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Transfer Dead Duck Day - Your Call

The excitement, the anticipation, the tensions of Transfer Deadline Day were evident in the rest of the country but at Bloomfield Road bar the pizza delivery man and some tumbleweed all was quiet. Jose Riga had stated he needs four quality players in or the Seasiders could be looking down the relegation shot gun (not his exact words but we all know where we\'re up to) and in the end Karl Oyston fired blanks! There had been talk of a midfielder, a right back, an unknown Belgian, a never heard ....

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Millwall 2 Blackpool 1 - Your Call

Maybe Jose Riga\'s words will help lighten the mood after a sixth straight defeat (seven if you go back to last season) \"Please tell those fans not to get down, they are an unbelievable bunch and support a special club. Blackpool will come again, trust me. When I\'m lay on my death bed I\'ll have a smile because what we achieved at Blackpool.\" Not often you get a manager with style and an education. If only he could get a win! The say that winning becomes a habit and when Blackpool ....

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Millwall V Blackpool Preview - Your Call

If you would have taken a stroll down Blackpool Front at the start of August, even Gypsy Petulengro may not have seen what was to come for the Seasiders this month. A few joked about no points by the international break but few probably believed it. The month has been a baptism of fire for Jose Riga and his players and they have one more shot at getting \'the monkey off the back\' as they head to Millwall on Saturday. Ian Holloway awaits Riga\'s side this weekend with a reminder of what he ....

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Karl Oyston -fans React - Your Call

So the Blackpool Chairman Karl Oyston has had his say. Speaking to the Blackpool Gazette he called for an end to the negativity surrounding the club. He said the start to the season is \'largely irrelevant\', the squad should be playing more cohesively whilst having a bit of a dig at the manager\'s targets saying they\'ve never played in this country or a high level abroad. He also said he understood fan\'s concerns and wanted an action plan. Oyston also acknowledged the worst start to a ....

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Wigan 1 Blackpool 0 Report - Your Call

The mix up of \'Oyston Out\' and \'Jose Riga\'s Tangerine Army\' rang out from the stands of the DW Stadium on Saturday afternoon reflecting the fans dismay and dedication. Vocal as ever, the travelling tangerine army had little to shout about with just one shot on target all afternoon. Jose Riga says he\'s delighted he has a week to train the side ahead of their next game, but is surely more pleased there can be no more defeats for another 7 days.  Spanish striker Oriol Riera scored the ....

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Wigan V Blackpool Preview - Your Call

Six games played by Blackpool and Wigan this season and not a win to show for it for either side. Whilst the Latics were amongst the favourites by the bookies for a return to the Premier League, their early season form goes against their predictions Unlike last season when the Seasiders needed points at the bottom and the Latics at the top, this time a win is needed to push either away from the bottom three.  With the good news about an extension to Donervon Daniels contract, Blackpool ....

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Blackpool 1 Brentford 2 Report - Your Call

After the attacking performance of the second half against Blackburn and the introduction from the start of Francois Zoko, it looked like it was going to script for Jose Riga\'s side against Brentford on Tuesday night. However, failure to close down players and a Donervon Daniels error gifted Alex Pritchard and Stuart Dallas the opportunity to score and saw the Bees leave with 3 points and the Seasiders well and truly strung. Have 4 games in 10 days taken their toll on an unfit and unprepared ....

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Blackpool V Brentford Preview - Your Call

Jose Riga returns to Bloomfield Road just 75 hours after his first home defeat to see if he can experience his first league win as the Blackpool manager. After defeats to Forest and Blackburn and the league cup exit to Shrewsbury, Riga will be hoping that his side has started to gel and they can pick up from where they left off on Saturday against Rovers. Nile Ranger will be available but Edu Oriol is awaiting international clearance. With the Bees only picking up one point from their opening ....

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Nile Ranger - A New Man - Your Call

So Nile Ranger has said that he\'s a changed man and that it\'s \'time to graft\'. In an interview on the Blackpool FC website he said \"This is my last chance, so I have to grab it with both hands. I need to focus now, get my head down and graft,” said Ranger. It’s time to grow up, I need to knuckle down and get my head screwed on. The manager said just come, it’s not about the money, it’s about giving me a chance. I want to show people what I can do and be ....

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Blackpool 1 Blackburn 2 - Your Call

In the end it was defeat, but on the whole it was a positive response to the Seasiders first home game of the season. With 3 changes to the side that lost against Shrewsbury and debuts for a raft of players it was always going to be difficult for Jose Riga\'s side. After going two goals behind, an impressive second half only resulted in one goal which left Blackpool without a win in their opening two games. Two goals from Rudy Gestede were enough despite Cykwa\'s second half effort. Here\'s ....

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And So It Begins…...

After a fraught and somewhat dismaying summer, it seems like a relief to be able to write an article about football, rather than club politics. We might not be in a pristine state of readiness (to put it mildly), but August will be a busy month that sees us play at least six games in two competitions. Hopefully it will also see us continue to see as steady stream of new arrivals to the club. On paper, it looks like a fairly balanced start. Two sides that I would regard as top six contenders ....

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A Downpour, A Demo And A Defeat

Whatever parade you wanted to see at Bloomfield Road on Saturday, it\'s fair to say the rain came down on it. From the \'Oyston\' out\' demo to the parade of new players (and equally trialists), the wet weather was hardly condusive with our one and only pre-season home game. Neither side can really claim credit for having attracted the most fans, although there was probably a bit of cross over from the curious anti-Oystonites. The lack of numbers for the march can be put down to a number of ....

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Happy Days? Not At Bloomfield Road

So the Fonz is the fourth player to sign up for the Seasiders in two days. We\'re now on a dozen players, two thirds of the way to fielding a starting XI with subs. Albeit we\'re without a goalkeeper, have a centre half pairing of vintage and vanished, an untried left back and a released right back. From midfield pushing forward looks OK, but could still do with more additions and that\'s where we\'re at.The horrible realisation that we only have 10 days until the start of the new season is ....

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So Who Is Going To Sign For Us?

The Karl Oyston philoshophy of signing players in the summer was quite simple. Wait until it was close to the start of the season, offer a pitiful contract, agree a one year deal with an option in our favour, tell them they had to wash their own kits and if they were lucky they got a week\'s stay at the Blackpool FC Hotel. It may well have worked in the past but even the most hard pressed player is giving it a miss this summer. When we waved goodbye to the two dozen plus players last season, ....

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Belekon 1 Soon To Be Gone 0

Until I read an article on Owen Oyston\'s ownership of Blackpool Football Club, I\'d forgotten that he bought the club for just £1. Whilst during the 90\'s he did plough some money in to a playing side that almost got promoted, his arrival at Her Majesty\'s Pleasure left others in charge of the purse strings. Since then his £1 investment seems to have been one of the wisest in football. Land, players and Premier League money have all made him a nice return. In contrast Valeri ....

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A Victory But At What Price

Rare that Blackpool have ever dominated the sports headlines as much as they are at present but for die hard Blackpool fans who are proud of this club\'s long and illustrious history, it may be as well to look away now. Sadly the headline makers have had a field day at the Seasiders expense and is it any wonder with the club lurching from one crisis to the next. On Saturday at Penrith, the farce was there for all to see. Some of the headlines and stories included the following: 101 Goals ....

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Tony Quested On Blackpool Fc Crisis

Tony Quested writes exclusively for AVFTT on current events at Bloomfield Road.  It is important to explain at the outset of this blog that innuendo is not, as some uninformed folk may believe, a Mexican suppository. In the case of Blackpool FC, currently the longest running farce outside of Theatreland, innuendo is a festering canker that is helping to destroy the last lingering threads of the club\'s credibility.  Without credibility football clubs cannot appoint decent ....

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Spanish Inquisition

When you\'ve gone to Morecambe on a wet Tuesday night for a pre-season game then anywhere would send exotic in comparison, however when Blackpool announed a Spanish training camp it seemed the answer to all sun worshipper and football fans dreams. However, as with most things Seasiders related this summer, another damp squib announcement has put paid to a week away.In all the years watching football, I\'ve never known a football club have quite as disastrous summer as Blackpool are having. Most ....

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Your 10 Questions To The Chairman

As we approach another week of waiting and wondering which direction this (once) great club of ours is heading, there was a suggestion made to AVFTT that we ask readers to submit for the Chairman to answer. Thanks to everyone who contributed on the site, social media and via e-mail and we have now come up with 10 questions that we believe reflect your concerns about the present and future state of Blackpool FC. We have submitted these to the Chairman and if we hear anything back we\'ll ....

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We Aren\'t Even Quirky Anymore

A post by Adams_Kebab: It\'s got to the stage now where KO has even managed to strip the club of that attractive bit of quirkiness we had. In all honesty, most of us knew we were complete tinpot operation during our successful spell in order for the Oystons to cream as much dough as they could off the club, but throughout the past few years we did have that peculiar but cool feel about us. As much as I think Oyston is Cnut, the fact we got promotion to the Premier League on a shoestring ....

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Staring In To The Abyss

There have been many times over the years as a Blackpool fan when I\'ve thought \'it can\'t get any worse than this\'. The penalty defeat to Torquay at Wembley, the defeat at home to Bradford under Sam Allardye, much of the Worthington era, much of the Hendry era, most of the Ince era and when a cat wee\'ed on us from a great height in the old East Paddock. However as bad as those days seemed, we\'re now at a new low. As the season eventually stuttered to a halt and the players slowly ....

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Ince You\'ve Been Gone

At one point Lancashire was full of Ince\'s - Blackpool manager Paul Ince, the Seasiders Tom Ince and Ince near Wigan (which is actually still there). Now a line can finaly be drawn under the Ince dynasty at Bloomfield Road, although truth be known it was over a long time ago. Tom\'s transfer to Hull City means his 3 year stint at the seaside, in which he made 100 appearances and scored an impressive 31 goals, is over., A Liverpool supporting friend on hearing the news that we\'d signed Tom ....

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The Curious Case Of Mcgahey

There were few good things to come out of the 2013/14 season. OK we had our best start in years but after that other than Ince\'s departure and the win at Wigan, the only good thing to come out of the campaign was the emergence of Harrison McGahey. Having failed to find a decent central partnership for much of the season the combination of Cathcart and McGahey was seen as one of the reasons for our eventual survival. So the departure of Cathcart was always going to be a blow but at least we\'d ....

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And So It Begins ...

One by one we\'ve seen an exodus from Bloomfield road usually saved for when the fourth officials board goes up! By the time that Jose Riga had left Bloomfield Road with 3 points on the last day of the season, few would have expected that nearly two dozen players would have followed him out of the door and the Belgian would then return as manager! The problem is Jose now needs to replace the departed which finally has started today. Welcome to Blackpool FC Sergei Zenjov and for the moment ....

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A Final Farewell To The Premier League Season

Biko Youanda, Kingsley Francis-Reynolds, Papa Modu Jobe, Salaheddine Sbai, Stephen Husband, Malaury Martin and Ishmel Demotagnac .. how we miss you. Well OK we don\'t but strange to think that all of these players in some form or another were part of Blackpool squad in our Premier League season. Of course all the good ones went along time ago and now the last remaining face who played in the top flight has departed. It\'s strange to think that Matt Gilks only played in 18 of the Seasiders ....

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