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Carlisle United 1 Blackpool 4

  So were there more Blackpool fans at Brunton Park on Saturday afternoon than at Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night? Whilst there is some disagreement over whether #NAPM should apply to away games, you do wonder what affect some positive support has on those wearing tangerine shirts. How many points better off would Blackpool be this season if there\'d been thousands of fans at Bloomfield Road cheering the team on, questioning the referee and giving the away keeper some abuse? Make no ....

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Carlisle United V Blackpool Preview

  After the turn of the year, any manager will tell you that it\'s all about form and results in the league. Currently Blackpool have neither. Of the 5 league games in 2017, the Seasiders have picked up just 4 points from a possible 15. The worse thing about those statistics is that 4 of those games were at home. It did seem despite the lack of fans, atmosphere (and increasingly grass) as if Bloomfield Road still held the key to success for Gary Bowyer this season but points have been ....

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Blackpool 0 Crawley Town 0

It\'s ironic that a dull, non-eventful, instantly forgettable game should actually have such a major significance. A result that probably killed off Blackpool\'s Play Off hopes (two poor home draws against below average sides should say it all) and an attendance that sent the biggest message yet to the owners that enough is enough. Whilst there was always the hope for the Oyston family that a promotion push would see crowds rise, so the reverse is true of the dull, mundane, mid-table football ....

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Blackpool V Crawley Town Preview

  The good news for Gary Bowyer is that only three other League Two sides play on Tuesday night along with the Seasiders, the bad news is that even a win would only take them up to 11th place and even then they\'d still be 5 points off the Play Off places. With two away trips to come at Carlisle and Portsmouth (3rd and 7th respectively) and the Blackpool manager needs to get his side back to winning ways soon or any chance of a place in the end of season lottery will elude him. 4 points ....

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Blackpool 1 Colchester 1

  Whilst Gary Bowyer may have steadied the ship, he can\'t claim to have sailed it full steam ahead. Whilst our thoughts are with Jim McAllister, who left the pitch with a suspected broken leg, it was a refllection of Gary Bowyer\'s cautious approach to games that with only injury time left, and Colchester down to 9 men, that he replaced McAllister with another right back (the Scot had been playing in this position for 90 minutes and actually did a decent job). Why he didn\'t throw ....

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Blackpool V Colchester United Preview

  There have been some classic Transfer Deadline Days at Bloomfield Road with the burning Midnight oil, the jammed fax machine, the players who did u-turns on the M55 and Sergei Kornilenko. There have been those where we\'ve lost our best players and even some where we\'ve improved the squad. Whether this season\'s dealings by Gary Bowyer were genius or foolhardy only time will tell but losing your Captain at the death may seem like an own goal. Effectively it was four out and six in for ....

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Blackburn 2 Blackpool 0

  Sometimes match reports are easier than others. For Saturday\'s FA Cup game at Ewood Park \'Blooper Goal and Super Goal\' just about sums it up. Add in a couple of tennis balls on the pitch, 1600 Blackpool fans who didn\'t have much to cheer about, two stupid yellow cards and a sending off for Mellor and a game that was a damp squib from start to finish. There in a nutshell is a match where the hype wasn\'t lived up to as Blackpool bowed out of the FA Cup. Maybe it wasn\'t the couple of ....

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Blackburn Rovers V Blackpool Preview

  So far the turnstiles have clicked 14,160 times over the four games Blackpool have played in the FA Cup - hardly the pay day a League Two side reaching the fourth round of the competition would expect. Indeed with reduced ticket prices and only a modicum of TV money, the FA cup prize money for getting to Round Four of £112,500 has been worth far more than the revenue from ticket sales. Similiarly on Saturday, neither Rovers or Blackpool are expected to receive gate revenues which ....

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Blackpool 2 Yeovil Town 2

  These are hardly \'Happy Days\' at the seaside and yet the re-emergence of the Fonz probably brought a wry smile to one or two faces. Thankfully, it was the Nathan Delfouenso who caught fan\'s eye the first time he wore a tangerine shirt who returned to Bloomfield Road as an assist and goal helped the Seasiders to a draw against Yeovil. However, that shouldn\'t mask over a diabolical first hour which Gary Bowyer has to take responsibility for as he returned fans to the dark days of ....

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Blackpool V Yeovil Town Preview

  For some the cost of Tuesday\'s FA Cup win was the unpalatable thought of more money going to the Oyston\'s pockets, for others it was the inconvenience of fixtures being moved and the prospect of a Tuesday night in Plymouth but for Gary Bowyer the real cost was to his squad. With the Seasiders starting to lose ground with the top 7 in League Two, he\'d have hoped Saturday\'s game against Yeovil was the perfect opportunity to bridge that gap, but the chances of that have dwindled as ....

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Barnsley 1 Blackpool 2

  Little surprise that Blackpool\'s FA Cup replay win over Barnsley wasn\'t the big story of the night - with Sutton United and Lincoln both pulling off victories against higher league opposition. The fact that Blackpool, who over the last six years have picked up £90 million Premier League parachute payments meant victory at Oakwell, was never going to make the impact of ther others. That said, it would be churlish not to acknowledge the achievements of a side which by the end of ....

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Barnsley V Blackpool Fa Cup Replay Preview

  Sometimes in life, the greater the incentive, the more intense the pressure. If Blackpool had drawn Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea in the fourth round of the FA Cup you could imagine every Seasiders player would have one eye on the prize and not on the ball. However, the opportunity to head down the M65 to Blackburn on a miserable, grey January afternoon is less appealing (unless you\'re Gary Bowyer and fancy settling some old scores). So will the less attractive draw take ....

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Cambridge 0 Blackpool 0

  Down to 10 men, Sam Slocomb called on to save another penalty and with just two shots on target in 90 minutes and Gary Bowyer may feel as if it\'s a point earned at Cambridge. However, with a red card awarded to Tom Aldred and Brad Potts leaving the pitch clutching his hamstring, it was a costly day in more ways than one for Blackpool. Down to 12th in League Two, that run of form which saw the Seasiders push in to the play off places seems a distant memory with just 2 goals scored in ....

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Cambridge United V Blackpool Preview

  Whilst many hope that 2017 is the year that the situation off the pitch improves at Blackpool, there are already signs that on the pitch history may be repeating itself. After the debacles of 2014,2015 and 2016, it was to be hoped that Gary Bowyer\'s side could, at least, bring back some credibility on the pitch. However, the New Year has an all too familiar look to it with a poor defeat at home in the league, a cup exit and just one goal scored in over 4 hours of football. Whilst it ....

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Blackpool 0 Barnsley 0

  The real story from Saturday\'s FA Cup game at Bloomfield Road wasn\'t a League Two side forcing a replay against a side from the Championship, it wasn\'t Gary Bowyer\'s decision to change his format or the fact that many of the national journalists described the Seasiders performance as \"impressive\" - the real story was just 1500 Blackpool fans decided to attend the game. Even if the Oyston family intend to stay at the club, they must realise the current situation, which is ....

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Blackpool V Barnsley Fa Cup Preview

  One of the (many) things that\'s a downside to being a Blackpool fan is that sense of reservation, unease and unwillingness to join in with some of the big days in the football calendar. Fixture release day was a damp squib, the opening day of the season went largely unnoticed and lights were out well before the end of transfer deadline day. One of key events of the season is the 3rd round of the FA Cup (which was predominantly a one afternoon affair but these days sadly is spread over ....

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Blackpool 0 Mansfield 1

  That\'s what you call an awful start to the New Year (and not only because the Oyston\'s New Year resolution to clear off failed to materialise!). Awful team selection from Bowyer, awful displays from most of the players, awful tactics from Steve Evans, awful to let a dreadful team like Mansfield take 6 points off Blackpool and awful refereeing from a man who just seemed to be out for a jolly. Something isn\'t clicking about this Blackpool side and the sooner that the Seasiders manager ....

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Blackpool V Mansfield Town Preview

  Sadly the New Year failed to see the arrival of a number of Pickford\'s Removal Vans outside Bloomfield Road and so we head in to 2017 with the Oyston family still in charge of BFC. However the start of January handily conincides with midway point of the season and so, ahead of the arrival of Mansfield, a good time to assess the football team rather than the club. 23 games played 9 wins, 7 draws and 7 defeats and progress to the third round of the FA and EFL Cups. Following the goalless ....

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Grimsby 0 Blackpool 0

  If there was ever a result which reflects Blackpool FC\'s year in 2016 then a drab goalless draw in Grimsby probably sums it up. It\'s easy to forget with all the off the field antics that this was the year when those on the pitch were humiliated by back to back relegations and there were some that thought the Chairman would be as good as his word and not stop until the Seasiders were in the Conference. Whilst, the decline has been halted by Gary Bowyer, this game showed, against a side ....

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Grimsby V Blackpool Preview

  In our first preview of this year we wrote \"2016 may present him (Owen Oyston) with his last opportunity to remain at the helm of a well supported football club\". Owen\'s infamous appearance at the BST meeting in the summer might well have served as that opportunity, however the repulsion and hatred that greeted him that day meant any new words of wisdom fell on deaf ears. Of course, by the end of the first half of the year we knew the Oystons had learnt little with more court cases ....

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Hartlepool United 0 Blackpool 1

Boxing Day has always been a bit of a disappointing day. The day after all the presents, get-togethers, drinks and celebrations - it is usually a long, drawn out day complete with a hangover, little daylight and not much to enjoy other than the left over turkey. Thoe 276 who went to Victoria Park must have wondered why they had bothered with a bitter North East wind, grey skies, a sombre atmosphere and little to enjoy on the pitch in terms of quality or entertainment. However, like the ....

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Hartlepool United V Blackpool Preview

  It\'s that time of the year when all hopes rest with the old man with a beard who can bring hope, joy and optimism to one and all. If Owen Oyston really does love Blackpool FC as much as he says, then he may put up the one \'For Sale\' sign which would finally reunite Seasiders fans. Whilst there is no guarantees in what comes next, or that the next key holder would be improve on the current one, the facts remain that a divided club can\'t be a succesful one. There can be little ....

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Blackpool 0 Luton Town 2

  If it was a bad day in the court room for the Oyston family this week, then it was a bad day at the office for Gary Bowyer and his side. Rarely in the last two seasons has a side come to Bloomfield Road and impressed the way that Luton did as they made Blackpool look second best in every department. The Seasiders only look capable when they play at 100% and on Saturday they fell well short of that as they allowed their play off rivals to dominate for much of the game. Whilst two decent ....

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Blackpool V Luton Town Preview

  You\'d have thought after the events of 1997 that Owen Oyston would want to avoid court rooms. 19 years ago at Liverpool Crown Court his imprisonment for rape not only tarnished his families name but dragged Blackpool FC through the dirt as well. This week he was forced back in to court putting his family and the football club back in the spotlight. Thankfully our colleagues at Back Henry Street were saved such an appearance as the Oystons faced their second humiliating climbdown in a ....

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Stevenage 0 Blackpool 2

  Whenever Blackpool have had the chance to build on a run of results, the pressure seems to have got to them and they\'ve conceded late on in games that they should have taken something from. The defeats at Accrington Stanley and Mansfield Town were the last two which stuck in the craw and after 77 minutes at Stevenage Town, you did wonder if Lady Luck was about to kick Gary Bowyer in the Nether Regions again. However, not only did he avoid such a fate, surprisingly for the Blackpool ....

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