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Pre-match Music & Have A Little Patience...

Before I get into the main focus of this week's rant I'd first like to express my happiness and relief at the fact that the tannoy announcer decided to stop playing ABBA songs against Guiseley yesterday. I mean, what was he doing for the first few games? Like most people my age I love their work but at a football match it is simply out of place. Playing songs such as 'One Of Us' a few minutes ....

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United Legends

At every home game this season a 'United Legend' will be invited as a special guest as part of the club's 75th anniversary celebrations. I'm sure you're already aware of this. Now Steve Appleby was the first United Legend to come back to York Street this season. He is, undoubtedly, a Boston United legend. Unfortunately you wouldn't have known that had you not listened to the people in the ....

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Absolutely Criminal!

Editor's Note: Apologies that this rant has been published a few days late. The_Magic_Man did actually send it to us on Friday but as you probably already know we were away last week. Cheers! Hello once again. You know it's a shame I didn't start these rants a couple of years ago. I'd have had enough to moan about back then. Unfortunately for these articles nothing outrageous is really ....

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Our Aims?

I haven't really got anything or indeed anyone to have a go at this week. So I thought I would, for a moment, consider in depth my hopes and expectations for the forthcoming season, which I obviously think should also be the club‘s. As we prepare ourselves for a campaign at the lowest level we have played at for 10 years, what should we expect to achieve this season. Personally I'm not ....

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We're Too Nice

The title sums it up really and I'm not going to fuss about.  Straight in today.  Boston United Football Club are too nice.  Yes, you read that right.  We're too damn nice to our opposition in too many ways and it's got to stop.  We've got to get tough and we've got to be mean.  At this point you're probably sat at home reading this with a number of questions in ....

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A 30 Point Deduction?

As you all must know, Luton Town have been the focus of national sporting headlines this week. No they haven't signed Paul Gascoigne, but they have received a 30 point deduction for the forthcoming season. From the Football League. I'm pretty certain that I wasn't the only person who gasped upon learning of this punishment. 30 points, I was left speechless for a moment! As a Boston United ....

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75th Anniversary, Really?

I'm not sure whether you realised, but it was our 75th anniversary yesterday. Yep. We were founded on July 3rd 1933. Exactly, to the very day, the Pilgrims were formed 75 long years ago. Who back then could have predicted what was in store for the club up until the beginning of the 2008-2009 season? I won't run through the list, or else I'd miss the entire coming season, but you all know ....

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Ok, I did write an article about ‘Summer Breaks’. However, it was poor to say the least, so I’ve come up with a new one this Sunday. Since it is closed season I thought I’d go a bit off-topic this weekend. I want to have a go at the seventh day - Sunday.It is possibly the second worst day of the week, behind Monday for obvious reasons. This is despite the fact that it ....

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The Fa's Incompetence

First of all, apologies that this rant is a bit late.  I had to rewrite it following Thursday's FA appeal result so have sent it off a few days later than normal.  Now going straight in.  I'm not going to say that the FA are incompetent just because they didn't come to a decision that was favourable for us. Yet the way they conducted themselves throughout our ....

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A Boston Town 'friendly'?

Am I the only one here that has felt empty and unfufilled since April 26th? Personally, my life has felt completely pointless recently. No good television, no interesting sport, but plenty of work. This rant is going be short today. I've started to lose my sense of anger with the current lack of sport. Now I know that the majority of Boston Town supporters are wonderful people who just enjoy ....

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Injured Players

Footballers get a good deal. They get to play the sport that they love for decent wages, have a long holiday in between seasons, and get a good social life because of the nature of their job. In the case of full-time players, their working hours are incredibly short. A few hours of training each day. Not exactly 9-5. Yet there's another reason why they've got it good. Or at least for a few ....

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Paul Ellender - A Testimonial

I'm not writing up a rant as such this week.  It is more of a suggestion, a demand, a plea to the club.  However you wish to put it.  I'm sure you'll all agree with me on this: there is absolutely no question that Paul Ellender should have a testimonial this summer, if he is to leave York Street once and for all. I'm sure that the club already has plans in the ....

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Lee Thompson's Treatment

First of all, let me just say that I think Tommy Taylor has, all things considered, done a fantastic job for us as manager since arriving at York Street last summer. His personality is a refreshing change from that of Steve Evans'. He's an hounourable, honest, calm and quiet man. He's very good with the media, and from what I have seen and heard from him this past year, he's a good tactician. ....

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The Conference Agm

Straight into it today.   The Conference AGM is a farce.  On June 7th later this summer, bitter and biased Chairmen from throughout the non-league scene will once again gather together to enforce whichever random rules that they stumble upon this year.As a supporter of Boston United I don’t exactly look forward to this occasion.  Before the last season‘s, for ....

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Players' Attitudes

Now I know that Blue Square North players are (thankfully) not the prima donnas that you see in the Premier League.  However, with Tony Crane leaving the club how he did recently, I've considered his behaviour and attitide over the course of the last season, as well as a few other players'. Now we all know that Craney was a fans' favourite during his time here.  Although those that ....

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Boston Borough Council

So. Boston Borough Council, the BBC for short. The slogan on their official website says ‘a great past, an exciting future’. Now I could criticise that in many ways, as it is in direct conflict with my views on how this town has been run in recent times, and where it is heading. However, I’m not going to drag myself into general politics. I’m here to write about what ....

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Ridiculous Fixtures

I am very confident that you will all agree with me that the fixtures in this league have been astonishingly poor so far this season. How they can be so uneven astounds me to be quite honest. I mean, maybe we have come to expect too much from our time in League 2, but the probability is that we haven’t. When you look at the Premier League, the top clubs tend to play around 20 more ....

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They've Lost Their Game?

So this is my first weekly rant everyone, and trust me, I have lots of material for this feature. Tonight I'm starting off with my views of our local Premier League supporters. Every Saturday in Boston, a small percentage of the town's population turn up to watch their local football team. Each weekend they make their way to York Street; through thick and thin. Around 1300 hardcore followers ....

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