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Blackpool 1 Shrewsbury 1

  So will Blackpool start next season with a higher crowd than turned up at Bloomfield Road on Saturday (with the caveat that there were more Shrewsbury fans than home supporters)? 5,825 was the \'official attendance\' (cough, cough, splutter, splutter) but like most games over the last 3 years paying \'Pool fans were few and far between. Next season the DIY centres, supermarkets and pubs on the Fylde will hopefully all be considerably emptier on a Saturday afternoon than they have been ....

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Blackpool V Shrewsbury Town Preview

  Usually Blackpool\'s final home league game of the season is a dramatic affair. Whether it\'s victories in the Play Offs, defeats leading to relegation or pitch invasions by motorised scooters, it often feels like it\'s like the last episode of a drama leaving us all on a major cliffhanger. Whilst \'Pool\'s home game against Shrewsbury will be a damp squib, dead rubber and a chance for many of these players to wave goodbye (Nathan Delfouenso\'s expected to end his applause a week on ....

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Gillingham 0 Blackpool 3

  Plymouth Argyle showed how a few wins in League One can turn a side from relegation favourites in to Promotion hopefuls. Four wins on the bounce for Blackpool could have done the same for Gary Bowyer\'s side had they have come a few weeks earlier. The Easter defeats not only heightened relegation concerns but effectively killed off the season. Not that this side were ever realistic Play Off candidates, but ironically they have matched the achievements of the 09/10 side who won four on ....

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Gillingham V Blackpool Preview

  After a season which started with talk of an unexpected Play Off place, continued with the threat of relegation and had ended with mid-table mediocrity, it looks like being a damp squib end to the campaign. Whilst Gary Bowyer may feel his side still have something to prove, the truth is that the players will have one foot in the sand and one eye on next season. The only thing this side have left is the fate of their final league position, farewell drinks and, for many, a final ....

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Blackpool 2 Fleetwood Town 1

  Victory against Fleetwood Town brings the Seasiders to within 8 points of the Play Offs, the bad news for Gary Bowyer is that his side can only win 9 more points! That\'s maybe as well for so many reasons. This was never the right season to be knocking on the doors of the Play Offs, it\'s no time for Owen Oyston to be enjoying any extra revenue and actually whilst this side are arguably a good bet for a mid-table place, there isn\'t the depth or the strength for them to be anything ....

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Blackpool V Fleetwood Town Preview

  48 years ago (13/4/70) Blackpool went to Deepest Darkest Deepdale and lit up the whole of Lancashire with an emphatic 3-0 victory. It was a night when Fred Pickering earned his place in Seasiders folklore, the \'Pool were promoted to the old English First Division and the Nobbers were decisively dumped in to the Third Division. Whatever happens in the next 100 years, it\'s unlikely that there\'ll ever be such a perfect scenario again. Sadly 2018\'s \'big Derby\' sees Fleetwood arrive at ....

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Blackpool 3 Northampton Town 0

  It\'s easy to forget that at the start of this season Blackpool picked up 17 points from 8 games and mid-September were 4th in the League One table. There then followed a slump which saw the side fall to as low as 19th in the table and now, after a run of form which has seen Gary Bowyer\'s side slowly pull away from the bottom four, the Seasiders find themselves back in the heady heights of the top half of the table. Sadly/thankfully, the season has just 4 games left with the \'Pool 9 ....

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Blackpool V Northampton Preview

  Maybe the best example of how close League One has been outside the top 3 and bottom 3 this season is that Plymouth who are in 5th place have only scored 2 more goals than the Seasiders and only conceded 4 goals less. However they\'ve won 6 more games and drawn 5 fewer and that\'s where their extra 13 points come from. Over the course of the last 41 games, it\'s easy to find half a dozen games where Blackpool could have turned a draw or defeat in to a win and been in those Play Off ....

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Blackpool 5 Bradford City 0

  Can any club have had such a bizarre 24 hours this season? Oyston looks like he didn\'t have enough loose change down the sofa to pay Belokon, the utterly deluded despot then issues a statement from fairyland about exciting new investors and if all of that was too much to comprehend, Blackpool pull off their biggest win of the season with a Nathan Delfouenso hat-trick. If journalists think the Manchester Derby was the story of the day, they should look further afield. The latest Oyston ....

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Bradford City V Blackpool Preview

  So think back 8 months ago and this is how we previewed that opening game against Bradford \"Promotion brings with it many things. A \'feel good\' factor, a raft of new fans, an excitement and anticipation for the following season and usually a better quality of football. For many reasons, the start of the football season feels more like a wet Wednesday than Christmas Day, which is how many supporters usually describe it. However, look beyond the grey skies above Bloomfield Road and, on ....

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Oldham Athletic 2 Blackpool 1

Four games ago, it looked like Gary Bowyer\'s side could get out the holiday brochures and start to look forward to some summer sunshine. Maybe that was the problem, they felt they\'d done the job a bit too early as since then they\'ve picked up just two points and had an Easter to forget. The manager\'s rotation of players and ever changing formations clearly haven\'t worked against two sides they should really have picked up points against. Whilst it leaves Blackpool 5 points above the bottom ....

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Oldham Athletic V Blackpool Preview

  When Blackpool reached the Premier League, amongst the excitement, ambition and anticipation of what was to come, there was also some relief having knocked around the lower league for three decades that there were certain grounds we wouldn\'t have to return to. Boundary Park was one of those grounds that we seemed to end up at more than any (14 times in the last 20 years) and the fact that we\'re back there on Monday speaks volumes about where we\'re now at. In a relegation struggle ....

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Blackpool 1 Doncaster 2

  Referee Ollie Yates was a reminder of just how poor the officials can be at this level, although Blackpool\'s first half performance even over-shadowed that. Yates somehow found room in his book for four yellow cards for \'Pool players, awarded a criminal free kick which led to the winner for Doncaster and somehow missed endless shirt pulling and blatant fouls by the Rovers players (guided by Darren Ferguson on the touchlines whose blood pressure can\'t be healthy). You could argue ....

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Blackpool V Doncaster Preview

  \'The Holy Grail\' for any manager in the football league is that 50 point mark. Generally when you\'ve reached that target, you are pretty much guaranteed safety. Gary Bowyer\'s only target the last two seasons was to \'steady the ship\' and retain this club\'s league status. However, this particular ship has long since hit the rocks and is going down at a rate of knots despite another season in League One looking likely. Whilst League One football would make the Seasiders a more ....

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Mk Dons 0 Blackpool 0

  In a week when Natalie Christopher was named as the reason Blackpool have had an improvement in form (rumour is she changed the brand of tea bags, upgraded to chocolate digestives and sold a £1 2018 calendar .. to her Grandad), you do wonder if Owen\'s final comments as Blackpool owner are as utterly deluded as his first (anyone remember the super stadium with floating pitch). Now if she\'d gone out and hand selected Joe Lumley, having seen the keeper\'s position at Bloomfield ....

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Mk Dons V Blackpool Preview

  The pantomime currently being acted out off the pitch at Bloomfield Road means that what happens on it is merely a sideshow. However, the recovery seen under Gary Bowyer the last two months deserves more recognition and a bigger place in the spotlight. If we go back to the end of January, when the Seasiders were just a couple of points from the drop zone, after a 2-0 defeat to AFC Wimbledon, many were forecasting that Bowyer\'s side had ridden their luck and were on a quick demise back ....

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Efl Meeting - What Was Achieved?

  The success of the meeting which took place this evening between the EFL, represented by CEO Shaun Harvey, Head of Policy, John Nagle and Communications Director Mark Rowan and various Blackpool supporters will be judged, not in the immediate aftermath but in the weeks and months to come.  Clearly, the fact that an organisation which has so far been secretive and self serving, elected to meet with the supporters at all was a significant development before it even took ....

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Blackpool 1 Southend 1

  When the Oystons sell, the new owners arrive, the crowds return and we finally get back to being a football club,  there is one great unknown - what sort of side will we be watching on the pitch? If the last two games are anything to go by, it\'s a side which enjoys decent home possession (over 55% the last two games), plenty of corners (27 against Charlton and Southend - yet little to show for it) however, with just Kyle Vassell leading the line, their one shot on target against ....

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Blackpool V Southend Preview

  A couple of court cases is a quiet week these days at Bloomfield Road. No other fans will be talking about \'skeletons of wooly mammoths\', lowry paintings and sports cars at the business end of the season but Blackpool FC is a special/nutjob case. In many ways, Tuesday\'s win against Charlton, which has edged the Seasiders closer to safety, has done everyone a favour because there is now less uncertainty as to which league this club will be in next season (some bookies now offering ....

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Blackpool 1 Charlton 0

  If this is to be the Oyston\'s final season at Bloomfield Road, in many ways Tuesday\'s nights game against Charlton encapsulated their whole time running the club. \'If they\'d just invested a bit more, they could have reaped the rewards at the right end of the table\'. It may seem strange after a run of 10 home games without a win that we\'d make that comment but this is a side that has beaten Portsmouth and Wigan on the road and now easily seen off a top 8 side. If Gary Bowyer had ....

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Blackpool V Charlton Preview

  As the clock ticks on the Oyston stranglehold at Bloomfield Road, so the end of another long, hard, unrewarding season is in sight. Just 11 games to go until our League One fate is known, which may coincide with the long term future of Blackpool Football Club being decided. Whilst courtroom and boardroom battles continue to take precedence, with two more appeals and a weakening owner, there is still a job to be done on the pitch with a game that should have been a bow to one of ....

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Blackburn 3 Blackpool 0

  As fans we have been through such turmoil and troubled times, that sometimes you forget at the centre of it all is the enjoyment of watching a football side. Recently, Sky replayed our win at Anfield and despite knowing the result I was still genuinely excited when the likes of Vaughan, Adam, Taylor-Fletcher or Campbell got on the ball. Not only has Owen Oyston killed the club, he has overseen the dismantling of a group of players which we may not see the likes of again for some time. ....

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Blackburn V Blackpool Preview

  Having picked up the title of the \'World\'s most deluded man\', Owen Oyston (\"not fit and proper\") will take great comfort from figures published this week highlighting League One attendances. Blackpool are only one of four clubs in the league who have seen a year on year increase in attendances of 17.8% (make up your own jokes at this point). In comparison, Blackburn have seen a fall of 10.2% to 11,399. However, here\'s a sobering thought for Owen (\"not fit and ....

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Portsmouth 0 Blackpool 2

  February is best known for Valentine\'s Day and the lack of days but in recent years it\'s also been the month when the wheels have quite often come off the wagon for Blackpool. However, February 2018 will be remembered with more fondness as Gary Bowyer\'s side pulled off two spectacular away wins and complemented it with 3 decent draws. Throw in another comprehensive humiliation for Owen Oyston in the court room and you\'d hope history will record this was the month when fortunes ....

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Portsmouth V Blackpool Preview

  \"Regrets, I\'ve had a few ...\" I wonder if you were to sit down with Owen Oyston and asked what his biggest regret was (other than being caught), would he take you back to full time at Wembley on the 22 May 2010 and say that\'s where it all went wrong? The lack of investment, which lead to the rumours, which lead to the legal action, which lead to the boycott, which lead to dwindling crowds and lead to a court case which should see the old fool pay the ultimate price. Whilst he\'s ....

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