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Owain_Glyndwr Posted on 29/02/2020 20:30
Just back
Great 3 points against a good side

Really surprised how many they brought as well


Credit to our keeper today who kept us in it with some very good saves, can't help but think if Howard had been in nets we could have lost that by 3 or 4

Nice attacking sub by the caretaker as well as we were hanging on a bit then went all long ball with 3 up top

Just goes to show not to listen to the crowd as booing the substitution was very poor form as well as being fcuking stupid

Happy that he then went on to score the winner

Thought overall the players worked hard in awful conditions but let's be honest we were very lucky to win that

Loads of hypocrisy on social media tonight given that was probably the most direct game of football ive watched for years

All a bit carefree having a caretaker still as well

We need a manager asap, i really hope the Mellon rumour is way off as he would be worse the the bloke we've just sacked

Play offs! Why not ?
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insider Posted on 29/02/2020 20:44

Just back
Agree with most of what you say.
TBF I would have swapped Fonz for Nuttall.
Maxwell was the starman but we all know that the match sponsors are not very clued up about football. [;)]
As for the play offs, its so far out of my thought process I've not even lookedvat the table.
I will now though.
Keep up the positive mantra. [^]
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freckleton23 Posted on 29/02/2020 20:55

Just back
I for one was not annoyed about Joe Nuttall being brought on as substitute. It was annoying who was substituted, it should have been Madine Feeney or Delfounso

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Mortyfied Posted on 29/02/2020 20:57

Just back
An enjoyable game in difficult conditions. A great finish by Nuttall, but it really beggars belief that the snowflakes are now wetting themselves over him as the new Pele. Complete idiots. He had a good 20 minutes and scored a very good goal - about time too. Maxwell was the star man who won us this game and he played for 90.
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west_paddock_casual Posted on 29/02/2020 20:59

Just back
You contradict yourself as usual lad [:O]
Letís get Grayson back eh[sad]
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Sandgrown1 Posted on 29/02/2020 21:25

Just back
I thought it was a fairly even game and at 1-1 it looked all over.

I would have taken Madine off myself and thought Ronan had a good game.

There were slightly fewer boos for Nuttall but it still disappointed to hear them.

Thankfully he got well involved for his 20 minutes and did everything well, and then scored a belter!

I don't think Nuttall would have been bothered about the fans mobbing him on the pitch. It was good to see tbf. [^]

And Maxwell was superb again. He and Alnwick would be a great pair of keepers.

Anyway, 2 late goals and 2 wins.

Happy days.

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poolfc2011 Posted on 29/02/2020 21:30

Just back
Thought the jeering and chanting for Evatt at the sub was odd considering 10 seconds before there'd just been a David Dunn's tangerine army chant.

Need a proper manager though, sort it out so everyone knows what they're doing and it stops.

1306 from Ipswich. Impressive turn out and definitely made themselves heard.
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bafrua Posted on 29/02/2020 22:58

Just back
By and large quite happy with the overall performance and certainly Ipswich aren't a bad side and they would have been disappointed not to have got anything out of the game. However, I do have a gripe - the goal we conceded this afternoon was a virtual carbon copy of the one against Bolton. Get that problem sorted and it's onwards and upwards.
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Owain_Glyndwr Posted on 01/03/2020 08:08

Just back
Ive no idea what you are on about wpc
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Dennis_The_Menace Posted on 01/03/2020 12:07

Just back
A fair assessment of the game[^]
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SirHarryThomson Posted on 01/03/2020 12:31

Just back
Good assessment by OG. Maxwell was man of match and I'm warming to him. I enjoyed the game as it was end to end. Will be interesting what side Dunn picks when Gnands is fit. Plus a pat on the back for Nuttall.
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BFC_BFC_BFC Posted on 01/03/2020 12:49

Just back
Maxwell was my choice for MOM...Outstaning performace[^]
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