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malced Posted on 08/05/2020 10:27
Britainís Not Got Enough Talent?


But clearly not enough for Simon Cowell and his show!

Britainís population is one of the most diverse and multi-cultural in the world. But despite this, on Saturday night we saw an act from the Philippines take to the stage.

Yes, Ezekiel and Karl, a same sex (male) dancing couple declared proudly that they had flown all the way from the Philippines in Southern Asia to compete. Why? Because they Ďhad always wanted to perform in front of the Queení. Yeah sure.

Now Iíve nothing against them, and I admit Iím no Bruno Tonioli, but for me they were just average dancers with average talent. The only thing that made it different was that one was dressed as a woman and it looked a bit unusual. At the end of the day itís just dancing. We can all do it to some extent. Even I can shake my booty on the dance floor when Iíve had a few too many VKís, and in my humble opinion Iím probably as good as Ezekiel.

(For the record, he was the one wearing the trousers - not the dress😮).

Alesha Dixon enthusiastically declared they were Ďout of this world!í Err, no Alesha, they are indeed from this world, but just a very long way away from Britain!

But regardless of whether theyíre the best dancers in the world, or the worst, thatís not the point. The show is called Britainís Got Talent. Not the ĎWorldís Got Talentí.

Nor is it called ĎBritainís Got Talent Until They Get Their Return Flight on Monday Morningí.
If it were an open talent competition to all and sundry then fine. But it isnít. The clue is in the title.

Simon Cowell has often talked glowingly about the best acts. How theyíre what makes us British and show that our country has talent in bucketloads. So why make it a British pride thing on one hand and then invite non-British acts onto the show?

These Philippine guys do not even live or work here. They just flew in for the show. Theyíve absolutely no connection with Britain in any way. Whatís that all about? 🤔

Iím sure there were overwhelming numbers of British applicants. Hundred of acts would have auditioned but not even made it past the initial auditions. So why the hell did this showís producers feel the British public needed to see this dynamic dancing duo from Asia?

Itís not as if they donít have opportunities on their own doorstep. There is in fact a sister show called ĎPilipinas Got Talentí or PGT. I kid you not!! Even more reason why we shouldnít be getting them turning up on our shores for the British version.

Anyway Cowell, youíll be hearing from me. Iím sure Iíve got some sort of legal case under the Trade Descriptions Act. If something claims to be British in its name then surely it has to be so. If we give in on this then what next? We must rise up, and take a stand otherwise on next seasonís show we might be watching Chinese acts, one after the other. Even more imports from China. Just what we need. 😔

Right. Thatís my rant over. Iíve got other more productive things to be doing. Like filling out my application for next seasonís Pilipinas Got Talent. Well Iíve always wanted to dance in front of the Phillippinaís King. Sure I have. 😂🤣🤪
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