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Bradford City 2 Blackpool 1

  In many ways today\'s opening game should have been a complete mis-match. Bradford were a side that were within 90 minutes of playing in the Championship and Blackpool got away with promotion from a poor League Two where they only managed a 7th place finish. At Valley Parade though, for large parts of the game, you wouldn\'t have really seen much difference. However the Bantams had the firepower to see off the Seasiders (and arguably could have made the margin of victory greater) and if ....

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Bradford City V Blackpool Preview

  Promotion brings with it many things. A \'feel good\' factor, a raft of new fans, an excitement and anticipation for the following season and usually a better quality of football. For many reasons, last May\'s promotion, as welcome as it was, failed to bring much bon viveur. With the disappointing postponement of the Oyston/Belokon court case decision until October and the impasse between owners and fans, the start of the football season feels more like a wet Wednesday than Christmas ....

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Fresh Faces With A Soft Centre?

  As Blackpool end their pre-season campaign with a 2-0 win against Macclesfield, we look at what this team will or won\'t achieve next season. Two goals from Mark Cullen was enough for the Seasiders to remain undefeated with Gary Bowyer opting to rest Vassell, Potts and Ryan (with Aimson still recovering from a bust nose) and give some of his summer signings an outing. With the opening game of the season just 7 days away, have their been enough signs that this side can avoid a third ....

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A Week Is A Long Time In Football

Ask any Blackpool fan for the stand out moments in the club\'s history and the 1953 Cup Final, the Anglo-Italian Cup win and the Premier League season will figure strongly. However, an off the field decision, which could be made this week, might join that history defining list. By the end of the week, we could know a bit more about the fate of Blackpool Football Club in both the short and long term. It\'s a judgement which will have far reaching consequences for a number of people, not least ....

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The Court Threads

  For 16 days, Blackpool fans were glued to the on going dispute between Owen Oyston and Valeri Belokon which was being played out in court in London. From astonishing cross examinations of the two main players to appearances from other key individuals, it was an engrossing drama which was watched by a number of Blackpool fans. Between them they made an account of what happened and here are the links to all the threads and comments from those four weeks. Day One: The Petitioners and ....

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Training Grounds For Disapproval

  There was a time that Blackpool\'s training ground was a joke that most fans shared in. Steve McMahon supposedly bought his own washing machine, Danny Coid ran to in to a roller and a leaking roof providing more water than the showers. There was then the classic misspelling of the word excellence in the club\'s \'Centre of Excellance\'! The training ground was effectively a couple of out houses alongside the windiest stretch of grass on the Fylde Coast. Whilst some players joked it ....

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The Summer 2017 Signings Thread (updated 26/07/17)

  The problem with football is you get to the top of a very greasy pole, get a few minutes to celebrate any success you may have had, and before you know it you\'re back at the bottom. Chelsea are already last season\'s Champions, Man United\'s league cup success is ready to be preceeded by next season\'s draw and Blackpool\'s promotion to League One will quickly be forgotten. However, before the new campaign can start, managers around the country are scrambling around to bring players in ....

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From Bradford To Rotherham In One Season

  Football is a fickle beast. Had Broadford City won their Play Off game last month they\'d have been back in the Championship and one season away from the Premier League. Had Blackpool lost their Play Off game they could have been looking at non-league football in another 12 months. As it is, the Bantams failure and the Seasiders success means that the two sides will meet on the opening day of the new football season in Yorkshire in August. The fixtures are more pleasant on the eye than ....

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A Deserved Promotion?

  Saturday 15th October 2016. If you\'re looking for a low point in Blackpool\'s season, then look no further. The reality of League Two football kicked in with a trip to Accrington Stanley (10 places above the Seasiders in the table). After dominating proceedings, Gary Bowyer\'s side got the breakthrough they deserved with an 81st minute goal from Michael Cain before a 5 minute spell going in to stoppage time where Accy got a penalty and a late winner to steal the points. It was like ....

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Released And Retained

  How to kill a Play Off party stone dead within 48 hours - announce your released list! It\'s a harsh reality of football that player\'s contracts generally run to the end of May and so one minute you might be holding up a trophy on the balcony at Wembley and the next you\'re wondering where your next pay cheque is going to come from. Gary Bowyer probably had a League One/League Two retained/released list ready to go dependent on the outcome of the final at Wembley and now we\'ve found ....

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Blackpool 2 Exeter 1

  After last season\'s relegation, a 5-1 final day defeat by Peterborough, the usual mass exodus of players, Neil McDonald\'s departure and season ticket sales which hardly warranted opening the ticket office, it felt like Blackpool FC was on life support and the kindest thing would have been to flick the off switch. Karl Oyston has a tendency to pick either decent or deluded managers, and after his appointments that followed Ollie\'s departure, another poor choice last summer could have ....

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Blackpool V Exeter Play Off Final Preview

  Does anyone remember the 2004/05 season? Colin Hendry was in charge and it was one of the most mundane campaigns any Blackpool fan will have endured. The football was awful, the season never got going and was practically over by Christmas with \'Pool finishing 16th, well clear of danger, but nowhere near the Play Offs. That season sticks out because nothing had happened which is a rarity with Blackpool. In the 90\'s it was Play Offs, sacking and relegations, in the Noughties we had Play ....

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Luton Town 3 Blackpool 3

  In the end it looked like Gary Bowyer\'s side had everything against them. Owners, fans, injuries, referees and cheats. It looked like they had ran out of steam, luck and lives. Yet so much cerdit must go to the manager and his players and, even those looking at this with a staunch \'not a Penny more\' approach, must have some begrudging respect for what the side has achieved in these last two games. There is a massive issue to be resolved in the summer and there are countless problems ....

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Luton Town V Blackpool Preview

  Blackpool\'s away record this season has been Won 8 Drawn 7 Lost 8. If they\'d had a one goal advantage going in to each of those matches their record would be Won 15 Drawn 7 Lost 1. Only Portsmouth have beaten the Seasiders on the road by more than one goal this season, meaning that with a one goal advantage, defeats became draws and draws became wins. Goes to show what a one goal leads can do. Of course whether that can make an impression on the result against Luton at Kenilworth Road ....

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Blackpool 3 Luton Town 2

  As soon as the cameras panned round all the empty seats at Bloomfield Road, to some extent what happened on the pitch was irrelevant as the night\'s headline had already been written. Memories of packed stands against Oldham, Forest and Birmingham flooded back along with the rousing support and inspirational chants. If ever a club had a 12th man it was Blackpool, but it feels like the Oyston family sold that down the river along with everything else. There was always the question of ....

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Blackpool V Luton Town Preview

  The Football League Play Offs have served Blackpool well over the years although ironically without them the club might not be in the mess it is now. Defeat against Cardiff wouldn\'t have returned the millions which have lead to so much controversy and maybe if we\'d beaten West Ham at Wembley we might have still been in the Premier League (although in all likelihood, still without a training ground and undersoil heating!). If that 2012 Play Off Final defeat hasn\'t left a bad taste in ....

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Blackpool 3 Leyton Orient 1

  How do you sum that up? Two sets of fans marching together in protest at their owners, one set saw their side book a place in the Play Offs, the other watched on as their side fell to their 30th defeat of the season and cement their place at the bottom of League Two. There could be two leagues separating these two teams by the end of May but on Judgement Day 3 they stood side by side. Quite right that the Leyton Orient fans should lead the protest as in comparison Blackpool\'s woes seem ....

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Blackpool V Leyton Orient Preview

  The fat lady has been a regular at Blackpool FC the last three seasons. She choked in 2014 as the Seasiders staged a last minute reprise at Wigan, she was in full voice in 2015 as Lee Clark helped send \'Pool down and it was all over when the fat lady belted out \'Going down\' to Neil McDonald\'s side after a drubbing on the last day at Peterborough in 2016. Thankfully, the salad dodging soprano has been conspicuous by her absence this season but when she does show will it be to mark ....

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Notts County 1 Blackpool 0

  We\'ll hand the opening line of this report over to AVFTT poster Halifax71 who wrote ahead of kick off at Notts County on Saturday; \"Recent improvement can\'t paper over the fact that the team and manager are at this level for a reason. I\'m not seeing it with this team and certainly not Bowyer\". There lies a fact that few can argue with. 7th in a very poor League Two is hardly reason for celebration and is another stinging indictment on the owners of a club that was about to play ....

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Notts County V Blackpool Preview

  It\'s hard to believe that it\'s 16 years since Steve McMahon got Blackpool promoted at the first time of asking from the old Division Four. Of course he did it the hard way, relying on other results on the final day at Darlington, a nervous semi final against Hartlepool and a clanger after only 29 seconds at Cardiff. It all came good in the end with Karl Oyston saying \'it could have been the end of the club\' had the side not been promoted. Maybe if fans could turn back the clock ....

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Blackpool 3 Cheltenham Town 0

  Ahead of Saturday\'s matches, League Two was so close that it was four from ten for the play off places. By the end of the day\'s play, that became more like four from seven. It\'s that stage of the season where results can be season definers as well as season enders and whilst Stevenage and Carlisle both stumbled, the Seasiders overcame another obstacle en route to the play offs. A 3-0 win against Cheltenham not only consolidated their place in the top 7 but the manner of the victory ....

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Blackpool V Cheltenham Preview

  In a week where Theresa May called a snap poll to gauge the public\'s opinion of her, the poll at Bloomfield Road has been a much longer, drawn out affair. If leaders had approval ratings then Karl Oyston would be somewhere behind King Jong Un (although in fairness to Karl, he doesn\'t make anyone go to Blackpool and grin and dance inanely whilst surrounded by guards with loaded guns). The two leaders are quite similar in some ways though. All smiles on the outside and a figure of ....

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Doncaster 0 Blackpool 1

  Gary Bowyer complained earlier in the season that luck and decisions weren\'t on his side. Well, if you were the Blackpool manager you\'d definitely go and stick a couple of quid on tomorrow\'s Euromillions Lottery. If there is one thing his side hasn\'t been short of recently it\'s the rub of the green. Of course, they haven\'t necessarily taken advantage of that and at Doncaster it was a case of \'if at first you don\'t succeed, try, try, try (etc) again. Jordan Flores may have been ....

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Doncaster V Blackpool Preview

  When Blackpool went down from the Premier League, few thought that they would go back up at the first time of asking (and ironically did come within a few minutes of that happening). When the Seasiders were relegated to League One, many expected a serious challenge for a promotion place (and ironically they went down again - thanks Muggers). When \'Pool came down to League Two, the general disbelief at what had happened lead to some thinking they\'d go straight back up and others ....

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Blackpool 0 Accrington Stanley 0

  Wanted: Anyone who can take a penalty. Apply: Bloomfield Road, Blackpool (short term contracts available but no hot showers). In many ways the penalty takers at Blackpool are just like the owners. Had many chances to get the crowd behind them but missed on every occasion. Most sides would be grateful for 7 pnealties in a season but at Blackpool we get the decisions but not the goals. Kyle Vassell was the man to miss from the spot against Accrington Stanley and the player has become a ....

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