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tsseasider Posted on 26/04/2020 09:24
Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Never been great with my weight, it fluctuates between fat and very fat. Never had high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol problems, but always carried more weight than the recommended BMI for somebody is 6' 4" and bit in my socks.

So over the last couple of months after reading a book by one of those professors in Newcastle who had been using very low calorie diets to reverse diabetes, I thought I'd give it a go as a way to make sure I didn't get it.

Eating between 800-900 calories a day, I've lost 2 stone. Never really been hungry either which I find odd. This guy recommends you don't exercise during this phase because you "compensatory eat" which basically says 'I've run x miles, means I can eat a mars bar'and you always eat more than you burn.

Anyway, I'm coming out of the VLC phase, so have done 2 runs this week of 5k. I'm slow and plodding along, did this morning's in 34 minutes, which was 5 minutes faster than first one a couple of days ago (my 16 year old son did his in sub 19 minutes [?]) It was easy to get out because the roads are so much quieter and as there are fewer people around, I feel less noticeable.

Hopefully, I now don't kid myself that I've earned a burger or something and actually make things worse.

Anybody else trying to take the opportunity to get a little healthier?
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Raging_Bull Posted on 26/04/2020 09:29
Edited On: 26/04/2020 11:59
Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Very well done Tseasider, having so much time on my hands I too have upped my game in the fitness stakes, I've always done quite a bit in the gym but now I'm doing more running and walking which in turn has meant I've lost a stone since lockdown began, my target is two stone off by June which I'm well on my way to.

Every cloud and all that pal.[^]
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poultonbus Posted on 26/04/2020 11:20

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Well Done TS & RB👍
Yes, with no pub or golf club to meet mates at Iím drinking a ďfractionĒ of what I did.
Iím doing 100 miles a week cycling and a small routine of exercises & weights at home.
Also eating much healthier with no take aways.
Iíve lost well over half a stone and still eating bread and chocolate.
Still canít wait for all this to be over, but I think a bit of patience is still going to be needed for all our well beings.
Stay Safe Everyone........🚌#91
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tsseasider Posted on 26/04/2020 21:14

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Good to see RB & PB

Actually looking at how fat lads appear pretty vulnerable to Covid-19, everybody could do with being careful at the moment.

I'm looking forward to the new normal, but for now, I'm just trying to keep myself and everybody safe.
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scratchingshed Posted on 26/04/2020 21:33
Edited On: 27/04/2020 08:36
Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Getting Healthier?

Iíll just be glad if I come through this Covid-19 sh1t. [sad]
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MARK_GT Posted on 27/04/2020 20:20

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
I've been hugely enjoying a bit of manual labour round the house and garden, something I've not had much time to get on with before the lockdown. Still enjoying a drink and eating better than usual.

Still need to point that wall though - I'm building up to it 😬🤞
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tsseasider Posted on 12/05/2020 14:18

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Quick update:

Did an 8 mile run a couple of weeks ago
10 miles on Saturday.

Not the most elegant runner/jogger but it's the furthest I've ever run which at 47 isn't too bad [^]

Tempted by an Armenian, bit other than that, not doing too badly at eating reasonably well.
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bisphamboy Posted on 13/05/2020 08:42

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
With my favourite restaurant/takeaway shut,i haven't had a choice.[sad]
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Don_K_Lasher Posted on 13/05/2020 19:42

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
I was doing a 5k run once a week, now doing 10k twice a week, and enjoying the 'compensation' drinking and eating[B)]
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Tangerinetiltingatwindmills Posted on 17/05/2020 17:42

Anyone trying to get healthier during lockdown?
Iíve tried to run a 5k a day ,managed 18 so far out of 23 days.
Managed to get down from 42 to 36.58 at least I should be fit when park run resumes and Iíve discovered you can run without spitting.😊
Iíve still managed to put on a stone due to boredom and to much vino.
63 and generally eat healthily,but missing the gym.
But like other posters have said avoiding this horrible virus is paramount.
Stay safe.
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