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debrarb Posted on 23/01/2011 01:43

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yes i am now a new member so can anyone tell me how this works and i went to the http://s4.zetaboards.com/EE_Fans/ and got nothing does this mean that we can go to that website in the spring and not right now. i got all the episodes where kbdi left off at the ones i need is may where laura dies and aug, sept, oct, nov and dec 2004 i just fell in love with eastenders i live in colorado springs colorado and i don't even watch our soap operas because they can't keep me interested but eatenders WOW i am stuck to the tv and then when i have to wait until next weekend to see whats next i am so happy when sunday night at 10:00pm comes because i just want to see what the slaters are going to do next and lets not forget the mitchells BOY i am just so excited just talking about eastenders i just want to go and watch where janine pushes barry over the cliff well i quest i will stop now and watch a couple of episodes of my one and only real soap opera thank you my eastenders online fan i needed this
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