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tsseasider Posted on 29/02/2020 16:09 Edited On: 29/02/2020 16:13
Greta Thunberg...

That's silly Seaside.

I think everybody accepts that the climate changes; always has. There's the geological timescale and tectonic movement. Once upon a time Clitheroe was deep under a warm ocean etc.

CO2 had been sequestrated for ever in plants; it's just being released back into the atmosphere as we burn fossil fuels; the reality is, it was once in the atmosphere.

The question is how much is our species actions is contributing to it.

Now, I'm as concerned at the strip mining of precious metals to go into the latest must have iPhone, I'm as concerned at the abuse of natural resources to make completely inefficient batteries to store electrical energy as I am at the burning of fossil fuels. I'm also concerned at the obvious over population of our species, relative to our ability to live in relative stability with the environment (it's the bit that never gets talked about). 3bn people make a lot less impact than 7bn and climbing.

So, what's it to be. For me, depopulation is the obvious if politically unpalatable answer. The thing is, this planet has had life on it for billions of years and generally sorts itself out. The overpopulation of our species will inevitably lead to the conditions where it crashes.

When that happens, the climate will still change, but our ability to withstand it, will be greatly enhanced as we will have more space and resources per head of population to make it happen.

And this comes from an individual with biology, geology and economics A-levels and a BSc in Environmental Science; which makes me more qualified to comment than Greta Thunberg who has skipped her eduction so she can repeat the line "read the science" as she travels the world tweeting using her toxic mobile phone.

I have, and I do read the science and the one thing I will tell you, it's not going to be fixed by crying at a conference, pulling faces at political leaders who have to balance a managed decline in their economies to accommodate climate activists demands against a population who don't want to accept that's the price. Nor is it going to be fixed by insulting everybody over the age of about 35 [^]
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