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PDCdartman Posted on 19/07/2009 17:59
Blackpool Starts Tonight

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Adrian Lewis v Co Stompe (Sunday)
Co Stompe beat Phil Taylor in a German tournament in the build-up to the World Championship, so that shows his pedigree. He is a very fast player, but Lewis is one of my tips to do well here. He seems more relaxed than ever and I think he could go quite far.

Colin Lloyd v Wayne Jones (Sunday)
Colin Lloyd is a former winner here and he is coming up against a very steady opponent in Wayne Jones. Lloyd tends to aim his incoming dart at the previous one, he likes to group them, and that can be a problem if you throw too fast. It results in bounce-out, so I think he needs to calm down a bit if he wants to do well
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cleveleysclaret Posted on 31/10/2010 08:38
Blackpool Starts Tonight

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