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Blackburn 1 Blackpool 1

One point forward, two back. It\'s getting to the stage where it\'s largely irrelevant what anyone else does because Lee Clark\'s side just aren\'t getting enough points to get themselves anywhere near challenging to get out of the bottom three. On a day when Brighton secured a win, it leaves Blackpool 12 points adrift of safety. However the nearly one thousand travelling Seasider fans had a slight restbite from the misery with our first point on the road in two months. Being Blackpool boss at ....

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Blackburn V Blackpool Preview

Everyone has their theory on when the football side of Blackpool FC went downhill (although admittedly that is inextricably linked to the way the owners have run the club), but purely based on results, the last minute equaliser by Blackburn at Ewood Park sticks in the craw. What should have been a Blackpool corner lead to a Rovers goal kick, what should never have been a foul lead to a Blackburn free kick and the rest is history. Had Blackpool managed to maintain that 2-1 lead they would have ....

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A Clear Choice

In many parts of the world living in a democracy with free speech and a right to protest is seen as a privilege. Whilst we have those rights living in the UK, it doesn\'t apply to every walk of life. Take supporting Blackpool Football Club. If that were a democracty then the Oyston\'s would have been booted out long ago. However, whilst we can\'t vote them out, it doesn\'t mean they can remove our right to free speech or protest - as has been demonstrated vehemently at recent home games. It ....

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Blackpool 4 Nottingham Forest 4

Blackpool FC has been on a life support machine for the last 3 years. It has felt the last few months as if it\'s time to turn it off. The owners have continually kicked it in the teeth, the lifeblood of the club the fans have been drifting away and having once cut a proud figure in the football world, many felt the club had effectively died. However, with a finger hovering over the off switch, today a slight flicker to remind us that it\'s not quite time to turn it off yet. Relegation is now ....

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Blackpool V Forest Preview

Today\'s preview is just this. No one cares what happens on the pitch anymore, it\'s all about what happens off it and that is all we have to say about Saturday\'s game.....

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Blackpool 1 Middlesbrough 2

If ever an evening encapsulated the last two years then it was Tuesday night against Middlesbrough. A home crowd that would have struggled to get beyond 5,000, a pitch that wasn\'t fit for a ploughing contest, a team that still barely recognises each other or the roles they play (bar Cameron and Telford who have actually played together for more than two weeks) and a poor display by Boro which still ended with a win. When Jamie O\'Hara had a go at a person in the crowd when he played a poor ....

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Blackpool V Middlesbrough

Lee Clark points to Blackpool\'s home form when defending his record as manager and, as annoying as it may be for some to take, he actually has a point. Three wins, two draws and a defeat (albeit the 6-1mauling by Bournemouth) puts Blackpool 10th in the form tables over the last half dozen games - well ahead of their current league position. However, before Clark gets too bullish about this form, he should look at the opposition. Victories against Birmingham, Brighton and Millwall and draws ....

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Norwich 4 Blackpool 0

So bad are Blackpool on the road this season that only conceding four goals seems a moral victory. This is where we\'re at nowadays with few expectations of even a draw on our travels and the real fear that we\'ll be in for another trouncing. 17 games to go and the fat lady is gargling, the thread we\'re hanging on by becomes even thinner and the stave of execution seems to be crueller than it is kind. When the team news came out today you realise just how bad we are. A number of players not ....

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Norwich V Blackpool Preview

In \'Blackpool FC terms\' it\'s been a quiet week. Just the club\'s owner taking a fan to court, two of our most expensive players being shipped out, less transfer deadline day activity than you\'d find in a tramp\'s vest and a rather unfortunate video involving the Chairman\'s son going viral. In most other clubs these scandals would be enough to create headlines for weeks but sadly these days at Bloomfield Road they are the norm. It\'s often easy to forget the bit at 3pm every Saturday with ....

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Blackpool 1 Brighton 0

As someone once said \'it\'s the hope that kills you\'. However the muted applause at the full time whistle, not only reflected the relief that an awful game had been put out of it\'s misery but the realism from Blackpool fans that this will probably be another hollow victory. On a pitch that Sunday league teams would be embarrassed to play on, there were a few performances that were more the Church Inn than the Championship. The demonstration before tha game said a lot more about Blackpool ....

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Blackpool V Brighton Preview

In a week where one of our own players begged to train with the first team squad, an Oyston/Clarke combo appeared to freeze out our Player of the Season, we were turned down by some Scottish nobody and we paid for a random Belgian midfielder to leave the club having not kicked a ball, maybe the biggest embarassment was Wonga\'s decision to pull out of sponsoring Blackpool. Ironic Wonga felt they couldn\'t deal with a club which exploited short term loans. All of this comes on the back of that ....

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Lewis, Legear And Losses

JK Rowling once wrote about Harry Potter that the longer a story goes on, the more dramatic you have to make it, which in turn starts to make it more far fetched and at that point you lose your audience. Clearly JK Rowling is not following the story of Blackpool Football Club. Just as you think one crisis is over, along comes another to shock and dismay, only now most fans are numb to the drama and normality is a seldom used word. In a week when we\'ve had the unbelievable story of Joe Lewis ....

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The Love I Lost

Picture a 9 year old lad stood in the old South Stand tunnel alongside 11 men, three times his height, who I\'d looked at from behind the dug outs in the West for the previous few years. In full Blackpool kit and with my stomach full of butterflies, the hand of Tony Rodwell reached down and grabbed mine and he gave me a wry smile and said \'fancy playing for us today nipper\' (funny how words can stick in the mind!). I ran out on to the Bloomfield Road pitch to the sound of \'Come on you mighty ....

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Watford 7 Blackpool 2

On a day when heroes were born at Bradford and Middlesbrough for their FA Cup exploits, at Vicarage Road a new class of zeros took Blackpool Football Club to a new low. Whatever Lee Clark said at half time today should be written down and given to every \'wannabe coach\' as \'how not to give a team talk\'. Just when you thought it could get no worse, the players put in a defensive performance that Charlie Carolli would have been proud of. It was interesting that Lee Clark said his side had to ....

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Watford V Blackpool Preview

With both Brighton and Leeds winning midweek, the room for error gets ever smaller. The Sword of Damoclese is not only hanging over Blackpool, it\'s already made a small nick in the neck. Despite the fact it is only January, the Seasiders fate hangs by a thread and it is looking increasingly frayed. A couple of defeats before the end of the month and we may as well start relishing a return to Gillingham and Peterborough. About 2 months ago, we made a prediction that relegation would be between ....

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Relegated By Reading?

Nothing makes sense at Bloomfield Road nowadays. From contracts for youngsters to the signing of Saer Sene. Whatsmore the latest move looks equally as bewildering. Blackpool on a Bank Holiday Monday is the perfect opportunity for the football club to capitalise on travelling supporters, bored holidaymakers and exiles back for the Easter holidays. What does the club do, so far without explanation, they move their Bank Holiday Monday fixture to a Tuesday night! So no extra revenue from ....

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Wolves 2 Blackpool 0

There\'s little shame in losing to a fellow Championship side 2-0, especially one that\'s heading to the Play offs, however in Blackpool\'s position we need to do better than the dire, disappointing and defensive display. There\'s little point in a report when the stats speak volumes. The Seasiders managed just 37% possession with four shots and only two on target. Little wonder that the Seasiders remain the lowest scorers in the league. in many ways Lee Clark had an easy job when he came to ....

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Wolves V Blackpool

There was a time that half the fun of going to a game was to try and predict the starting XI. As with much of the fun of supporting Blackpool even that has gone by the wayside. There\'s not been such a thing as a settled XI at the seaside since Ollie started tinkering and nowadays it\'s not so much a tinker as a sledgehammer which is taken to the team each game. With over 40 players used so far this season, how many more will Clark try out this weekend? Last week Peter Clarke admitted that ....

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Cut Out And Keep Guide To Safety

It\'s almost the great \'unspoken\' question. Can Blackpool really avoid relegation? After the 1-0 victory against Millwall, one or two heads popped up over the precipice and suggested that the Seasiders could retain their Championship status. For many that suggestion is as unlikely as Karl Oyston devising a reasonable wage structure for the Youth side. However, as I wrote on the AVFTT forum, the fat lady hasn\'t yet started practising her repertoire. So how can Blackpool finish 21st or above? ....

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Blackpool 1 Millwall 0

It took Blackpool 12 attempts and it wasn\'t until the 11th March that we recorded a league win in 2014 with a 1-0 win against Millwall. Thankfully Lee Clark\'s side managed it at the first attempt in 2015 and it\'s ironic that Ian Holloway, so many times the orchestrator of Blackpool wins in the past, was on the receiving end of both victories. A game not for the purist but for the points tally as a win kept the Seasiders in touch with those above them. It\'s unlikely there has been a week as ....

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Blackpool V Millwall Preview

Who wants to talk about football at a time like this? Strange that in the midst of a relegation battle with deals being done to try to salvage the mess of 2014, there are few fans talking about the arrival of Millwall. Blackpool FC has always been seen as the Oyston\'s play thing and ironically there may only be them who are now concentrated on the football whilst most fans will be concentrating on their removal. The latest twists and turns in the saga at the Seaside means any hope that 2015 ....

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The Real Scandal At Bloomfield Road

There was a time that when all the talk in pubs before games, on internet forums and amongst fans was of team selections, style of play and lofty ambition. Nowadays Blackpool fans have only one subject discussed amongst supporters and it all revolves around the highest paid person at the club. Sadly that same person is the reason the club is now in the mess that it is and at the heart of every bad decision that has been made. Every fan has their own gripe with Chairman Karl Oyston. The list is ....

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Aston Villa 1 Blackpool 0

It\'s an age old saying but \'when luck isn\'t going your way ...\'. Today\'s stats probably say more about the game at Villa Park than the possession percentage (which was 66%/34%). Shots on Goal 7:6 Shots on Target 3:3 - there was nothing between the teams in this respect bar Christian Benteke\'s quality strike which found it\'s way in to Joe Lewis\'s net. We know from our time in the Premier League - it only takes a moment of class to win a game. To say there wasn\'t much optimism going in ....

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Aston Villa V Blackpool Preview

Remember the time when getting to the third round of the FA Cup was one of the biggest events in Blackpool FC\'s season. Progressing to this stage, the dream of a Premier League opponent and the financial rewards would be all Seasiders fans would talk about for months. Nowadays our automatic inclusion in the third round draw, the fact we\'ve played all the Prem opposition and the knowledge that any money coming in won\'t be spent on strengthening the squad has lead to cup apathy. In previous ....

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Blackpool 1 Rotherham 1

The first half performance against Rotherham pretty much summed up Blackpool\'s 2014 - completely clueless. Whilst some may still be looking at how many wins from the remaining 22 games we need to stay up, the sad fact is that the side Lee Clark put out today would have struggled to win a one ticket raffle. Fair play tp Joe Lewis for saving all the shots in his direction because with a 10 man defence it can\'t have been easy. Not that Karl Oyston will ever wake up to what is happening at ....

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