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Montrose Posted on 07/05/2020 00:47
Nanny state edited films for my safety and well being
Sat here in a Wainwright's late tasting session watching On Her Majesty's Secret Service as you do. (One of the better Bond films imo but there you go) Anyway, disappointed and sad to see or rather not see the skier land in the snow plough and the next shot of the red snow. I remember seeing the film first time around and the next day's playground talk was all about that scene. (You have to have seen the film to get this)I say sad because somebody that hasn't met me, doesn't know me or even asked me has removed 'that scene' in case it upsets me, gives me nightmares? what?
Please let me self edit, I have the internet ffs so am only some clicks away from true degradation. I also despise the way the Bruce Lee nunchaku solo scene from Enter the Dragon is often omitted. Any others which annoy you?
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Dennis_The_Menace Posted on 07/05/2020 15:33

Nanny state edited films for my safety and well being
Not a film as such, but Yesterday TV has been showing the Sweeney series, whilst editing non-political correct scenes.[rle]
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