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jonburns Posted on 15/10/2009 10:59
Betting on F1 online - right2bet petition

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Hi guys, I'm sorry to post a url right off the bat but if you enjoy placing the odd bet online then you may be interested in this:


It's an online petition and campaign aimed at altering the EU's regulation of online gambling. At the moment, EU Member States can and do operate some pretty protectionist policies; both bookies and punters alike are prevented from moving freely across borders. For bookies this means they can't market themselves to everybody they'd like to; for punters, it means that they lose the chance to bet in certain online casinos and with certain online bookies, which can obviously involve missing out on the best odds.

The EU is supposed to offer a free market in goods and services but gambling is an industry that is being unfairly excluded from this. Given it would be relatively painless for them to do (the only people that would be hurt are the treasuries of the greedy Member States that prefer to rip punters off and pocket the proceeds for themselves!), it's high time that action was taken. If this petition can reach 1million signatures then they will be forced to take notice.

For a more fun way to sign the petition (read: fit girl, bikini, marker pen), see http://www.thenakedpetition.com - it's the same deal, just better!


Link: right2bet petition website
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jonburns Posted on 26/11/2009 11:49
Betting on F1 online - right2bet petition

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Just to update people - if there is anyone who doubted whether or not these EU laws make a difference to your online gambling experience... see http://bit.ly/1iAoxj :O Look at the disparity in odds between those gambling monopolies! Also here's an article showing the odds for the Liverpool v Man City premiership game: http://bit.ly/57PUt6 ...So much for "one Europe" lol!

Right2Bet could do a similar comparison for F1 sites... maybe we should email to ask if they will??

The Right2Bet petition is gaining significant traction at the moment amongst gambling fans, operators and also in different EU Member States. They even have a tool where you can lobby your MEP directly. As soon as their petition reaches 1million, it will go before the EU Commission so I'd encourage everyone to go to http://www.right2bet.net to add your name to the petition now!

Link: right2bet
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