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coid12legend Posted on 28/01/2020 23:33 Edited On: 28/01/2020 23:33
I don't think I've ever felt as positive as I do now

Anyone who thinks any of this is positive must be deluded to be honest. A couple of the new lads might of looked ok but if thatís it then we are defo clutching at straws.

I agree to judge him at the end of the season but we can only judge him up to what heís done now.

Heís spent a load of money on a crap striker that heís dropping our top scorer for.

He hasnít got a plan B, hopefully thatís work in progress.

Heís happy to defend and not go at teams, even at home.

He still doesnít know his best team and/or system. Itís nearly February ffs.

We donít really have any fight in the team.

7 more games max for me then if things donít improve heís got to go.

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