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Assistants Needed!

Six weeks to go! Six more weeks of lovely stress free Saturdays where 3pm is merely a point in the day rather than a pivotal time. With the World Cup still satisfying our football appetite, it\'s easy to forget that the wheels for the new season are already starting to turn, indeed for some this weekend saw the first day of pre-season training. Meanwhile, at Blackpool, a few empties blow around the stands after the Rod Stewart concert but any other activity is minimal. I remember when I first ....

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Awaiting The Revolution

So the word \'revolution\' means \'a forcible overthrow in favour of a new system\', so whilst optimistic Blackpool fans might think the Riga Revolution will result in the new manager imprisoning Karl Oyston in the Tower of Blackpool and throwing away the keys, they will probably disappointed. So what will the Riga Revolution that has inspired hundreds of fans to sign up to a season ticket actually entail. Never have I known such debate over the rights and wrongs or the sense or insanity of ....

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Pool Start At Forest

Well we might not have any players but we do have a set of fixtures ready for Jose Riga to work his magic. The Football League computer has been team crunching and next season Blackpool will start their campaign away at Nottingham Forest. The City Ground has been kind to us in recent years but will see the meeting of two new managers as \'Psycho\' Stuart Pearce takes charge of Forest. Our first home fixture sees the first \'local\' derby of the season as Blackburn Rovers head to Bloomfield ....

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Shrewsbury Away In The League Cup

Some cup draws are just written in the stars and if I would have had a bet on who Blackpool would face in the first round of this season\'s Capital One Cup, I would have had a few bob on Shrewsbury. The Mickey Mellon, Michael Jackson, Mark Halstead and Matt Williams connection always meant there was a good chance we\'d be heading to the Greenhous. There are two problems with the league cup. The first is it changes it\'s name ever bloomin\' year. The Carling Cup, The Coca Cola Cup, The Nigel ....

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Same Old, Same Old

If you watched England on Saturday night then you\'ll know our current international squad is a work in progress (a bit like Phil Neville as a summariser although you get the feeling that\'ll be more an abandoned ruin rather than a classic). Whilst it\'s disappointing that we lost to Italy, I think most of us realised the Old Guard have now moved on and it\'s time for the up and coming talent to start to gel. That will probably be the the same story at Bloomfield Road next season. Whilst the ....

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So Mr Riga ... Over To You ..

Usually when a new manager arrives at a club the first thing he\'ll do is meet the players. Well, if that\'s the case when Jose Riga arrives at Bloomfield Road on Monday then you hope that he\'s not set aside too much time for the job. Of the half dozen players left, some will be on holiday, some will be getting physio and we\'re not entirely sure if anyone will know what Charles Dunne actually looks like! The biggest job in the Championship, more in terms of work that needs to be done than ....

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Riga Calling!

Unless Jose Riga wants to check out Squires Gate before signing on as Blackpool manager, then it looks like Karl Oyston has got his man. From Brian Flynn to Billy Davies, Owen Coyle to Gary Rowett, it seems that every man who\'s ever been in charge of a side (and a few who haven\'t!) were mentioned as a possible contender for the Seasiders job. Now, after a search which seems to have gone on longer than the X Factor, Karl has his man. It\'s been fascinating reading AVFTT since Riga\'s odds ....

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Mcdermott, Riga Or Other!

The expression goes \'you can\'t please all of the people all of the time\' and, whilst at the moment Karl Oyston is pleasing no one, he may find when he finally announces a manager he might still only please a few. A snapshot poll over the weekend showed that AVFTT readers are split with their choice of potential candidates with a large number preferring not to vote for any of the nine managers that we offered for selection. When the decision is finally made, it will probably feel more of an ....

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Mcdermot In The Mix?

The election to Pope of Gregory X in 1271 was the longest in Papal history. It took nearly 3 years to complete and was eventually decided by compromise. Indeed, the Cardinals came under such criticism that in the end they were reduced to bread and water to hurry their decision. Well as Karl Oyston chomps on his slice of Warburton\'s sipping his glass of Evian this morning, he may well think it\'s time he made a judgement call. A bit like the selection of a new Pope this managerial appointment ....

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Keep Calm And Carry On

If the Daily Mail are correct, and let\'s face it their ill-judged views on gays, immigrants, gypsies and the weather would always make you wonder if that was possible, then Brian Flynn won\'t be coming to Bloomfield Road. The majority of the Fylde Coast let\'s out a palpable sigh of relief. Nothing against Mr Flynn but there were always better candidates out there and his record was only OK in Wales. It\'s been a strange few weeks since the end of the season where the Chairman is reportedly ....

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The Perils Of The Play Offs

So did anyone else work out what was going to happen in the Championship Play Off final? QPR, who\'d had one very feeble shot off target at the Derby goal and looked like a side even Blackpool could beat with Apostolos Velios, Faris Haroun and Louis Almond in the team, got a man sent off and parked the bus. At the moment they went down to 10 men I said \'QPR will win this with a scabby goal\'. Depending on your definition of scabby (because in fairness Zamora took it well) that\'s exactly what ....

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.. And The Wait Continues ...

Strangely AVFTT editorials are easier during the close season than they are from August to May. During the season away from previews, reports, an occasional loan signing and of course the obligatory managerial departure things are generally quite routine and predictable. During the summer we get to write about signings, rumours and one or two departures but so far this season it\'s been quieter than a Preston promotion party. However to bring in signings you need a manager and that is ....

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Taxi For 21

Goodbye, Adios, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn and good riddance. OK the latter is reserved for only one or two of the departing players who have made their way out of Bloomfield Road as the Mother of all clear out continues. There\'ll be few tears shed at the 17 contracted players who have left and the 4 loan players who have returned to their parent clubs but the fact we had 21 players to dispose of says it all. At the end of the day we have to remember that these are people\'s livelihoods we\'re ....

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Nine By Our Reckoning!

Preston North End: The gift that just keeps on giving! No matter how bad things get at Bloomfield Road you can always rely on the Nobbers down the M55 to put a smile on our face. Season after season they keep knocking on the Play Off door and everytime it\'s the same! It\'s funnier when they get to the final and lose but always better to remove any chance of them fluking it by seeing them go out in the semi\'s. Preston fans must have thought this was going to be their season. After that ....

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(richard The) Third Kit

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear! What have Blackpool done to their third kit! Bad enough the black kit of 2002 when Steve McMahon\'s side sweltered in a black shirt in 100 degree temperatures at Loftus Road and let\'s forget the manky blue strips of yester-year, this time the Seasiders have exceled themselves with a kit that looks straight out of the \'worst kits in the world\' website! What on earth were they thinking. So how can we describe this monstrosity? Well it\'s black with tangerine and ....

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Abstain Wins Avftt Player Of The Season

So who is this mystery player Abs Stain? Was he as prolific as Apostolos Velios, as threatening as Michael Chopra or a regular like Robert Earnshaw? None of those. Sadly abstain is what most AVFTT readers decided to do in this year\'s Player of the Season vote. It\'s been one of those seasons where few have come out of the campain with much glory and maybe best that we skirt over the awards and move on. If it\'s any consolation to Matt Gilks, the Blackpool keeper Matt Gilks picked up the most ....

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Who Is In Line For The Hot Seat?

Now the dust has settled, Bloomfield Road is a very quiet place. We could just about get together a five-a-side team (although with McKenzie, Grant and Davies crocked and Dunne an unknown, we\'d be back to Perkins being a one man side!) but there\'d be no manager to guide them to victory (for reference, that is the manager\'s job!). So who is likely to take over with just 95 days to go until the new football season. It\'s fair to say that despite one or two ridiculous predictions on the ....

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Our Player Ratings 2013/14

Thank God that is over with! The Player of the Season night rewarded Matt Gilks, Ricardo Fuller and a couple of the youngster but truth be known the Barnsley player who scored the own goal in the second game of the season may as well have been in the nominations! It\'s been a poor campaign for the Seasiders but nevertheless here\'s our annual rundown of how the players performed this season: Matt Gilks 8 - Player of the Season for many fans. Made plenty of mistakes but also made some point ....

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Blackpool 0 Charlton 3

  You could compare this season to a boxing match. Blackpool came out in the first round punching well above their weight before eventually succumbing to some big punches. There was almost a knock out blow with Ince\'s departure halfway through the season, but they didn\'t throw in the towel and relied on Ferguson to see us through but he was on the ropes for the last half dozen rounds where we just about managed to stay on our feet. Truth be known, it was horrible to watch, we had ....

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Blackpool V Charlton Preview

Who would have thought that when we left Bloomfield Road after the Burnley game with the pitch covered in tangerines and tennis balls that the next time we arrived at Bloomfield Road we\'d be in the driving seat to get across the safety finishing line. Hard to believe it\'s 4 months since Blackpool picked up 4 points from consecutive games and very few would have expected them to come from Brighton and Wigan. Not since the 6th game of the season with the 2-1 win against Bournemouth have ....

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... And Then There Were Four ...

Congratulations Charlton Athletic on retaining your status in the Championship. May we suggest you head out for celebratory drinks, feign injuries to avoid a long and unwanted trip to Blackpool on Friday and get the travel brochures out and avoid any knocks and scrapes that could ruin your holiday. With Saturday being their 10th game in 32 days surely they\'ll want to put their feet up at Bloomfield Road? Whilst the Addicks win against Watford (who made 5 changes and seemed equally as ....

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One Final Twist And Then Curtain Down

It does seem bizarre that in a 9 month season that some teams have to play 3 games in the final 8 all-important days. There\'s no doubt it gives advantage to some and is an inconvenience to others and on the whole you\'d have to say it\'s unfair to everyone with something to play for. Why the schedulers couldn\'t have fit Tuesday night\'s fixtures in before the final games of the season is a bit of a joke. However, Tuesday night will go a long way to deciding the fates of teams at both ends of ....

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Wigan 0 Blackpool 2

When Karl Oyston looks back at the last 9 months he might well consider the best £60k he spent all season was buying 3,000 tickets for Blackpool fans at the DW Stadium. Credit to each and every one of them (and those who paid!) because the Seasiders 12th man today undoubtedly helped the heroic performances from the team in tangerine, as they broke many of this season\'s unwanted records. So it\'s the first time we\'ve scored two goals since the end of November, the first away win since ....

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Wigan V Blackpool Preview

Another quiet week at the seaside after what has been an uneventful season! There\'ll be writing books about the 20113/14 campaign for years to come and the next generation of Blackpool fans probably won\'t believe much of what went on. We started the summer with half a dozen players in contract and we\'ll end the spring with even less, however we\'re now reliant on the loanees, straddlers, short termers and whatever Robert Earnshaw is to now see us over an improbable line, I\'ve a friend ....

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One Game At A Time

They often describe the Play Off final as a \'one game season\' and to some extents you can describe this Saturday as the same for Blackpool. Lose against Wigan and results elsewhere go against us and the game against Charlton becomes a non-event (bar the protests!). The Seasiders Championship place is on a knife edge and so what are the potential scenarios that could be thrown up by 5pm on Saturday? Well, first let\'s take a look at the fixtures. There are still 7 teams who could occupy one ....

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