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CofTangerine Posted on 01/05/2020 19:31
Megan Markle Debacle
She views herself very much like the Oystons, untouchable.

Just like the Oystons, pride comes before a mega(n) fall. And, like the Oystons she thinks she is right whilst everyone else knows she is wrong.

Poor Harry, she is going to be humiliated, stupid woman[:X]
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CofTangerine Posted on 01/05/2020 20:03

Megan Markle Debacle
Saw that Dodgy[;)]

Donít think Harry would be too happy[:O]
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MARK_GT Posted on 01/05/2020 21:23

Megan Markle Debacle
They deserve each other. Money grabbing chancer and a toff who thought he was above the law when he shot that hen harrier in Norfolk (He was by the way).
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Dennis_The_Menace Posted on 02/05/2020 09:18
Edited On: 02/05/2020 09:34
Megan Markle Debacle
Can't argue with any of the above.

Harry's clearly under the thumb.

Don't expect it will be long before they blame the `racist' press for their impending divorce[rle]
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Tikataka Posted on 03/05/2020 09:37

Megan Markle Debacle
What has she done wrong exactly?

I don't follow them closely but she seems to attract a whole load of flak
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