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Frustrating In Lots Of Ways

  BasilRobbie writes: I thought that was a close fought derby game ; they had the quality, we had the industry and in the first half we probably made the better chances. They\'ve scored from what is a pleasing set-piece for them and a sucker punch for us. We. as we often do, made the most of a good set-piece of our own. We deserved parity at half time. The second half was disappointing in terms of performance - we gave away a poor goal that Gilks seemed to just wave in, and that set ....

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Burnley 2 Blackpool 1

Even when things were going well for Paul Ince at the start of the season, most agreed the football was uninspiring, negative and lacked entertainment. Despite packing his benches with strikers, Blackpool have rarely battled another side in to submission. Now, after four defeats in a row, Paul Ince\'s style of play and the way the club is run as we struggle to fill a subs bench is again being analysed. You could say that the \'Yeovil fall out\' is still with us as Ricardo Fuller\'s suspension ....

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Burnley V Blackpool Preview

In the 13 years that AVFTT has been running, the one consistancy is that we always have a bad month every season. Even in those years when we\'ve won promotion, there has always been a \'bad month\'. Well, there\'s still 3 games in December for Paul Ince\'s side to change that stat but they\'ll have to do it the hard way starting with a trip to the old adversary where the name of an Alexander Armstrong programme springs to mind. If the Seasiders manager had a rewind button then he\'d either go ....

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This Is Our Reality

Post of the week comes from Clappers. As a club we have started to believe all the \'well run club\' hype, the \'we are the template that all clubs shoudl follow\' spiel. The absolute bollox that is spouted by our boy chairman. We have started to believe that we could be genuine promotion condenders on a budget that would please old Arkwight, we have believed that we could continually defy footballing gravity by always pocketing the proceeds of sale and incoming money, and paying out less ....

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Blackpool 0 Qpr 2

Managers must get tired of trotting out the \'you\'ve got to take your chances\' line but it\'s true - no amount of pre-match preparations, long thought out team selections or motivational team talks can make up for a glaring miss or mistake. Against QPR, a golden chance for Dan Gosling and two poor clearances, not helped by the conditions, from Matt Gilks effectively dictated the way this game ended. Ahead of kick off when you looked at QPR\'s team sheet it sent a shiver down the spine. Even ....

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Blackpool V Qpr Preview

If you look at the last two defeats in perspective actually they were a blow but certainly not the impending demise of club and manager that many predicted. Certanly defeat at Pride Park against a Derby side who are the in form team in the Championship was no disgrace and Watford and Forest have both fallen foul of the Glovers of late. Add to that 5 players sent off and injuries and it maybe puts it in perspective. The important thing is that those two games don\'t define a season which has ....

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Our Card Is Marked

There is a debate raging at the moment both amongst Seasiders fans, the press and the wider football world and that is about Blackpool\'s lack of discipline. Usually when you read a story about those two things it\'s inevitably about Stag nights and Hen parties in the town centre but sadly this time we\'re focussing on the Blackpool players and a season where we\'ve seen more red than tangerine. So how bad has it been? Well here\'s a quick lookback at what has been a period to ....

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Blackpool Get Bolton In The Fa Cup

Strange that last week many Blackpool fans were talking about whether the FA Cup would be a distraction but after the last two defeats, it will now be seen as a welcome rest-bite. However, the draw wasn\'t kind again to the Seasiders with a trip to Bolton at the Reebok. Not a big money earner, not a TV game and not an attractive proposition for Paul Ince\'s side at the start of the New Year. Last season, it was Fulham who ended Blackpool\'s cup run and this time round it\'ll be Dougie ....

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Derby 5 Blackpool 1

Remember a few years ago when a beach ball proved costly for Liverpool and there season seemed to revolve around that unfortunate incident. Well Blackpool\'s season may be summed up by a water bottle! It seems as if that incident at Bournemouth has set the tone for this campaign with red cards, indiscipline and a season that offered so much starting to fall apart badly. Whilst the scoreline on Tuesday was over-shadowed by the three sending off, the score at Pride Park added insult to injury as ....

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Derby County V Blackpool Preview

To say it was slightly presumptious in our last preview to say that we were putting our injury and suspension nightmares behind us is an understatement. Whilst most thought after 85 minutes that a 1-0 defeat to Yeovil was the worst case scenario, no one could have predicted the nonsense and madness that was to follow. Whilst they probably didn\'t contribute to our loss that night, they could contribute to this Saturday\'s result. AVFTT has had some nights of contention, drama and multiple ....

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Yeovil 1 Blackpool 0

How many times in the Championship have we seen a side pepper the opposition goal and come away with nothing? Blackpool should maybe have learnt from the Watford defeat to Yeovil on Saturday that the Glovers can withstand a lot of shots at their goal. The Seasiders had 21 shots on goal but took away nothing but three red cards from their trip to Huish Park. It\'s become quite easy to predict Paul Ince\'s side and you get the feeling until we go on a run of defeats that he\'ll keep things ....

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Yeovil Town V Blackpool Preview

There is a definite, and maybe worrying, stat about Blackpool\' season so far. The fact is we\'ve played a lot more teams in the top half than the bottom. So far we\'ve played six of the top half with 3 wins, 2 draws and a defeat. In contrast, we\'ve played all but one of the bottom half teams (eleven in case you couldn\'t count) with 5 wins, 5 draws and a defeat. So far ratio wise, we\'re actually doing better against the top half than the bottom. We\'ve picked up 1.83 points against top half ....

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Blackpool 2 Sheff Wed 0

Before Saturday\'s match Blackpool had won just two in ten. However, stats can change very quickly and after the victory against Sheffield Wednesday, it\'s now three wins from six. The Seasiders are becoming the experts at grinding results out and after a nervous first half, they upped their game after the break and put in a performance which was worthy of their fourth place in the Championship. So welcome back Paul Ince, although after the first 45 minutes he might have wished he was back at ....

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Blackpool V Sheff Wed Preview

So we can almost draw a line under what has been an unruly few months for the Seasiders. Paul Ince returns to the touchline on Saturday, Jack Robinson is back in the fold at Yeovil on Tuesday and the indiscretions of recent games can be put to one side. With only two wins on the board from the last 10 games, the Seasiders form has been very mid-table and yet they are still tucked in to the play off places. The defeat against Ipswich still sits uneasily in thi season\' set of results and had ....

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Fixture Watch

As all sides play at the weekend and then in midweek, we\'re doing something a bit different this week and just focusing on the top eleven sides, what they have immediately ahead of them and speculating a little about how the league table might look on Wednesday night. Reading\'s visit to Forest on Friday night means that the first thing we can be certain of is that Blackpool will have dropped to fifth in the table by Saturday morning. Forest will be very keen to win this one, given they face ....

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Massive Attack

Strange how you get used to teams by their \'unofficial\' nicknames (many of which were born on AVFTT). PLW for Wigan, Lesturd for Leicester and of course \'Massive\' for Sheffield Wednesday. Well it would appear the only thing massive about the Wendies at the moment is their manager\'s ever increasing waist line. Having flirted with relegation since coming back to the Championship, this could well be their swansong year. So how massive are the massive these days? Well despite a wretched ....

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Birmingham 1 Blackpool 1

The final Blackpool record of this season of not conceding first went today but questions as to whether we had the ability to get back in to games soon disappeared with a Ricardo Fuller equaliser within 10 minutes. A point away from home at any point of the season is a good result and whilst it kept Paul Ince\'s side in the top 4 it does leave us 7 points behind the leading 3 teams. That said, as we\'ve proved all season, it\'s these occasional points that keep you in the mix. The one thing I ....

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Birmingham V Blackpool Preview

Well no matter how bad Blackpool\'s match against Birmingham and whether we won, lose or draw, after two weeks of international football anything is welcome. The mind numbingly boring tosh that Roy Hodgson\'s side dished out reinforced why the majority of football fans ally their loyalty to the domestic game and whilst Birmingham v Blackpool may not be the match everyone will be talking about on Saturday morning, it\'s the one that all Seasiders fans will be relishing. Ironically, we have a ....

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Fixture Watch 22/23 November

After what seems an interminable fortnight, with only fairly limp displays by England to punctuate it, we are last back to the real thing this weekend, with one tasty game on Friday and the remaining eleven on Saturday. I have a feeling that the current bottom four may be an accurate reflection of how the season will finish, and two of them meet at the Keepmoat on Friday evening as Doncaster entertain Yeovil. The hosts also play their game in hand against Charlton next Tuesday, and will see ....

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November Is Still Key

For anyone of a nervous disposition, look away now. During December we face QPR (Home), Burnley (away) and Leeds (Home) in three games which will see where we\'re at. Of course by then, unless new injuries or suspensions kick in, we should have a full complement of players and even have the novelty of a manager on the sidelines but before we get there we have some fixtures which we must get something from if we\'re to stay in the top six. It only takes one defeat and the Championship table ....

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Thomas To Stay?

Fans know that he has not performed well this season, his Dad must know he\'s not reaching his potential and the player himself has even said he\'s been disappointed in his form, so what will 2014 hold in store for Thomas Ince? If you were told at the start of the season that Blackpool would be 4th going in to the November international break then you\'d presume a large slice of that would be down to Ince jnr but other than for his goals, he probably wouldn\'t receive many votes for \'Player of ....

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Qpr V Blackpool Preview

The holiday's are over and the Ollie days are about to start (and no, I've not been saving that one up since his appointment!). I always find the close season a strange beast. The first few weeks drag with only the Play Offs to look forward to, June is the month that you can forget all about football for a month before July and the pre-season games, the new signings and the speculation carry us all the way to the start of the campaign. What seems at one point like it'll never arrive suddenly ....

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Season Predictions

If we went off what AVFTT readers predict then the new stands wouldn't have gone past the South West corner, Charlie Adam would've been at Deepdale and Alan Carr would be our manager (I'm sure someone wrote that!). It's fair to say that from previous seasons that our sixth sense has been about as useful as a PNE 'Going Up' shirt and so it's with some trepidation that we bring you the results of this season's survey.It's become a time honoured tradition that before every season we ask for your ....

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Everton Preview

There used to be an advert for Harmony hairspray where the tag line was 'Is she or isn't she?'. Well the 2009 version of that (not that we're implying that Charlie Adam wears hairspray) should be 'Is he or isn't he' as the ongoing saga around the Scottish midfielder continues. The message board has adapted the old 'Where's Wally' cartoon in the last 24 hours as fans play 'Where's Charlie?' but the big question is whether he'll be paraded before fans tonight at Bloomfield Road, if he's being ....

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Big Week At Bloomers

The most important person at Bloomfield Road this week? The person in charge of the stationary cupboard. Let us all hope that they haven't gone on their holidays or we could be in for a disastrous week. The hope is that the printer is full of ink, the fax machine has plenty of paper in it and there is an abundance of pens around the place because this could be the week where those elusive contracts are printed, signed and faxed off.As pre-seasons go, this has been the most eventful, uneventful ....

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