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Shrewsbury 1 Blackpool 0

  Blackpool fans luck will only change when we finally see the back of the Oyston family, however unless Gary Bowyer and his sides luck changes, whoever comes in to save this club may well be buying one which resides in League Two. Whilst you can always point to game changing moments, there is another argument which says that you have 90 minutes to change a game and the fact is that \'Pool have failed to do that in the last six games. Just 3 points from the last 18 will set alarm bells ....

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Shrewsbury V Blackpool Preview

  Next Monday the Oyston family hopefully will be spending another grim day in court where they\'ll be forced to find even more money to pay Valeri Belokon. Whilst they found £10 million from somewhere, it\'s the remaining millions that will be harder to find. In the meantime, we still await news of any potential bidders for the club - the stoney silence greeting that elephant in the room is frustrating. So, ahead of that judgement, a good time to deliver the verdict on what\'s been ....

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Blackpool 1 Rotherham 2

  To prove that football is full of utterly deluded two bob millionaires, just read the comments of the Scunthorpe Chairman Peter Swann. Apparently, Owen Oyston is in this for the long haul and is a real football man (this is the same man who saw his club get to the Premier League and whose first thought wasn\'t how to strengthen the squad but what to buy himself!). If Owen doesn\'t want to sell the club, and is pretty much reliant on the courts reducing the amount he owes Belokon to ....

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Blackpool V Rotherham Preview

  It\'s ironic that this week the Oystons have twice had to deal with penalties - one cost them £10 million, the other made them £20 grand. The penalty for messing with Valeri Belokon saw a whopping ten big ones leave their account, whilst the £20,000 was the result of Blackpool\'s reserves progressing on penalties in the CheckaTrade Trophy against Mansfield.. As we approach the month anniversary since the Oyston family put the club up for sale, there continues to be a ....

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Blackpool 2 Blackburn Rovers 4

  The morning after the night before and it would appear that Blackpool\'s back four resemble the Oyston\'s history in court. No defence, silly mistakes and plenty of own goals! With the news that the club\'s owners have to find £10 million in just 6 days (wonder if they\'ll organise a meat raffle!), could Tuesday\'s defeat to Rovers be symbolic for more than the defeat. Could it mark the final time the Oyston family are in charge of Blackpool FC when the side has played a midweek ....

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Blackpool V Blackburn Preview

  Usually being dumped out of the FA Cup at the first time of asking by a non-league side would be a bitter pill to swallow. However, this season can be an exception. For a start it means that there\'ll be no final pay day or whip round for the Oyston family before they toddle off. The likely result would have been a trip to Coventry (ironically where the new owners have been sent) which few fans would fancy whether NAPM or not. Finally, it will be a welcome weekend off for Gary Bowyer ....

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Fleetwood 0 Blackpool 0

Three words will sum up this season on the pitch for Blackpool. \'Strength in depth\'. The fact is there is none. As Kyle Vassell, Colin Daniel and Curtis Tilt joined the increasing queue in Phil Horner\'s treatment room, Gary Bowyer must regret that the rearranged Blackburn game is on Tuesday - it\'s ironic the game was called off because of internationals and yet can\'t be called off because of injuries! If any interested buyer does take over the Seasiders before the next Transfer Window ....

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Fleetwood V Blackpool Preview

  The last time these two Fylde Coast teams met, a draw effectively condemned Blackpool to a life in the basement division. Protests against the owners was stepping up a gear,\'Pool\'s fortunes were at rock bottom and the rag bag side that Neil McDonald had put together was about to embark on it\'s final hurrah. You\'d probably struggle to put a first name to some of the Blackpool players who played that day - White, Smith and Blyth - names that were forgotten as quickly as they departed ....

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Blackpool 1 Gillingham 1

  If Blackpool fans are talking about food based subjects on the Fylde Coast it will be Currie and not Hash. Millionaire businessman Ian Currie has emerged as a potential saviour of Blackpool FC although if he popped in to Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night he\'ll have seen the Seasiders make a right hash of it. Against arguably the poorest side to come to Bloomfield Road this season (Tom Eaves aside who it is now even more galling that Blackpool didn\'t buy), \'Pool were in complete ....

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Blackpool V Gillingham Preview

  Ask any manager what is the most important thing for a squad to have during a season and they\'ll say \'momentum\'. If you need any proof of that then look at Shrewsbury Town. Average squad, bookies favourite for relegation and currently top of League One with no signs of slowing down. Blackpool\'s run of seven games without defeat early on in the campaign has held them in good stead and Gary Bowyer must be hoping now he has Kyle Vassell and a few other bodies back that he can start ....

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Peterborough 0 Blackpool 1

  Whatever the future holds  for Blackpool Football Club, there is no questioning the commitment of this group of players who have managed to steady a ship that was sinking faster than the Titanic. Whilst there have been some hiccups under Gary Bowyer, most recently the embarassing FA Cup exit, overall the last 18 months has seen more peaks than troughs. A side that has been largely ignored by both owners and supporters has ploughed on in the face of adversity and a club up for sale. ....

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Peterborough V Blackpool Preview

  There are some games that will forever be remembered as being part of the Oyston era and ironically it won\'t be the ones which lead to success. Judgement Day against Huddersfield, the Bradford Play Off disaster and who could forget Peterborough away when the side returned to League Two just six years after leaving the Premier League. That day, there was a chance of survival but Neil McDonald\'s reign ended in a symbolic 5-1 defeat at London Road and by all accounts he didn\'t bother ....

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Blackpool 2 Portsmouth 3

  Whilst the Oyston family didn\'t turn up today (maybe the least surprising fact of the day), Gary Bowyer\'s side failed to turn up for much of today\'s game. The surprisingly good start to the season has been replaced with form which will see Blackpool heading straight to the other end of the table and at a time when attention is focused on events off the pitch. At the start of the season it was Sean Longsatff\'s goals which were pushing Blackpool towards the top 6 - the fact he spent ....

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Blackpool V Portsmouth Preview

  Humiliation, disappointment, embarrasment, costly, unwelcome, shock result .. words that should apply to Boreham Wood\'s victory over Blackpool last weekend, however more appropriate and applicable to the Oyston families spanking in court this week. If ever there was ever 7 days the O\'s will want to forget and 7 days that will be etched in fans memories for years to come, it will be the events of this week. Where were you at 1pm on 06.11.17? Sadly, unlike the FA Cup result, the ....

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Everything Comes To Him Who Waits

  Israelmore Ayivor: \"Never let someone who draws a line and say you can\'t cross it intimidate you. Don\'t be discouraged when someone says you can\'t do it. You might have been the only one sent to do it\" Justice Marcus Smith: \"As to whether the Oyston side can be trusted, self-evidently they have abused their majority powers to the detriment of both the Belokon side and Blackpool FC istelf\". Two quotes which tell their own story. Maybe, just maybe, today was an even ....

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The Eve Of Destruction

  Someone wrote on AVFTT at the weekend that an FA Cup defeat to a non-league side would have usually resulted in the weekend being written off, the wife being ignored, a Monday off work to avoid Preston colleagues and the cat getting a good kick (the last was purely an expression and no need to contact the RSPCA). In contrast Saturday\'s defeat to Boreham Wood registered little more than a raised eyebrow for many. Of course, once the players cross the white line it\'s down to those ....

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Boreham Wood V Blackpool Preview

  It\'s that weekend where wishes are made, hope can be believed and dreams come true - but enough about the Oyston\'s having to sell the club on Monday - it\'s also the FA Cup first round. When Blackpool were promoted to the Championship in 2007, the only thing some fans missed were thiose two early cup games against the minnows and then the satisfaction of making it to the third round the hard way, rather than being given a free ticket. The road to Wembley for Blackpool since that final ....

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Northampton 1 Blackpool 0

  Remember, Remember the 6th of November, Premier League payments, treason and deception. Whilst a trip to Northampton at the end of October was never going to be a game changer, another defeat on the road was quickly brushed to one side as attention again turned to the forthcoming court case. At the moment, defeats don\'t hurt as much, victories don\'t count as much and the playing side of the club is a handy distraction from the real event. Whilst there continues to be discord amongst ....

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Northampton V Blackpool Preview

  The fact that Blackpool are still a point off the play offs, 9th in the table and with a game in hand on many of the Top 6 teams is extraordinary when you look at their recent record. One win, two draws and three defeats has lead to just 5 points from a possible 18 and yet Gary Bowyer\'s side are still in there. So what has changed between now and those opening 8 games which yielded such a healthy return. A goal drought for Sean Longstaff, injuries to arguably our most key players and a ....

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Blackpool 1 Wigan 3

  At one point this afternoon, most watching Blackpool v Wigan must have hoped that the game would be called off as Storm Brian battered Bloomfield Road. By the end of the game, the Latics supporters would have been grateful the Seasiders pitch has good drainage, whilst \'Pool fans were probably relieved that they didn\'t have to face Paul Cook\'s side again this year. Whilst all four goals lacked quality, the game was a non-event in the weather and Bowyer\'s side creaked under the ....

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Blackpool V Wigan Preview

  So are Blackpool League One contenders or contributors? Certainly home form would suggest that there\'s no reason that they can\'t be challenging in the top half of the table, however patchy away form and some disappointing defeats to sides who are there to make up the numbers in this division cast doubt over that. The other thing is all of the home success has come against sides in the bottom half of the table and so a real test of what this side can achieve will emerge on Saturday. ....

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Blackpool 2 Bury 1

  The old adage goes \'Play to your strengths and don\'t expose your weaknesses\' which seems to fly in the face of watching Blackpool. They are a good passing side when they have possessionl and when they play the ball through midfield brings them plenty of success and opportunities. By contrast when they\'re defending in numbers they rely on Vassell cutting a lonely figure up top and always look vulnerable when the opposition pressures. There were times on Tuesday night the Seasiders ....

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Blackpool V Bury Preview

  Whatever other cases Mr Justice Marcus Smith is working on, the outcome can\'t be more eagerly awaited than the one between Oyston and Belokon. If patience is a virtue, then Blackpool fans are truly virtuous! So, whilst we wait for the judgement, life on the pitch continues and Bury are next up at Bloomfield Road with plenty of added spice. The return of Lee Clark, who let\'s face it despite all the pressures of working with the Oystons, furious fans and a rag bag squad of players, was ....

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Walsall 1 Blackpool 1

  It\'s that stage of the season where sides start to form familiar patterns and habits are hard to break and when the Seasiders went behind to Walsall, there was a reminder of what happened at Bradford, Bristol Rovers and Southend. The Seasiders have found it hard going on the road this season but they avoided a third straight defeat away from home as Viv Solomon-Otabor grabbed a point at the Banks Stadium. It keeps Blackpool two points off the play off places with a game in hand but ....

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Walsall V Blackpool Preview

So where were we? Well a decision is yet to be made in the Oyston/Belokon case which seems to be dragging on as long as the \'Where\'s the Ormerod money\' saga. The fireworks, drinks and removal vans which had been booked by fans for the start of October have been delayed with the Oyston family still in place. In the meantime, despite a decent showing at Southend and a win against Accrington in the ChuckaChicken Trophy, Blackpool\'s form has taken a bit of a dip. Disappointing defeats at two ....

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