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Gillingham 2 Blackpool 1

  We said in our preview of this match that expectations of the \'Pool would not be high this week, and the form book was confirmed as they fell to a 2-1 defeat at Priestfield yesterday. However the scoreline only tells some of the story, and some of the faitfhful who made the long trek to Kent have been upbeat about the performance. In truth, this was a very close contest decided at the death by a midfield player who is high on confidence and scoring for fun. Bradley Dack claimed his ....

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Gillingham V Blackpool : Match Preview

Most people were careful to put caveats around last week\'s win at Scunthorpe, welcome as it was. The Seasiders were undoubtedly fortunate in some respects, and were heavily reliant upon the heroics of Colin Doyle in order to secure the points. One swallow clearly does not make a summer. People may however sit up and take more notice should \'Pool take something from Saturday\'s match at the Priestfield Stadium. Gillingham have got off to a great start to the season, being unbeaten in the ....

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Blackpool V Scunthorpe - Match Report

After eight long months, the wait for a win is finally over, and after seventeen months of away day misery, it\'s a win on the road to boot. A scrambled Potts goal was enough to give the \'Pool a 1-0 win at Glanford Park today.Only a couple of hundred or so hardy sould made the trip to Lincolnshire, and this is how basilrobbie saw it : \"I\'d forgotten that feeling when you travel back having won on foreign soil ; it\'s very nice and hopefully there will be more to come on the back of ....

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Scunthorpe United V Blackpool

  It\'s hard to find the inspiration, motivation or dedication to be a Blackpool fan at the moment and yet on Transfer Deadline Day the fact thousands of Seasiders viewed AVFTT to see what was happening is testament to the fact people still care about this club. This time last season there was the misguided thought that as soon as Jose Riga got his first win then the club would move forward. It took 11 games before the Belgian got those 3 points - McDonald has 5 games left to beat that ....

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Transfer Deadloss Day

  In the old days you could blame fax machines, 10pm deadlines and even players turning round on the M55 to go head to Tranmere. Nowadays you can just blame sheer incompetence, a lack of ambition, a rudderless ship and a toxic club for no new arrivals on Transfer Deadline Day. The worst club in the country didn\'t get any better and the sad thing is that nobody seems that bothered. So what the Hell is going on behind the scenes at Bloomfield Road? Has the Chairman left George in charge, ....

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18 Hours To Save The Seasiders

  You can but hope that September 1st isn\'t Neil McDonald\'s wedding anniversary because if it is he\'ll likely end up in the dog house. The reason? The Blackpool manager will have a phone to his ear until the transfer window closes at 6pm and then he can either head off in celebration or more likely drown his sorrows! If any manager needs to get players \'over the line\' on Tuesday, it\'s the manager of the worst team in the Football league. Congratulations Neil, you have maintained ....

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An Open Letter To Owen From Tony_green_71

  Dear Owen, I saw you had published an open letter on the BFC website. My first instinct was to totally ignore it as, like most fans, I struggle to believe a single word uttered by any member of the Oyston family.However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a look in the desperate hope there may be some good news and a semblance of hope for our beloved club. I should have known better as all I could see was the usual self indulgent nonsense, delaying tactics and ....

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Blackpool 0 Walsall 4

  \'Aspire to be Walsall\' - who would have thought we\'d hear those words come from a Blackpool managers mouth 5 years ago. No disrespect to the Saddlers who have become a decent league one side in recent years but if anything reflects how far we\'ve fallen then it\'s that comment from Neil McDonald. In a week where Owen Oyston said there was no animosity towards the owners before the Premier League, we thought we\'d start this report with a picture of happier days for the family with ....

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Walsall V Blackpool Preview

  One poster on the forum asked last week \'Why does this remain a football message board when no one talks about football!\'. For reference last weekend\'s preview was read by nearly 5,000 people - of course we\'ll never know how many of those were actually interested in the game, were Blackpool fans or had clicked on it by mistake. However, until such time as interest wains completely, we\'ll continue to serve up a weekly preview whether appreciated or not. Even the most pessimistic ....

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83 Games, 7 Wins, 5 Managers, 101 Players And One Chairman

  In case you\'re wondering why jumping in a sewage tank sounds more appealing than watching Blackpool nowadays, we can point you in the direction of some shocking statistics. Thanks to poolfc2001 on the Message Board, the horrible reality of Blackpool\'s run since (and including) the defeat at Yeovil under Paul Ince is laid bare. It was a defeat that shortly followed the now infamous \'We\'re the envy of the Football League\' quote from Karl Oyston. Baiting Blackpool fans has almost ....

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Sheffield United 2 Blackpool 0

  As one fan said \'it shouldn\'t hurt anymore when Blackpool get beat, yet strangely it does\'. For many, a win for the Seasiders whilst the Oystons are still in charge would be a hollow one anyway, yet a defeat remains frustrating. Despite a new management, a whole new squad of players and even a new league to go at, it\'s \'same old Blackpool\' as Neil McDonald\'s side managed just two shots on target in 90 minutes. Clearly the Seasiders manager had to do something to shake things up ....

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Sheffield United V Blackpool Preview

  So far, so not very good! What have we gleaned from the opening 6 hours of football? Well, in the \'stating the bleedin\' obvious\' corner Blackpool have drawn one and lost three. In those games they\'ve scored 3 times but conceded 9 but then if you scratch beneath the statistics, there\'s a sad truth behind those four performances. Shots (home/away) 31/68, on target 12/32, corners 18/24, fouls committed 28/49 and possession 48%/52% (oh and apparently the team are not rubbish!). In ....

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Gone For A Burton

  There were stories that when Blackpool scored in the Premier League at Bloomfield Road that you could hear the cheers as far as the Tower. Nowadays you\'d be lucky to hear them much beyond the club shop. Whilst there was one rather forced and uncomfortable version of \'Glad all over\' on Tuesday night, it was the Burton fans who had cause for cheer as Neil McDonald\'s side put in an other woeful second half performance and recorded another home defeat. Karl Oyston might wish his ....

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Blackpool V Burton Albion Preview

  There is a theory that good pre-season results can lead to a lousy start to a campaign and vice versa. Looking back Neil McDonald must wish his side had been wallopped by Accrington, demolished by Morecambe and well beaten by St Johnstone.  As it is, that unbeaten run before a competitive ball was kicked now seems a distant memory as the first three games have resulted in Blackpool gaining little more than a point and a couple of goals. On paper, the start to McDonald\'s reign at ....

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Umpa Lumpas

  There was always a theory that Steve McMahon never liked to bring in players who was taller than he was and as someone who definitely suffered from \'short man syndrome\', it wasn\'t surprising we never had much height in our side. However, the McMahon teams were giants in comparison to what Neil McDonald is putting out. When the two sides came out at Bloomfield Road on Saturday it was men against boys in ability as well as height. In fact the Blackpool mascot was almost as tall as ....

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Blackpool 0 Rochdale 2

  The protests outside the ground were alot more passionate, driven and entertaining than what happened inside the ground on Saturday reflecting the fact that events off the pitch are these days more interesting than those on them. If Neil McDonald really felt his side were ready for the season with little experience, height, ball winners, grit and nouse then he hasn\'t learnt much during his time as an assistant. Blackpool\'s inadequacies are there for all to see and that included ....

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Blackpool V Rochdale Preview

  The last few years there\'s an irony in the fact that Blackpool\'s motto is \'Progress\'. From football\'s richest league playing the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United, filling Bloomfield Road regularly and grabbing the limelight with that opening day win against Wigan, the Seasiders are now playing in League One against Rochdale and Burton with netting coveting half the seats and a cup exit to Northampton. What is it they say about a fall from grace?  It\'s hard to think ....

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Jenga Football

  There\'s a game called Jenga where you remove blocks from a tower and then create a progressively taller but less stable structure. The football equivalent is Blackpool FC. Over the last 4 years the building blocks which took this club to the Premier League have been replaced by cheaper replacements and it was only a matter of time before the whole lot came crashing down. Neil McDonald has been doing his best to keep some semblance of structure in place but even he couldn\'t stop the ....

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Northampton Town V Blackpool Preview

So let\'s all bask in the Seasiders recent Capital One Cup success. 2014: Round One. Beaten 1-0 away at Shrewsbury. 2013: Round One. Beaten 1-0 away at Preston. 2012: Round One. Beaten 2-1 at home to Morecambe. 2011. Round One. Drew 0-0 away at Sheffield Wednesday. Beaten on penalties. Second Round (no first round game). Beaten 4-3 after extra time at MK Dons. Indeed you have to go back to 2009 for the first time that Blackpool didn\'t fall at the first hurdle in a league cup game. Some say ....

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Colchester United 2 Blackpool 2

  Any manager who starts his time in charge of a club with a handful of players, and only two months to assemble a squad, was never going to be full ready on the opening day of the season. If there is one thing that is apparent from Blackpool\'s first game back in League One, it\'s that we\'ve got more fight than last season but are still half a dozen bodies short of being a force in this division. Fortunately for Neil McDonald, his opening game was against a side who will struggle to see ....

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Colchester United V Blackpool Preview

  \"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more\" - for those who prepare to embark on another season of battles, fresh blood will line up to defend and attack in Colchester. For those who can\'t support the team whilst the present owners are in charge, the real war won\'t be fought in Essex but remains much closer to home. Such is life at Blackpool FC these days that an opening day preview has to recognise that supporters remain divided whilst the Oyston\'s remain at the ....

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Oi Neil - 3 Days To Go!

  So we now have a Captain (there again, so did the Titanic!), the players have their squad numbers, so now the only thing were short of is a few more players and about 12,000 missing fans. Neil McDonald may be able to do something about his squad numbers, but there\'s still little to tempt back the absentees. Although chances are that the Blackpool manager will be more concerned about the lack of bodies on the bench, than in the stands. It\'s to be hoped that McDonald still has a few ....

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Lifes A Pitch And Then It Dies

  Maybe it\'s through a pair of rose tinted glasses that Blackpool fans remember the opening day of the season at Bloomfield Road with a beautifully striped pitch, the infamous slope and a playing surface like a bowling green. There was certainly never question as to whether the pitch would survive beyond the illuminations being switched off, whereas nowadays it\'s an annual occurence. Whilst the pitch last season only looked fit for purpose until the New Year, Lee Clark\'s decision to ....

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Are We Ready? On The Pitch?

  When your longest serving player is Charles Dunne, you know you have problems. Welcome to Blackpool Football Club Neil McDonald where players last about as long as the grass in the penalty area. When he arrived in June, McDonald must have been under no illusion as to the task in hand. On the squad list were 4 or 5 average players, along with the possibility of Cubero, Orlandi and Ranger and a few youngsters with a bit of promise. Hardly the basis to start assembling a team ready for ....

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Are We Ready? Off The Pitch?

  There was a time when pre-season preparations were solely about player recruitment, team bonding and a few friendly results. However, this is Blackpool Football Club and sadly as the \'worst run club in the country\'*,we have to look at beyond what\'s happening on the pitch to see if there is any chance of a good season ahead. The fact that Neil McDonald has quietly gone about his business and assembled a team is a miracle when all of this summer\'s headlines have been surrouding events ....

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