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blackpoolfrenchconnection Posted on 01/03/2020 19:58
Have you ever been electrocuted?

Never a true word spoken Scratchers[^]

I was told by a wise Old Boy in Australia when I was working for him and made my first mistake after months of working with him and I said "I assumed...blah..blah"

He said to me rather curtly "Never Assume as it will make an A S S of U and ME" [8D]

I do have a mains tester and did use it in both of my examples ....In my original post I did not go into a full "Tolstoy War & Peace type explanation" but here comes some more details[rle]

As I said... after investigating which breaker was supplying power to the cable I wanted to cut into I turned of the breaker ....cut the cable with electrical pliers ...no zap... then I selected one end of the cable I had just cut and tested to see if they were live with my trusty tester[^] and no power[^]....stripped back the wires in preparation....

This is where I forgot the Golden Rule "Never Assume"....in a moment of weakness and being human [:O]"I Assumed"[:O]... no power on the other end of the cable..... so there is no power on this end[xx(]...mon derrier...[xx(]

so I picked up the other end of the cable and when starting to strip back the wires....that is when I got the Zapp[sad].....It was live because it was being fed by two breakers[?]......how or why it was being fed by two breakers in a French house is a question for the Fully Qualified Electrician who had recently re wired the whole house...

Hopefully I have explained it in a logical and thorough manner that all can understand..I am slightly disloxic and have been since I was a kid so I have trouble with my bowels and nowns, spilling, punctuation and prenunciation[;)]... perhaps I should take eloctricution lessons[;)][:D]
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