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BadaBing Posted on 23/04/2020 19:25
Edited On: 23/04/2020 19:26Trump
So the two Scottish golf courses owned by good old Donald are furloughing staff and claiming the 80% wages against the British Government 😂
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scratchingshed Posted on 23/04/2020 19:36
Edited On: 23/04/2020 19:39
Well everyone one else is doing it so why not? [rle]

They should get Mesut Ozil to contribute the shortfall or Richard Branson or Victoria Beckham.
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BadaBing Posted on 23/04/2020 20:11

When we come out of this I hope the nation remembers which wealthy folk sponged from the country!
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scratchingshed Posted on 23/04/2020 20:28
Edited On: 23/04/2020 20:29
Iíve heard today Bada not on any news bulletin or newspaper or indeed radio but Gareth Bale has donated £500k to a Welsh hospital fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. [:O]

Top Dog Gareth one of the nicer footballers around. [^]
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Since81 Posted on 23/04/2020 22:09

Iíve always liked to shop local, even more so in latter times.Iím also gathering intel on businesses Iíll never use again.😉
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Aero Posted on 24/04/2020 08:52
Edited On: 24/04/2020 10:12

I must admit, I've never ever had a Pizza delivered as I'm not a fan, but my wife works in Morrison's pharmacy in Cleveleys and yesterday Domino's delivered a stack of Pizzas for the staff.

A brilliant gesture.

I might just try one in the near future.

Support the companies who have served us well during this pandemic and boycott the ones who haven't!

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