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Leicester V Blackpool Preview

It\'s ironic that with our Championship future still in some doubt that we return to a ground where it all began. The \'Blackpool are back\' shouts at Leicester back in 2007 are still long in the mind as the Seasiders managed to scrape a 1-0 victory. Since then our trips to the old crisp bowl haven\'t been that successful with 2-1, 2-0 and 1-0 defeats and performances that you\'d put as some of the low points of each season. With the Foxes whavung one foot in the Premier League and Blackpool ....

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Wednesday Results And Weekend Fixtures

One thing that football fans learn over the years is that games in hand count don\'t mean points in the bag. Despite Charlton having a four game advantage over Blackpool before Wednesday night, the first of those resulted in just a point. It means the Addicks remain 10 points behind the Seasiders and now with just 4 games in hand. It was a night where Wednesday and Birmingham were also in search of points. A trip to in form Wigan, and who\'d back against them getting to an FA Cup final and ....

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Blackpool 1 Millwall 0

The warm glow of victory .. how I\'ve missed you. It was an awful game of football played about 10 feet in the air, the quality was lacking in both squads (I wonder what Ollie made of how much we\'ve deteriorated as a side?) and truth be known, as in many of our recent games, it could have gone either way. As it was after 4 months, 17 games and a lot of misery, a win finally arrived to warm the cockles. Blackpool have become such a difficult side to predict (other than we don\'t win games!) ....

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Blackpool V Millwall Preview

In truth, we\'ve not checked out the remaining fixtures this season. There seems little point in doing so whilst we\'re performing so badly because whether the opposition is at the top or the bottom has been largely irrelevant. However, there is an appreciation amongst most that Tuesday night\'s game is the \'one we have to win\' or those remaining 11 games will become increasingly tough to view. Most Blackpool fans predicted that 4 points from the Bournemouth and Millwall games would give us ....

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Even God Has Deserted Us!

This weekend has made for some pretty depressing reading on AVFTT. One of our long term posters Curryman posted that after this season he won\'t be back at Bloomfield Road because of the Oyston\'s shocking under-investment whilst Father Damian Feeney, our favourite man of the cloth, has written this article which is well worth a read but could indicate that the end really is nigh! Having had our usual drive up from Oxford we collected Patrick from Longridge and headed to the ground. We got our ....

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Blackpool 0 Bournemouth 1

Listening to BBC Radio Lancashire on the way home, you couldn\'t hear too more contrasting stories than that of Blackpool and Preston. One side is full of confidence, fighting to get a place in the Championship and with fans vocally behind them and the other has no confidence, ideas or commitment, they don\'t seem to care what it took to get us in the Championship and the fans have just about had enough. If I was Barry Ferguson, I would get a copy of the 2007 Play Off final, the celebrations ....

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Blackpool V Bournemouth Preview

As this run without a win continues, ironically it gets mentioned less and less and another game without a win has become the norm rather than the unexpected. In truth, we\'ve not even bothered to count up how many games it is now for this preview but think we\'re getting to it being closer to 20 than just double figures. It\'s now got to the point where it will be more relief than celebration that greets a victory. If there are two games that could possible define our season then it\'s the ....

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Reading The Runes

It\'s that time of year when the football fan starts reaching for the Predictor, and this season, unfortunately for us, it is all for the wrong reasons. We still have a precious cushion on the bottom three, but in this article we assess what lies ahead of us and the seven main rivals we have at the bottom. Our own run in sees us play relegation rivals in four games, but we also face six of the current top seven. Only Barnsley face as many as six of the top teams, but whereas they are at home ....

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From 2009 ...

Just found this article from AVFTT in June 2009 - history repeating itself? Oh how we all laughed at Burnley\'s marketing tool last season of offering free season tickets to holders if they reached the Premier League. In promotional terms it seemed as daft as the ill fated hoover \'free flight\'s idea from a few years back. However, 12 months later whilst the bosses at Burnley may be left with a bit of egg on their face, they can wipe it off with a nice big Premier League cheque. I remember ....

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Battle Of The Managers

When you think back to the Premier League season it was the unusually high points total needed for survival which relegated us. Somewhat ironic then that it could be a ridiculously low total needed to retain our Championship status that could keep us up. If you take Millwall in 21st place as a benchmark, they are averaging 0.85 points per game which means 39 points at the end of the campaign.  Of course it\'s not quite as simplistic as that as sides at the foot of the table tend to enjoy ....

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Watford 4 Blackpool 0

So the season becomes as much about Barnsley, Yeovil, Charlton, Millwall and Doncaster as it does about the Seasiders. Today they conceded 17 goals between them and managed just one point (and a creditable one for Yeovil at Reading). Birmingham look as bad as the teams below us (although we couldn\'t beat them) and it\'s now a case of who can be marginally better than the others by the end of the season. If relegation was based on the threat of World destruction then we\'d be at around Defcon ....

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Watford V Blackpool Preview

At one point this season, this game would have been seen as a promotion battle between two sides who flew out of the blocks at the start of the campaign. However, neither have a hope in Hell now of top flight football next season and instead will be hoping to avoid the third tier of the game. We wrote in our preview last week that we were hesitant about predicting a Blackpool win last week as when this torrid run finally comes to an end it will probably be when it\'s least expected. So is ....

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Apathy Versus Activism

Picture the scene. It\'s 3.19 p.m. on Saturday 22 February, and Blackpool are mounting another attack on the Birmingham goal. Intent though I am on the game, I\'m suddenly aware in my peripheral vision that three rows down and a bit to my left, two blokes appear to be signalling a touchdown.  Intrigued by this, I look more closely, and actually, it\'s the start of the SISA protest and they appear to be holding up the notorious banknote. All well and good. But there is a major problem - ....

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Blackpool 1 Birmingham 2

Football is all about decisions and as is quite often the case when things are going against you, the wrong decisions are made. Bad decision making in front of goal, bad timing of substitutions from the manager, bad timing by Gary McKenzie and a few dodgy decisions by the officials. Nothing seems to be going Blackpool\'s way at present but hopefully with a third of the season to go those bad decisions can be learnt from. Honourable mention to the Blackpool fans today for the excellent ....

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Blackpool V Birmingham Preview

Home advantage, opposition below us in the table, fully fit squad, no suspensions and you\'d like to think that elusive win is just around the corner - but when is it ever that easy at Bloomfield Road. Birmingham must be looking at our recent record of LLLDLLLLDLLDD and making room for the 3 points in the rear of their coach but as we all know records are there to be broken, it\'s just this one seems to be made of Kryptonite! Becoming a manager can\'t be easy at the best of times but it\'s ....

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12 Months Since Pince Started

So 12 months ago Paul Ince was put in charge of steering the good ship Blackpool from choppy waters and in to a new era. At the time many had Blackpool down as odds on for the drop after a poor run of results under Michael Appleton and little improvement under Steve Thompson. At the time Ince\'s knowledge of the team, managerial experience and relationship with our star player seemed to make him an obvious choice. His first game in charge, as is often the case, was one that he had little time ....

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Ipswich 0 Blackpool 0

It may now be no wins in 14 games (with just 4 points from 42!) but Blackpool fans will see this result in a different way. First point away from home since the start of November (first in 8 games), our first clean sheet in 19 games (since Forest away), two games without defeat and a point at a place where we have never won. It\'s small steps for Barry Ferguson and he\'s probably getting impatient for the first win, but it\'s a start. Paul Ince took over at Blackpool on the 18th February last ....

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Tom Finney - One Of The True Greats

The rivalry between Blackpool and PNE is one of the most long standing in English football. Always keenly contested, and sometimes bitter, it has been a part of the fabric of Lancashire football for over a century. It takes a rare man to transcend a rivalry such as that, and tonight we on AVFTT mourn the passing of just such a man. Tom Finney is one of the last of a much revered generation of what we now regard as truly great footballers. We ourselves have been justifiably proud of the likes ....

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Ipswich V Blackpool Preview

So anyone fancy us on Saturday? No wins in 14, Blackpool have never won at Bloomfield Road and Barry Ferguson yet to pick uo 3 points as a manager! Anyone else sticking a few quid on us at 4/1? We\'ve written for years on AVFTT that records are there to be broken and there was enough intent and ambition in the way that Fergie played us on Saturday against Forest to see that a win isn\'t far away. It might not come at Portman Road, where all the odds are against us, but with the new additions ....

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Decent Night In The Championship

It seems strange not to be bemoaning the good fortune of Burnley, Forest, Watford and Wigan but it\'s a while since we\'ve been able to look at the top of the table and so instead we\'ll be revelling in the misfortunes of Bolton. Huddersfield, Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham which means that the Seasiders remain 10 points off the bottom three although both Charlton and Barnsley have two games in hand. Our swift departure from the FA Cup coupled with a similar failure by Doncaster Rovers ....

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Fergie Time?

At most clubs a manager gets sacked or moved on and a new man is appointed within a short period of time but not at Blackpool. Here, we see a manager leave, see someone else put in charge and then a decision is made at sometime in the following few weeks. The latest heir to the manager\'s seat at Bloomfield Road has yet to be announced and it looks like we\'ll be waiting for a few days yet. The decision to remove Paul Ince was an obvious one. It was what they call a no brainer and whilst we ....

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Blackpool 1 Forest 1

It seems somewhat of a relief to come out of a game talking about the ineptitude of a referee rather than that of the players and manager. The last 20 minutes of the game against Forest seemed like the Bloomfield Road of old as we silenced the away end, played positive, attacking football and in the end got the spoils we deserved - it wasn\'t that elusive win after 14 games but come the final whistle it felt like it. After the positivity following the Doncaster game, defeats at Reading and ....

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Blackpool V Nottingham Forest Preview

Three games ago Barry Ferguson announced that Blackpool could still get in the Play Offs. At the time it didn\'t seem that ludicrous - beat Doncaster and Reading and we\'d be back to within 3 points of the Royals in the final Play Off place. Within the space of those 3 games we\'ve now fallen 14 points off the top six and only the most optimistic fan would say we have anything but relegation to avoid this season. Has anyone bothered to look at the Championship table lately? Slowly but surely ....

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Protest If You Want .. But Enjoy The Game

Strange how a few weeks ago the return of Stephen Dobbie and Elliot Grandin would have lead to a fresh wave of optimism and enthusiasm on the Fylde Coast - coupled with the likes of Andy Keogh and David Goodwillie in a tangerine shirt and suddenly a horribly depleted squad is looking a lot healthier. However, any excitement about this weekend\'s game is over-shadowed by the threat of protests.In truth, AVFTT has been a hot bed for keyboard warrior protestors for years. From the march to ....

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Missing The Entertainment

So how many fans have got home from football and their other half has asked \'how was it\' and you\'ve replied \'awful\'. They\'ve then replied somewhat gleefully \'well, why bother going then!\', It\'s strange what you pay good money for. The dentist, the chirporactor, the office Xmas Party and football - they\'re all things where you\'d be better off staying at home and saving the money rather than going through the pain and misery. Of course at least with football there\'s a chance that you ....

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