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From Shambles To A Bit Of Shape

Whatever Neil McDonald is putting in Karl Oyston\'s tea seems to be working. Signings at Bloomfield Road have been as rare as a popular Oyston on the Fylde Coast and yet somehow the manager has got three over the line in a week and secured a contract extension for Henry Cameron. Whatsmore we now have competition for places - albeit in one position! It will be an interesting test this season to see whether Kyle Letheren or Colin Doyle is the Number one. Three players hardly herald a new era, ....

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A Brad Day At Bloomfield Road

Maybe it\'s because the Football League didn\'t ban Karl Oyston from football activities until July, that the blood has gone to his head and he\'s overseen our second signing of the summer. At this rate we may even have an assemblance of an 11 man side before the end of June (albeit a couple of strikers, a right back and a centre half would have to be high on Neil McDonald\'s list). For once it\'s a player travelling south that arrives at Bloomfield Road (it\'ll seem positively tropical after ....

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Karl Oyston Is Gone ...

  .. but only for 6 weeks.  If Carlsberg did headlines then they may have written the one above, but if the fun police did a follow up then they\'d have been responsible for the sub-headline. It\'s true that Karl is finally being removed of all his authority but just for a month and a half and arguably the only person who\'ll suffer is Neil McDonald as he tries to bring in new players with his Chairman banned. The news that the Football association have decided on a six week ban ....

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A While Since We Had A Colin ...

.. so famous Blackpool Colin\'s? Colin Methven and Colin Greenall instantly springs to mind, Colin Hendry might get an honorable mention had it not been for how poor he was as manager and for those around in the late 70\'s who can forget Colin Morris (well probably most of us!). Well now there is a new Colin to add to the list of Blackpool players but will be more a Methven or Morris? Welcome to Bloomfield Road Colin Doyle. Not a name that will instantly jump out of the page but one who will ....

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No Kids Allowed At Blackpool!

Anyone remember what it\'s like to be 18 years old and without a care in the world? Imagine being that age and employed by a professional football club. A club with which you\'ve shared many great memories and enjoyed a modicum of success. Without question, your future at that club would be guaranteed and you\'d be concentrating on improving as a player and not worried about where your next move would come from, Unless that is you\'re a youngster at Bloomfield Road in which case nothing is ever ....

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Will Mcdonald Win The Fans Over?

  When a new manager joins a struggling club, it\'s always worth digging out the cliche bingo card. Eyes down for a full house as we hear about \'sleeping giants\', \'plenty of potential\', \'hearts and minds\', \'winning the fans over\', \'creating a new mentality\', \'bringing in the right players\', \'hitting the ground running\', \'turning things around\' and \'fresh start for everyone\'. We\'re not sure if at Neil McDonald\'s press conference he got a full house but he came close ....

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Even The Away Fans Hate The Oystons!

If there\'s one thing worse than your club being called rubbish by your own fans, it\'s being called rubbish by opposition fans and now new stats out today show that away supporters seemed to have hated Bloomfield Road last season as much as we did! The Football Supporters Federation has revealed the results of a season long survey in to how fans rate their away day and despite being the \'entertainment capital of the country\', Blackpool came rock bottom. Adams_Kebab summed it up perfectly on ....

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The East Has Gone West!

Who says Karl Oyston doesn\'t stick to his word? He always said that the East Stand was a temporary one and so it has proved! Letters which have gone out to supporters who sit in the East (they\'re the ones who sway from side to side - not through any medical condition but because they can\'t see the game for the stanchions - have been told that they are going to have to move seats because the stand won\'t be open every home game. Hard to believe that just five seaons ago even the extra seats ....

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‘i Haven’t Learned A Thing’ By Roy5live

That statement actually came from an old episode of the Simpsons, which at the time was quite funny. Sadly the statement is more likely to be attributed to Karl Oyston after yet another ‘one-year rolling contract’ appointment – this time in the shape of the  hugely naïve Neil McDonald. Enough words have been spoken about our truly incompetent chairman in recent months, and I don’t particularly want to waste my time talking about this man anymore, so what of our ....

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Good Luck Neil Mcdonald - The New Boss Will Need It!

  Was it pure coincidence the news that Sepp Blatter had resigned as FIFA president at the exact same time that Neil McDonald gets announced as Blackpool manager (what is it they say about burying news). It would be churlish, childish and unchivalrous if we didn\'t say \'welcome to Bloomfield Road Neil\' but there can be no doubt this appointment won\'t change many hearts or minds. Primarily, McDonald seems a nice chap, said all the \'right\' things (although lacked the wry smile and the ....

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Still A No No From Koko The Dodo

We\'re pretty sure if Karl Oyston had run out of bullets to shoot poor defenceless prey then he\'d have it sorted quicker than the grass grows on the Bloomfield Road pitch (albeit this is quite slowly). However, being without a manager seems to have passed him by. Three weeks on from Lee Clark\'s decision to throw a few grenades and run as quickly as he can from the day job, the manager\'s office is as empty as the ticket office. How long does it take to appoint a manager? In well run clubs ....

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... And Then There Were 7 (ish)

The joke this time last season was \'guess which Championship club has only got 8 players?\'. Well, this year we can go one better with the news that the retained list has wiped out most of last season\'s deadwood leaving us with jst a handful of players in our books. However, even then, this is Blackpool and we\'re actually not sure who is left, who might come back and who will play for us next season. As the search goes on for a new manager we do know that huge swathes of the team has gone. ....

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May The Farce Be With You

Anyone who thought that the summer of 2015 would result in a clean slate at Bloomfield Road should think again. It would appear it\'s still as dirty and grubby as it ever was. If the news of Lee Clark\'s disappearing act was greeted with unabated enthusiasm then news that Oyston Junior has had to cough up £20k was a positive cause for celebration (might mean only three weeks in the Dominican Republic this year as opposed to four!). Things were never going to return back to normal after ....

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Clark Has Gone!

He was useless whilst he was at Bloomfield Road and now he\'s confessed it wasn\'t the job for him. Shame he didn\'t realise that a bit sooner and fallen on his sword whilst we still had a chance of getting in someone who didn\'t play Charles Dunne every week, had David Perkins as his anchor man, a winger at right back and a centre half up front! Fair to say Lee you won\'t be missed and go with our blessing!....

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Blackpool A Huddersfield A

When we set off at the City Ground on that hot afternoon in August, we knew as Blackpool fans that we\'d be in for a rough ride but under the guidance of Jose Riga and a squad that was starting to come together (albeit for the Club Secretary\'s inability to register them) we hoped it would come good. It was a season that fell short by 42 minutes and so much more besides. Indeed, the only thing that did come good were the fans. Judgement Day was never going to please everyone but, as many have ....

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Judgement Day

Maybe the saddest indictment of the last 12 months is a request that Fansonline received from a pensioner asking us to remove his details, concerned that criticism of the Oyston family could see him in court. For the record, none of his posts were in anyway libellous or could have lead to any action, but how sad that this season fans are now so concerned for their future that they are worried about expressing an opinion on the club\'s owners. On the other hand, those with money like Russell ....

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Think Of A Number

So Lee Clark says that bids are in for 5 or 6 players. You might as well say that you have bought 5 or 6 lottery tickets. The chances of either coming off are remote to say the least. Whilst it is admirable that Clark is trying to avoid all the problems of the last few seasons, and we credit him for that, getting a player to come to Bloomfield Road at the moment is like trying to land a shark with a fishing rod. History has shown that the Seasiders summer dealings have been disastrous. From ....

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Cardiff 3 Blackpool 2

Wigan away last season. Scenes of euphoria as Blackpool beat the Latics 2-0 and, as it transpired, consolidated their place in the Championship for another season. However, if fans had known then what they know now, would there have been scenes of desolation and despair. Let\'s face it, no one would have wanted to go through what\'s happened in the last 12 months even if it would have meant a season in League One. Full time at the DW Stadium should have been the moment that Karl Oyston set ....

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Cardiff V Blackpool Preview

Imagine being the poor old Blackpool coach driver when he drops the team off for the final time at Bloomfield Road on Saturday night. Having carried two lots of coaching staff and about 60 players, you\'d think he\'d be rewarded with a massive tip. However, unless the remarkable happens and the Seasiders win at Cardiff, it\'s fair to say all he\'ll get is a P45. You wouldn\'t fancy his chances of being employed next season after our record this year. There\'s usually someone at the start of ....

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Scratchers Thoughts

There\'s moments when I sort of have to pinch myself that this is happening. Every day brings a new low, and it\'s been like this for getting on three years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the club I\'ve loved and followed for 43 years man and boy would be reduced to something I have no feeling for, except disgust, and well, emptiness. On top of that we\'re pitied throughout the football world, nobody is laughing anymore. You don\'t laugh at situations as abject as ours.It\'s ....

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Even More Clueless Clark

At the end of February we wrote a damning account of Lee Clark\'s time at Bloomfield Road. Clueless Clark was the title of the piece and we see no need to change that description two months on. The Chairman was spotted last week wearing a balaclava, well clearly he was wearing it the wrong way round because he is blind to what is going on. The worst manager in our history is about to be given a summer budget (stop laughing at the back). Clark must be the luckiest manager in football. Whilst ....

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Blackpool 0 Fulham 1

If Lee Clark has spent the last couple of months scouting for next season and has been assessing his squad to see who he can utilise for a League One campaign, the only name on his scribble pad today will be the Fulham fan in the pink dress with the blonde wig. Let\'s face it if he/she hadn\'t put the ball past the Fulham keeper, then he wouldn\'t have needed to collect it from the back of the net all afternoon. If a neutral wanted to see why it has all gone horribly wrong for Blackpool this ....

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Not A Blackpool V Fulham Preview

When a Blackpool pensioner has been taken for £20k, a preview of a meaningless game seems pointless. Whatever the rights or wrongs of what Frank Knight said, and it looks like his remarks will remain within the small confines of 34 of his friends, to then expect that person to fork out £20k to a millionaire family is morally wrong. If what he wrote was libellous, a public apology and a small gesture to charity, at his discretion, would have sufficed. The problem with the last 12 ....

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Derby 4 Blackpool 0

You get the feeling that the onhly way Blackpool are going to get 3 points on the road this season is if the coach driver goes through a red light. You can only make shift and mend for so long and whilst this is now 15 games without a win for Lee Clarj\'s side, you only have to look at his back four and keeper to see that they are as effective as sticking your finger in a leaky dam. The result at the IPro was inevitable.Whilst the Seasiders have put up some good fights this last few weeks, the ....

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Derby V Blackpool Preview

Four games to go. The final Tuesday night game of the season, our final game of any meaning (Fulham, Cardiff and Huddersfield have nothing to play for) and potentially our 15th match without a win. The party is over (and I\'ve been to better parties), the dregs are all that is left and the sooner everyone goes home the better. The hangover will last all summer and only one man has the ability to put everyone out of their pain. I remember looking at the fixtures last June and commenting that we ....

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