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blackpoolfrenchconnection Posted on 01/03/2020 09:33
Have you ever been electrocuted?

Fair points Scrathers and 3610....[^]

My message was meant to be a light hearted view on a very serious matter.

In my defense...would you expect to have a live cable in your house if you had turned off the mains at the C.U.?... and from another house[8D] I think not...and would you expect a fully qualified Electrician to get his work plan mixed up??....after all that is why you pay them for their skills

These events happen over 12 years ago when I was first getting to grip with the sometimes comical wiring you find in old French houses and since then I have done many a electrical job on my house and other trades peoples houses (all to the latest French Code at the time) and had no problems. (we pay for our own materials and then we swap our work / time with each other)

Even Fully trained, Qualified, up to date/code, years in the trade etc make mistakes with electrics....I witnessed it whilst working on a building site in Blackpool several times.

As a foot note.....
The house I bought was owned by a person who worked on the big overhead cables / pylons so you would think he would know what he is doing with electrics??

In my house I have found socket wire joined to lighting wire then joined back to lighting wire to provide power for use with sockets and far too many sockets on the circuit)...4 lots of socket cables twisted together into one 10 amp fused breaker (no such thing as an earth wire in the whole of the house, 2 barns and other outlets in the garden areas).

The French use a Pont system with the electrics at the C.U. First breaker is fed from the main supply at the bottom of the breaker and then bridges out of the top (often two pieces of wire to the next breaker or if more modern... it is two copper combes from the top of the breaker linking all the breakers. If the first breaker fuse blows / or the bridge wires burn out then all the power is off on all the rest of the breakers.

All changed now with a new CU fitted , modern breakers, extra breakers fitted to clean up the breaker with 4 sets of socket runs (French do not use ring mains) , all wiring replaced with the correct type of wire for the outlets etc, earth wire fitted through out the whole property.

No fear to continue with electrics in the future and up to code.

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