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Tikataka Posted on 01/05/2020 10:59
Edited On: 01/05/2020 11:08Interesting lockdown survey
Been quite alot of comment about the government lockdown, how the public want it to end and get back to normal. At least in the media and with certain business leaders. The constant barrage of questions at each government press conference has been a dominating feature.

So this survey indicates quite the opposite and the clamour for an end to lockdown is out of step, I suspect despite people understanding the obvious economic risk.

The public it seems remain fully in favour of restrictions continuing and aren't being pressurised by government to stay at home at all and will continue to do so until they can be convinced of their safety. Any premature lifting will not just risk a second wave of deaths but also a very negative public response.

Even when lockdown ends, business should not expect customers to return or their employees being thrilled at a return to their place of work.

Interesting and definitely one for Boris and his chums need to factor in. Something for the media and business to consider as well.

Link: Lockdown Survey
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