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poolfc2011 Posted on 27/02/2020 15:36
The Mansford scattergun misfires again

That, or try a smaller cheaper club in Scotland for whoever is doing OK.

If this carries on it may be no choice but to wait for 'the right one' (???) now MM, and to potentially waste remaining time up to May and then to be running behind going into the summer. Or to hope that short attention spans are sidetracked by temporary results overseen by Dunn and make him head coach. Cut out the middle man.

Had the permanent CEO turned up in November after finishing up in Israel and outlined to Simon Sadler that Grayson/Miller wasn't going to work in the structure he sees as best to move forward with, and had been working on a change from day one behind the scenes, then I think we'd have seen a better approach to how this has been played out. It certainly looks like it was the case given the pattern to it all since 1st Nov, but the execution of it less so.

Basically chanced it with Jones thinking he was available so it'd be OK and not thought about how Stoke disposed of his services. And now at this tyre kicking stage that other clubs are going public about, for whatever reason.
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