking against the performance of your competitors and the management that makes this happen remains in place. Unbelieveable

4 of the last 5 matches have been an innings defeat and the other we did well to only lose by 9 wickets. You then hear the coaches talk utter tripe when interviewed.

I worked from home yesterday and had John Shaw ball by ball coverage on. The Gloucs chap asked if we had the team to bounce back next year without major change and without hesitation he said yes. It doesn't need major changes we have a good crop of youngsters. They also discussed the fact that they did it against Essex so that proves that they are good enough? Does it f***. What about the dozens of other examples of inadequacy? What planet are they all on? You have a team that doesn't just get edged out or just needs that bit of luck or consistancy where the odd good result or performance is followed by a poor performace. We are getting hammered confortably game in game out, year in year out.

We bowled poorly in t/20, YB40 and have not looked like bowling a side out twice, most times once.

A sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and exoect different results.

I despair. Send the bulldozers in. Dig the square up. I've had enough.
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Joe91 Posted on 06/09/2013 16:46
what a joke

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The saddest part of the situation is the club's inability to face up to the truth.

I can't be bothered to do the research but how many times have we taken 20 wickets in a game this season?

The coaches when interviewed talk deluded nonsense. I hope for their sakes that they don't believe their own propoganda.
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Sbody8 Posted on 07/09/2013 12:26
what a joke

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Couldn't agree more with this, absolute delusion from start to finish. I used to think it was just PFW but to hear Tennant and Smith (to a lesser extent) they seem to spout the same rubbish. tenant talking in Football analogies about us needing a spine of Captain, Senior batsman, spinner and fast bowler.....so the best part of our team then.
Less talk more action please.

I also believe they need a psychoanalyst to get into the players heads and sort out :
The numerous unnecessary run outs in championship matches
The inability to defend the last over before lunch / tea / close (the amount of times we have lost a wicket to the last ball before each of these is unbelievable)
Lack of ability in seeing off a new bowler. (And x takes a wicket with his first ball...)
The mindset that when an opponent is in we can't get him out. I would hazard a guess that in at least 1/2 of our games a member of the opposition obtained a personal best of some sort.

I also listened to RL on Thursday, I'm not sure that John Shaw is delusional but just that he is afraid to say what he really thinks. I certainly learnt a lot about music and helicopters though!!

Rumours abound of more problems at the club. I wonder what they could be this time?

And here is food for thought. Smith and Davidson may both have had big egos and been unable to work with each other, but we probably needed one or the other - not both or neither!!
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