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Loans 4 U As Thomas Arrives Along With Mcallister

  Whilst it\'s commendable that Blackpool have helped many youngsters on their way to the top flight by taking them in on loan (Seamus Coleman, Tom Ince and Joe Hart some of the recent examples), the signing of Lloyd Jones from Liverpool and now Kwame Thomas from Derby does beg the question why do we look after others but not our own? As Mark Waddington and Dom Telford settle in at Stoke and Man City look at Miles Boney, you do wonder why we have a youth set up at all (other than for the ....

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A Triallist, A Reply, A Draw And A Ranger

  It\'s that time of the season where the jigsaw should be completed but, once again, Blackpool are picking up the pieces. Off the field, Owen Oyston has spent all his time writing a \'no thanks\' letter to BST (well he didn\'t say yes thanks!), Nile Ranger found his way back to Bloomfield Road presumably bored of hanging out with his crew, Neil McDonald gave an outing to a player who\'s career started promisingly at Manchester City but stumbled at Burton and St Mirren and the Seasiders ....

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Will Fans Rejoice A Move For Boyce?

Blackpool fans have been calling for weeks for a \'bit of experience\' to add to the youngsters in Neil McDonald\'s team and it looks like the manager has finally answered their calls. You don\'t get much more experienced than a 35 year old FA Cup winning International with over 500 league performances and a dozen or so appearances for his country. So is the former Wigan defender Emmerson Boyce the right man for the job? Well here\'s the thoughts of JJ from the LosThreeAmigos fan site ....

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Saints And Sinners

  In a week where those who have fallen foul of Blackpool FC\'s owners have been escorted from a Neil Diamond concert with Sweet (FA) Caroline, the players who have signed for what\'s left of the club have been quietly going about their business. Pre-season is a bit like Katie Hopkins - worthless and means nothing. However, it\'s always better to go in to a new season with a few confidence winning performances than on the back of a series of drubbings.  So far, so good than for Neil ....

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Dams If You Do And Damned If You Don\'t

  With the friendly against Morecambe called off, a knee jerk reaction if ever there was one, Neil McDonald must have wondered where he could ensure that his players would get another 90 minutes of football under their belts. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures and even Ladbrokes wouldn\'t have offered decent odds on a behind closed doors midweek friendly at Ross County not finishing! No suprise therefore that it did finish, with a 1-1 draw and some new names for ....

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Have We Run Out Of Any Good News?

  When the Premier League hands out their \'Golden Goose which lays the Golden Egg\' sadly they do so without any instructions. Some nurture them, look after them and ensure they produce the eggs for years to come, others strangle them, stuff them and seriously abuse them at the first opportunity. The fact we\'ve had no golden eggs, let alone golden nuggets at Bloomfield Road for quite some time, goes to show what happened to our Premier League Golden Goose. Nowadays we\'re on the end of ....

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Something Needs Doing ...

  Three weeks away from the new season and it seems the only thing coming out of Bloomfield Road are employees and the club shop! Maybe Karl Oyston\'s suspension is having a far greater effect than we all thought and the doors have been closed, the phones switched off and there\'s little to see apart from the grass growing (debatable). Whilst a wordy, rambling and quite pointless statement was written about the Oyston\'s courtroom bust ups, anything that is actually pertinent to the club ....

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Can Someone Explain To Me Why .....

  Curryman writes: Time and again on this board I\'ve seen posters called collaborators, apologists and worse because their view was not the view of those who wish to protest in a way which these people find too extreme. They are totally against the present regime, have taken some time to come to terms with the fact that the owners seem hell bent on milking every last penny out of this \'cash rich\' club, their words not mine, whilst at the same time starving the club of funds to ....

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Action Needs To Be Taken Now

  \"Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned\" - for legal reasons we best hadn\'t change any names in that quote to suit the current situation with the Oyston\'s at Bloomfield Road, but it does make you wonder what the owners are doing whilst their club is collapsing around them. The saddest aspect of this situation is that fans have now started turning on fans following today\'s abandonment of the game at Lancaster and that can be to no one\'s advantage. The problem with what is happening to ....

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Mcdonalds Added A Shrimp To The Menu

  We commented a few weeks ago how Neil McDonald was stealth like in his transfer dealings this summer with many going under the radar until they were announced, but the latest one got out of the bag at the start of the week. Jack Redshaw has finally completed his move to Bloomfield Road after it seems that Karl Oyston had to chuck an extra £30k in the pot for the striker after the Morecambe Chairman insisted that the initial fee of £150k wasn\'t enough (doesn\'t look like he ....

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So Who The Hell Is In Charge?

  Many will remember the sight of the MS Riverdance which was stranded off the shores of Blackpool in 2008. It became somewhat of a tourist attraction, somewhat ironic that more people were interested in a ship wreck than one which was afloat. The same can be said of Blackpool FC at the moment - although more a car crash than a ship wreck. A bit like the Riverdance, poor navigation has lead the club to where it is and now the Captain has jumped ship. Although we all know the answer to ....

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Cards On Table! Will Oyston Blink First?

  From a tiny room in the Sam Tai to a press conference in the Hilton Hotel, it\'s fair to say that the Blackpool Supporters Trust has come of age. Since the Trust were formed, there have been many doubters and critics that they would ever get to a point where they could put in a credible bid to the Oyston\'s and today they\'ve proved those detractors wrong. Whatever the outcome of today\'s bid, no one can say that Blackpool fans haven\'t attempted to remove \'the family\' from the ....

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Hang On Tightly! Could Be An Interesting Week!

  There\'s very seldom a week goes by at Bloomfield Road that doesn\'t court headlines. For the next week, it wouldn\'t be a surprise if journalists camped on the sands in order to follow the events at the club. Not only do we have Neil McDonald\'s on-going search for players and his first game as Blackpool manager against Lancaster on Saturday, we also have the sub plots of the BST announcement on Tuesday and the removal (albeit temporary) of Karl Oyston as Chairman on Wednesday with no ....

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Nile Ranger Is On His Way Back!

  Just when you thought the dramas at Blackpool FC couldn\'t get more farcical, Neil McDonald has announced today that he expects Nile Ranger to be back at Bloomfield Road on July 15th! Even Jeffrey Archer would struggle to make up what has happened at the seaside of late, If it\'s not the Chairman and his misdemeanours, it\'s bid from Supporters Trust\'s to run the club and in amongst all of that last season\'s lost soul looks like he\'s on his way back! In amongst all the madness, well ....

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Who The Heck Is Jack Redshaw?

  If you\'ve ever played Championship Manager or Fantasy Football, you\'ll know the work that goes in to researching young lower league players and wondering whether to take a gamble on them. So have you ever come across Jack Redshaw? He\'s the young Morecambe striker who has been linked with the Seasiders albeit the Blackpool Chairman has failed to reach the Shrimps asking price (cue the sound of tumbleweed rather than dropped jaws!). The 24 year old was born in Salford and was with the ....

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An Old Codgers Thoughts

  Martin Granger sent us this as a non-AVFTT poster: I confess I am a techno-phobe. Having passed retirement quicker than I\'d like, the internet also passed me by with the speed of one of my beloved steam trains I used to watch as a child. I\'m a computer dinosaur and only recently, at my Grandchildren\'s request for when they visit, had broadband installed. As a result, the man that only ever got socks for his birthday received a tablet (a computer without proper buttons to push). The ....

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Another Day, Another Late Signing!

  Bloody typical! Whilst most of this article is still relevant at least we\'ve signed someone (albeit the premise for the article was that we hadn\'t! Late on, Blackpool have signed the Luton Striker Mark Cullen for a fee of £180k. The 24 year old scored 14 times for the Hatters last season and was their top scorer. Anyhow, all of that aside .. where were we when we wrote this article at 6pm when most clubs have gone home for the day! On the day that Steven Davies joins Bradford, ....

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Jimmy Unfriends Karl

  Karl Oyston\'s Facebook timeline must be dull! As two of his remaining friends press the delete button on their friendship, the Blackpool Chairman\'s popularity has hit rock bottom. His friends at the FL have made their thoughts apparent, Lee Clark wouldn\'t even stick around to be his lapdog friend and there\'s more chance of him receiving a poke from outgoing secretary Chris Hough than there is from any Blackpool fan!  The days of Karl Oyston sitting at the top table of Premier ....

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Ready For Pre-season Boys

  Pre-season training at Blackpool used to involve running on the sand dunes, swimming in the sea and a bit of sparring in the local gym (this was a time when players got the bus to training, received the same wage as the rest of us and weren\'t Prima Donnas). Now in 2015, when the Seasiders return from their summer hols, you can guarantee it\'ll be all nutrition, fitness plans, bleep tests and deep muscle massages. Ironically, some would say the players, at this level, are no better than ....

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Bobby Minions Here!

  So we have ourselves a goalkeeping coach (and unlike most other positions in the side we actually have competition for places here) and in the week that the Minions arrive at the cinema, we now have our own Bobby Minions (or Mimms if you prefer). The 51 year old joins the team at Bloomfield Road and will work with Connor Doyle, Kyle Letheren and Miles Boney. A well known keeper who plied his trade at Blackurn, Everton and Spurs, he\'s recently been working with Neil McDonald at West ....

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The Young Ones - Will The Kids Win Anything?

  Jimmy Armfield has noticed the flaw in Neil McDonald\'s preparations and it doesn\'t take someone of the Blackpool legend\'s standing not to have the same reservations. On the day that he signs another \'International Under 21 player\' (albeit Scotland), McDonald\'s sides average age could get them free entry in to the \'Young Seasiders\'. At 21 John Herron joins an increasingly fresh faced side at Bloomfield Road, which Armfield says desperately needs some experience. A Scottish Under ....

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One Crock Jock? Pull Your Finger Out Neil!

  It must be a bitter/sweet time to be a footballer. Few of us enjoy an 8 week break but there again there\'s only so many games of golf, episodes of Breaking Bad and games of Football Manager you can play before you\'re chomping at the bit to return. For Blackpool, the return comes a week on Monday and whilst we may have a few more bodies than this time last season (and a manager who seemingly actually wants to be here), we are still woefully short of personell. Neil McDonald\'s \'A ....

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From Colchester To Peterborough And The Glamour In-between

  Ah, how we\'ve missed those long trips down to Colchester and Peterborough, going down A roads that you\'d never choose to go on at any other time and places that definitely wouldn\'t be on a list of \'must see\' detinations. However, the price for football club mismanagement are trips to Rochdale, Bury, Fleetwood and Burton - places when we were in the Premier League many never thought they\'d see us play at again. True story: When we were promoted at Wembley against Cardiff, the ....

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  Clearly Blackpool hasn\'t been a \'warm ball\' for some time. Our habit of being drawn away from home in cup competitions continues with Northampton next up on the map. After defeats to Shrewsbury and Villa last season, Preston and Bolton the previous season and Morecambe and Fulham the season before that (albeit we were at home in the replay when we lost) you have to go back to 2011/12 for the last time we were drawn at home in the cup against Sheffield Wednesday (even that season our ....

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Another Clark Turns Up At Bloomfield Road

  We\'ve had our fair share of Clark\'s at Bloomfield Road over the years from the truly awful Chris to the impressive but short lived Billy,we had the intellectual but flawed Mr Carlisle, the regular returnee Peter and the complete disaster that was Lee. Well next season we have another Clark in our numbers. This time it\'s Clark Robertson - arguably the least well known of all the Clark\'s who\'ve come to Blackpool. Clark Robertson is a 21 year old left back, who can also ....

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