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BFC_BFC_BFC Posted on 28/01/2020 13:23
I don't think I've ever felt as positive as I do now

I am failing to acknowledge it 1950ís.

First.... There hasnít been a Ďtotally positive overhaul of the clubí

What there has been is a period of significant change and instability, which has seen a chairman who is completely new to football try to find his feet, the introduction of a new manager very late in the preseason, an overhaul of the board and senior management at the club and numerous other changes in the personnel.

That in itself is going to create its own issues which will affect players and impact on how they feel emotionally.

We have seen Grayson grappling with his squad and managing to gain some excellent results, but finding out that his players have limitations and are inconsistent.....

As far as Nuttall is concerned at 22 years old... To describe him as a ďcomplete flopĒ is utterly ridiculous and just shows what a skewed, narrow minded and utterly biased perspective you have on this.... The lad is struggling for form / confidence.... it happens frequently when young players are brought in for decent money.... Despite that, itís very clear that he has vision and ability from the limited appearances he has made and, given time, careful management and support he will be a great asset to the Club. Even if it were true that he had flopped... that doesnít make Grayson a bad manager... Most of the best managers in the world consistently sign players who fail to meet their expectations.... If football were simply about buying 11 good players and sticking them on a pitch together, we could all do the job !!!

This side has struggled to create chances... itís been a feature of the side since well before Grayson took over. It certainly isnít going to be solved by the limited preseason activity .... Strikers are rarely going to flourish in that environment and itís no surprise that our highest scorer is Gnanduillet...

Grayson is taking measures to put that situation right and already you could see the impact that a player like Grant Ward (an incoming we have seen in action) is going to have in unlocking opposition defences.

The issue here is not Grayson and nor is it particularly the players we have at the Club... who have, by and large, done what they are capable of... the problem here is that some fans have built up ridiculously high expectations of what is possible with those players.

Like I said in my post above.... Go and look at the squad individually.... look at the player career statistics .... You put the case together that shows me exactly what it is that Grayson has failed to extract....You show me statistically where the goals were coming from...??
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