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Brighton 1 Blackpool 1

The only thing that has been resolved today is that Blackpool can\'t restore their Championship safety until after the final whistle of the final game of the season. On the downside, we could effectively be relegated on Saturday. Those are the fine hairs that we await to split following a valuable point at Brighton. That point could in effect keep us in the Championship or it could be too little, too late. It\'s been interesting reading the post-Burnley comments and how many fans had a pop at ....

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Brighton V Blackpool Preview

Barry Ferguson said recently that he watched Burnley\'s last four games before planning for Friday\'s game. Well Barry here\'s stat from Blackpool\'s last four games. Against Burnley, Leeds, Derby and Yevoil (three of those games at home) we managed just 10 shots on goal (ironically two of those went in). Compare that to Millwall yesterday at Middlesborough who had 7 shots on goal and ended up winning the game. Whilst Karl Oyston clearly makes the headlines, Barry Ferguson\'s part in our ....

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Blackpool 0 Burnley 1

Balls! Just about sums it up really - the day, the demo, the game and most Blackpool fan\'s feelings tonight. If our form this season from league leaders to relegation favourites hasn\'t aroused the interest of the national press then tennis balls and tangerines thrown on the Bloomfield Road pitch will have. However football is full of owners who are only interested in the dollar and so why should Blackpool be of special interest? The fact is that money is the root of all evil and that was ....

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Blackpool V Burnley Preview

Four games to go and just three weekends left of the season, the sands of time are running out on this calamitous campaign and potentially on Blackpool\'s Championship stay. When you think back to how long it took us to get back in this league, now is not the time for feint hearts or weak minds. The battle off the pitch is likely to go on for many years but for the 90 minutes on the pitch, it\'s time to stand up and be counted. Without taking anything away from those planning demonstrations, ....

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The Relegation Run In

Take a straw poll of Blackpool fans at the moment and probably the majority would say we\'re as good as down. The problem is it\'s clear we need more than 42 points to survive but where will they come from? A sneaky draw here and a point there probably won\'t be enough and at least one more win is needed. With our fixtures looking increasingly desperate, how do those below us fare in the relegation run in. It\'s fair to say that there are probably 7 teams in the scrap to avoid the bottom 3 ....

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Leeds 2 Blackpool 0

If Blackpool FC were a dog, it would be put down. Chances are that will happen sooner than later. 2 wins in 26 games, in those games we\'ve failed to score more than one goal, no away wins in 13, no striker anywhere near double figures this season, a side which contains a mish mash of has beens, never will be\'s, cast offs and misfits and a caretaker manager who\'s not even a caretaker but an interim.  The stench of failure, relegation and defeat can be smelt across the Fylde Coast. ....

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Leeds V Blackpool Preview

Dear AVFTT\'ers. We\'d like to post a preview for the Leeds game. We will try our best to make it as professional as we can as we are committed to making this the best Blackpool website on the internet. Occasionally you question our desire and judgement, not to mention our dodgy IP company, however we still want to be here next season and so will do our best to make this the best preview ever. AVFTT Well, let\'s face it, as it\'s letter writing season we didn\'t want to be left out! Whatever ....

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Blackpool 1 Derby 3

Remember that opening day of the season? The sun was shining, the goals were flying in, Blackpool were at the top of the Championship and Gary McKenzie was having a party. The party is now flat. There\'s a quote from the film Cocktail \'Bury the dead, they stink up the place\'. Well you can\'t help but feel that the stench from Bloomfield Road is wafting all the way down the Fylde Coast - Blackpool FC is dead behind the eyes. In context, there should have been little surprise at the outcome of ....

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Blackpool V Derby Preview

Tuesday\'s best case scenario: Blackpool beat Derby (very doubtful) and Burnley beat Barnsley (possibility), Charlton and Yeovil draw (potential, Bolton beat Doncaster (unlikely!), Middlesborough beat Birmingham (good bet) and Millwall fall foul of Wigan highly likely). If all those results come in then we\'re back up to 18th, 9 points clear of the bottom three and effectively with 5 games to go that\'s the season done and dusted. Worst case scenario is the reverse of all those results and ....

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Bfc_53s Thoughts ....

Before I get into Saturday\'s debacle, I thought I\'d put out a few facts to demonstrate what a truly catastrophic season we have been forced to endure. 1. We have scored more than one goal in a game only six times in forty games. Only once have we scored three. Once, all season we have scored more than twice in the same match. 2. Our current top scorer is a player who hasn\'t played for us for 12 games. Nearly quarter of a season. 3. The players that started today have scored a combined ....

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Blackpool 1 Yeovil 2

Sometimes when a team sheet comes out, you just get the feeling that it won\'t be your day before you begin and if the eleven players that Barry Ferguson put out didn\'t cause concern his formation should have. Post-match he said he set the team out as he did against QPR - the different being we weren\'t at the home of one of the best teams in the league, we were at home against the worst in the league. Sorry Barry but whichever league we\'re in at the start of next season please stick with ....

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Fixture Watch : 4/5 April

We\'ve looked at the weekend\'s fixtures intermittently throughout the season, but now we\'ve reached the point where fans, having spent most of the season only vaguely aware of who was playing who, are suddenly word perfect on the fixtures that might conceivably affect them. I always think Grand National weekend marks the beginning of the end, and starting tonight with Leicester\'s march to glory continuing against the Wendies you could argue that all bar one of the weekend\'s fixtures have ....

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Blackpool V Yeovil Preview

The more atstute fans have been saying this will be the pinnacle game in Blackpool\'s season for some weeks now and so it finally arrives. Win and safety isn\'t guaranteed, draw and both sides would be unhappy, lose and with six games to go we won\'t be relegated. However, the first tempting option should be enough for Barry Ferguson\'s side to go out and finally try and kill off this wretched season. 4 home games and 3 away games to go and you\'d like to think there are 8 points in there so ....

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Relegation : The Plot Thickens

We\'ve reached that time of year when fans dust down their crystal balls and attempt to predict the future, although rarely with much success. With relegation from the Championship now seemingly down to half a dozen sides or so, nerves are pretty taut at the best of times. It doesn\'t help of course when the seemingly dead and buried start showing signs of coming back to life, as both Charlton and Barnsley have done in recent weeks. Winning at places like Reading and Leeds (even if the latter ....

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Qpr 1 Blackpool 1

Junior Hoilett must hate Blackpool. His goal for Blackburn in the Premier League season was one which helped to send us down and this afternoon he repeated his late goal success at Loftus Road (hopefully without the same consequences). This was a point that will mean a lot more to Blackpool than it will to QPR and for once we are the Championship side who have pulled off a surprise result in this league. It still frustrates me that Ferguson wasn\'t braver on Tuesday night because Bolton lacked ....

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Qpr V Blackpool Preview

Apostolos Vellios if you want to make yourself a tangerine legend then you have 8 games in which to do it - preferably starting at Loftus Road on Saturday. Not much of an ask really with our opponents third in the table and Blackpool without an away win in 12 games. In those dozen games Barry Ferguson\'s side have scored just 5 goals on the road and so the timing of a new striker is about right. Anyone who has got in a car this season and followed the Seasiders round the country will have got ....

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Just The Small Matter Of Qpr ...

Eight games to go in the worst season I can remember in a long time. The good news is the bottom 3 clubs are still only averaging 0.84 points per game which means at the present rate they\'ll only get around 39 points in which case we\'re now safe! However, as we know things very rarely work out as easy as that especially when two of the sides in the bottom three have to play each other this weekend. The good news is that those bottom clubs are going to have to find 3 wins before they draw ....

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Bolton 1 Blackpool 0

Anyone who was at the Reebok on Tuesday night won\'t be surprised to hear that we had 57% possession. Nor will they be surprised to hear that we had one shot on target! The problem with possession football is if you don\'t do anything with it then you won\'t end up on the winning side. Maybe, in hindsight and having seen how poor the opposition were, Barry Ferguson may regret his decision to go with a lone striker. Keeping a winning team together is most manager\'s philosophy but Ferguson made ....

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Bolton V Blackpool Preview

So we return to the place where Paul Ince should have been potted. The FA Cup game at the Reebok at the start of the year was the perfect game to have got rid of him. After a wretched run in the league, with no new signings on the horizon and with Blackpool desperate to get something from the season, Ince watched his side beaten by a side that were woeful. The fact he lasted another 3 weeks could still be costly. The Blackpool side that day does look strangely familiar: Gilks, Basham, ....

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.. And So To Tuesday ..

9 points clear of relegation and 9 games to go. For the first time on Saturday I looked up the table rather than down and strange to think we\'re closer to Watford in 12th place (7 points away) than we are to the foot of the table. Indeed, beat Bolton on Tuesday and it\'s one of the rare occasions when we\'ll have actually gone up the Championship table rather than down but more importantly it\'ll be another 3 points closer to survival. It\'s easy to forget that half a dozen games ago that ....

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Blackpool 1 Huddersfield 0

Sometimes \'the beautiful game\' is more about needs must than entertaining the crowd. Times are hard at Bloomfield Road and every Blackpool fan would have taken a 1-0 win before today\'s game. However, today\'s performance reflected where the Seasiders are at the moment - a side that can\'t kill games off, play deeper and deeper as the match goes on and the margin between success and failure is wafer thin. It would be lovely to see who would be in Barry Ferguson\'s side if he could bring in ....

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Blackpool V Huddersfield Preview

So what one word would sum up the 2013/14 season? Would disappointing, annoying, frustrating, rubbish or draining start to sum it up? Or maybe we\'ll have to wait until the second week of May to come up with a word that can really reflect our true feelings about the last 9 months because it won\'t be until then that we\'ll get to find out what this season has really meant to Blackpool FC and it\'s future. Many have said \'I wish this season was over\' but there\'s some way to go before we can ....

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79 Hours To Save The Season

A quick reminder that amongst the teams still to play Blackpool this season are QPR, Derby, Burnley, Leeds, Wigan and Brighton and if anyone can see more than a handful of points from those games then they\'re more optomistic than we are. The fact is that Blackpool\'s season now realistically revolves around four games and the first two of those are coming up this Saturday and next Tuesday. Who would have thought we\'d be using a prediction calculator to work out how many points we need to ....

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10 Games In Charge For Fergie

Barry Ferguson\'s dentist must be wondering what he\'s done wrong because the \'Interim\' manager hasn\'t flashed his pearly whites much since taking over the reins. That\'s largely down to the fact he\'s not had much to smile about. If Ferguson hadn\'t been a fan\'s favourite then there probably would have been more questions as to his suitability for the job but under the circumstances he still has the fans on his side ... just. When Paul Ince left it was like he\'d thrown a grenade in to ....

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Leicester 3 Blackpool 1

After the win against Millwall the journey to Leicester probably wasn\'t the fixture that Barry Ferguson wanted, however for 60 minutes it looked like momentum would carry the Seasiders. There\'s a reason though that the Foxes are promotion bound and Blackpool are relegation threatened and the last half hour saw Nigel Pearson bring on game changers whilst Ferguson saw his side run out of steam and leave empty handed. It was a curious line up from the manager\'s point if view but he did make it ....

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