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Blackpool 1 Peterborough 1

  It seems to be taking a while for Blackpool to get to the 40 points figure but against Peterborough at Bloomfield Road they did enough to take them one point closer. The magic target of 50 is now just 11 points away which means \'Pool require 3 wins and 2 draws from their remaining 13 games (or the way they\'re going another 11 draws!). It was one of those games where the referee prompted more response from the 3,286 scattered across Bloomfield Road than the players did, but maybe as ....

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Blackpool V Peterborough Preview

  Owen: Just Go. You are 84. Life Expectancy for men in the UK is 83.5. You\'re on borrowed time - both in life and business. Who knows - you may have many more years to go, in which case, why not enjoy your final years on this planet and finally retire your hate filled existence. Who knows you may even build some bridges with your family who are deserting you as quick as the Seasiders fans have left Bloomfield Road. The fact is your old news. The bloke who fell in the swimming pool in ....

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Wigan 0 Blackpool 2

There\'ll be a printers providing letter headed paper to Blackpool FC who\'ll be making a fortune of late. There have been more changes to Blackpool\'s staff in recent weeks than even Donald Trump has managed. Sam Oyston will have cleared his desk of a couple of bags of Haribo and half a dozen parking tickets as he was the latest in a long line of names to leave Bloomfield Road (whoever is arranging the leaving collections has had their work cut out for them). As the farce continued off the ....

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Wigan V Blackpool Preview

  If you want an example of how difficult Gary Bowyer\'s task will be to keep the Seasiders in this league next season, of his side\'s remaining 15 games, \'Pool still have to play 7 of the top 8 League One sides. They have four key games to win; Northampton (h), MK Dons (a), Oldham (a) and Fleetwood (h) and then face four other sides who will probably have little to play for by the time we get to March. When you look back the games against AFC Wimbledon, Bury and Walsall should have ....

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Blackpool 2 Walsall 2

  \"When your luck is down, and your world goes wrong. When life\'s all uphill and the road is long ..\" At home, at work, at play - Owen Oyston must feel that somebody has it in for him (join the queue!). If it\'s not bad enough that his empire is crumbling, his family are deserting him and the courts hate him, the football club which has been the catalyst for his demise can\'t win a game for love or money. Of course flog the club and it would solve practically all his problems. In the ....

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Blackpool V Walsall Preview

  If you ever want an example of a club that has experienced extremes this week, look no further than Blackpool FC. On the one hand you had the dignified, respectful, emotive, poignant and well attended funeral of a seaside legend whose real life and football families came together to honour a hero. On the other you had the grubby, unsightly, gratuituos, distateful and desperate battle of a warped family, who the town will be well rid of, fighting amongst themselves like feral animals ....

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Bury 1 Blackpool 1

Whenever Blackpool fans talk about life since the Premier League, it\'s inevitably the Oyston family and money are the two topics raised. Rarely is the difference in the standard of football mentioned. Anyone who went to Bury on Saturday was reminded of just how far the club has fallen both on and off the field. The football was comparable to the worst sort of Sunday morning pub game with the only differences being there was no one being sick by the touchline, there weren\'t any dogs invading ....

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Karma For Koko

  The definition of Karma is that the intent and actions of an individual, influence the future of that individual. If you want an example of Karma look no further than Karl Oyston. The man who mocked, taunted, penny pinched and showed ignorance and incompetence from his Ivory Tower has finally been put to the sword. The problem with working for a dictator is you\'ll always be in the firing line before they are, and Karl has become the latest victim to his Father. Owen is a man fighting ....

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Bury V Blackpool Preview

  Transfer Deadline Day at 99% of the clubs in the Football League would have been filled with who\'s coming, who\'s going and who\'s staying? Not at Blackpool. In fact it took until 11am on Thursday morning for anyone to notice that all of our players were still at the club despite reported interest in a few of them. Instead, TDD was all about whether the Oyston family had found enough loose change down the back of the sofa to pay Valeri Belokon his next £10 million. Clearly the ....

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Blackpool V Charlton Preview

  Saturday is all about Jimmy Armfield. Whether in the ground or around the statue, it\'s a chance to pay tribute to a man the likes of whom we\'ll never see again. A one club man who stayed in the town he loved, became Vice President of the club he loved and continued to charm and entertain those fans he loved. If you listened to or read the tributes to this Blackpool legend, then you\'ll be in no doubts what he meant to both the football and broadcasting worlds. Saturday will be a ....

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Blackpool Legend Jimmy Armfield Has Died

  The word legend, especially in football is one that is commonly overused. Indeed, with the passing of Jimmy Armfield, it\'s a word that might not be used again to describe a Blackpool player for generations. For the definition of the word in football terms, look no further than Jimmy Armfield. A one club man, a gentleman, an inspiration, a footballer who understood the game, a man who had time for everyone and someone who cared passionately about the town and its club. In most fan\'s ....

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Afc Wimbledon 2 Blackpool 0

  God knows how many Nieces Owen Oyston has, he\'s certainly been pictured with enough of them, but he\'ll find no matter how many relatives he has, that none of them can save him from the inevitable. Daughters, Grandson, kilngons - it ultimately makes no difference. He might as well make Charlie Cairoli the Chairman, stick a couple of Madam Tussauds dummies in the boardroom and place a few novelty blow up dolls in the stands and nothing would change (in fact, no one would notice any ....

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Afc Wimbledon V Blackpool Preview

  After the farcical events this week at Bloomfield Road, you have to wonder why any Blackpool fan bothers anymore? Why should we care if the Seasiders beat AFC Wimbledon, whether or not our best players get sold or if the Youth Team progress in the cup? The answer is that it\'s in our DNA and, for most of us, whilst we\'ve a breath left in our body we will always care. However, resolve is being tested, tempers are frayed and our patience is wearing thin. Like a flaying beast in the final ....

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Blackpool 0 Bristol Rovers 0

  Ownership crisis, Chief Executive leaving crisis, injury crisis - some words are over-used but at the start of 2018 not to describe Blackpool as a crisis club would be a mistake. Every area of the club is in crisis - not least a crisis of confidence in front of goal. Just one shot on goal the whole game (and that was so instantly forgettable that it might have been an over generous analyst who considered it a shot on goal) and if it hadn\'t been for the excellent Joe Lumley, this would ....

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Blackpool V Bristol Rovers Preview

When you look back to the summer transfer window, Gary Bowyer adopted a scattergun approach to bringing in raw talent. Throw enough mud and eventually some will stick. In the managers case it was Curtis Tilt who has found the step up to League One the easiest. The rest - Scott Quigley, Nick Anderton, Max Clayton and even Callum Cooke have struggled to make any real impact this season. There lies Bowyer\'s problem - his \'squad\' players can\'t be relied on when called on and thus \'Pool have a ....

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Shrewsbury 0 Blackpool 0 (4-2 Pens)

  Whilst another EFL Trophy win would elevate the Seasiders to the joint most succesful side in the cup\'s competition (along with Bristol City), these days the only real interest is the players that Gary Bowyer plays. Tuesday night\'s tie at Shrewsbury gave the manager a chance to review his striker options and give Joe Lumley his Blackpool debut in goal. Raul Correia started his first game for Blackpool alongside Scott Quigley and, if Cullen and Vassell were worried about rushing back ....

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Oxford United 1 Blackpool 0

  Maybe it will take a change of owner before the Seasiders finally have a change of luck. It would also help if they could find a consistant goalscorer and not face a keeper who is the opposition side\'s best player. You only have to look (again) at the stats where Blackpool had more shots, more shots on goal, more corners and more possession to see they were the better side at the Kassam Stadium but, as they\'ve found out regularly under Gary Bowyer, the stats don\'t put points on the ....

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Oxford United V Blackpool Preview

  It\'s usually the best weekend of the year for football fans with the FA Cup 3rd round but Boreham Wood killed this season\'s adventure stone dead but actually did Blackpool a favour. Whilst it\'s still the world\'s best cup competition, the Seasiders continued inclusion in this season\'s competition would have provided some unpalatable revenue for the owners. So, instead it\'s back to league action where, after last Monday\'s win against Rochdale, Gary Bowyer\'s side will be looking ....

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Rochdale 1 Blackpool 2

  The Christmas and New Year fixture list is often seen as crucial to a team\'s success and failure and maybe 5 points from 12 with a win, 2 draws and a defeat sums up where the Seasiders are at. If they can repeat that in their final 22 games and secure 6 wins, 10 draws with 6 defeats then that will ensure a mid-table finish which, in the circumstances,would be viewed as a successful season. By then, we can hopefully start with a clean state, have fresh ambitions and aspirations beyond ....

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Blackpool 2 Plymouth 2

  For seasons it looked like opposition teams who played Blackpool were sponsored by lastminute.com and so finally it\'s nice to be dishing out a few last gasp goals. A game in which the Seasiders had another 20 shots at the visitors goal (following the 25 on Tuesday), finally saw some rewards with a share of the spoils. But like an Oyston in a court room, the Seasiders continue to shoot themselves in the foot and once again gave the opposition a two goal lead. The first another poor ....

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Blackpool V Plymouth Preview

  Never let it be said, that it\'s boring being a Blackpool fan. Since 2007, we\'ve had 3 promotions, 3 relegations, 4 Play Off finals, 9 managers and bloody hundreds of players. Add to that 3 Judgement Days, countless court cases, #NAPM and a dead cash cow and the last decade has been anything but uneventful. It\'s ironic that 2007 is where the best trip started and hopefully 2017 is where the worst trip ends. 2017 will be the year where justice was done, wrongs were put right and ....

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Blackpool 2 Scunthorpe 3

  Gary Bowyer must have one of the easiest jobs in football. After every game just talk about \'missed chances, stupid mistakes, injuries costing his side and we\'re on a bad run\'. Eat, Play, Repeat. You only have to look at the stats from today\'s game. Blackpool had 25 shots on the Scunthorpe goal compared to their three. 7 of Blackpool\'s shots were on target, compared to three from Scunthorpe. Of those, all three went in for the visitors and just two for the Seasiders. There\'s the ....

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Blackpool V Scunthorpe Preview

  Last season\'s Boxing Day preview was almost the prelude to 2017 at Bloomfield Road; \"There can be little Christmas cheer whilst fans, who genuinely want to return to supporting their club, are left at home with the remains of a tub of Quality Street.\" Sadly, most fans will still be rummaging around avoiding the Praline Cracknell when the Seasiders face Scunthorpe on Tuesday but hopefully it\'ll be the last time they\'ll miss out on everyone\'s favourite festive fixture. It\'s a ....

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Charlton 1 Blackpool 1

As 2017 comes to an end, there will be many Blackpool fans, who have boycotted the Oyston regime, who might wonder if they still have the same passion for the club. For many, they\'ll have left Bloomfield Road not long after \'The Best Trip\' and that will inevitably be difficult to replicate. However, Saturdays at DIY stores and Supermarkets will have dulled the tangerine senses and so, once the Oyston family have done the decent thing and sold up, will those feelings still be there? Maybe so, ....

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Charlton V Blackpool Preview

  So what can old Ebenezer (Scrooge) Oyston expect this festive season? Well, the Ghost of Christmas past will remind him of the Boxing Day game of 2010 (which was actually played on the 12th January 2011 because the tight arse hadn\'t installed undersoil heating) as over 16,000 fans packed in to Bloomfield Road and saw their side beat the recent Champions of Europe Liverpool 2-1. When the Ghost of Christmas present visits, it will be to take him to a desolate and deserted Bloomfield Road ....

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