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Blackpool V Crewe Alexandra Preview

  Off the field events like TV programmes documenting Blackpool\'s demise and court battles between Owners and fans have become the sad norm at Bloomfield Road, so in many ways it\'s been a typical week. On the field, the last 18 months has seen the side cement their place in the relegation zone and fail to string a decent run of results together. At least one of these two may change this weekend. Whilst the club continues to wash it\'s dirty laundry in public, at least things are ....

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Blackpool 1 Millwall 1

  Somewhat ironic that one of the few matches won at Bloomfield Road last season was against Millwall and yet with an arguably better side Blackpool could only draw against them on Tuesday night. Whilst the attendance would indicate improved performances won\'t bring the fans back, Neil McDonald must be pleased to be getting things right on the pitch as Blackpool went 5 games unbeaten. The elephant in the room is there for all to see - Blackpool\'s supporters have abandoned them in their ....

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Blackpool V Millwall Preview

  The season that Blackpool just avoided the drop Doncaster, Barnsley and Yeovil were the bottom three and they proved last year that few teams get out of League One at the first time of asking. This time round whilst Blackpool languish in the bottom four, Millwall and Wigan, who were relegated alongside them in May, have hardly set the league alight with the Londoners 13th and the Latics 8th in the table. Tuesday night sees the first meeting between two of the sides relegated from the ....

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Coventry City 0 Blackpool 0

  The good news is that Blackpool appear to have sorted out their defensive frailties having not conceded a goal from open play in the last 4 games, however that puts a spotlight on the other end of the pitch with Blackpool the lowest goal scorers in League One. Whilst McDonald will be pleased to have closed the floodgates at one end, the dribble of goals at the other will be where he\'ll turn his attention. From the start of the season we\'ve highlighted the Seasiders shyness in front ....

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Coventry City V Blackpool Preview

If the Blackpool Chairman decides to go Saturday\'s game then it won\'t be the first time he\'s been sent to Coventry. That said he may feel at home with a club that has had a considerable fall from grace and may even point to the fact that the Seasiders have never had to move out of their home. However as the Seasiders languish in the relegation places, the Sky Blues could be set for a return to the top two leagues. Neil McDonald says the 10 day enforced break was double edged. In a way, it ....

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Mcdonald Stays Put

  On the day the BBC bring out their annual \'Price of Football\' survey, Blackpool fans will know the \'Price of being a Seasider\' this last few years is ridicule, disappointment and frustration. In fact all the recent bits of good news like a couple of league wins, progression in a cup competition and a new shed at Squires Gate have all been quite difficult to respond to. Just as fans are unsure how to react to positive news, so today\'s announcement that it looks like Neil McDonald is ....

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Worst Yet To Come?

  The release of the League Once fixtures hardly raised an eyebrow on the Fydle Coast back in June with the club in it\'s usual state of disarray from top to bottom. Even if fans would have shown the slightest bit of interest it\'s always tough to work out who would be the strongest and weakest teams in the league. Certainly few would have said Walsall and Burton would be top two at the start of October. However, 12 games in (or 11 for the Seasiders) and the Midlands clubs have fared ....

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Still 22nd

  Neil McDonald was at Fleetwood on Saturday afternoon and not Sunderland as some have speculated. What he\'ll have seen at Highbury Stadium is a Fleetwood side low on confidence despite the arrival of a new manager and a free shooting Coventry side who are now in the Play Offs. Maybe, of the two, McDonald would prefer to be playing Fleetwood next week - presuming he\'s still in charge of Blackpool by then. It\'s not often you get to sit back and review the results in this league without ....

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Ko Isn\'t Going To Change

  Imagine if FIFA had set up a Fans Parliament. First up on the agenda: \"For the good of football Mr Blatter, will you resign?\". Answer \"No\". FIFA Fans Parliament disbands. In effect that\'s what\'s happened at Bloomfield Road. The FP wanted to know if Karl would change and according to one of those who left that just isn\'t going to happen. The result? A third of the Fans Parliament have announced they are leaving. When the first meeting of the FP was published we said at the time ....

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Port Vale 1 Blackpool 2

  Neil McDonald spoke last week of wanting to get rid of Blackpool\'s embarrassing and demoralising past - and surprisingly it was nothing to do with the owners of the club. Instead he was talking about the many unwanted records which the Seasiders had collected mainly to do with on the field results. Tuesday night\'s win against Port Vale put another of these to bed.The joke about a tea bag staying longer in the cup than Blackpool has been wholly relevant the last three years as they\'ve ....

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Port Vale V Blackpool Jpt Preview

  We we finally waved goodbye to the bottom two tiers of English Football 7 years ago, one of the many things fans said they wouldn\'t miss was the JP Trophy. Despite Blackpool enjoying success twice in the competition over the years, it really was the \'wooden spoon\' cup. Great to win but a pain in the butt to get to that final. So will Neil McDonald treat the competition as anything more than a run out? There\'s a good chance that McDonald had to be reminded what the JPT is. Outside ....

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Blackpool 1 Swindon Town 0

  An indication of how poor the start to the season has been is the fact that back to back wins still leaves Blackpool in the relegation places. Credit to Neil McDonald and his team how they have not only turned around their form but actually entertained a Bloomfield Road crowd who\'ve had little to cheer of late. 5 years on from that 2-1 win against Liverpool, as much as the win should be welcomed, the rows of empty seats and protests outside were a reminder of just what a mess the ....

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Blackpool V Swindon Town Preview

  The heady days of September 2013 when Blackpool travelled to Bournemouth and recorded a 2-1 win to make it 5 wins from 6 and a place at the top of the Championship. \'Envy of the Football League\' was the cry from Karl Oyston (and many have made sure he\'s eaten those words). In the 2 years since then Blackpool have won just of 12 their 96 league games slipping 45 places down the Football League. The only reason that\'s noteworthy now is that the win against Bournemouth was the last ....

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Positively Negative

  The best tweet I read after Tuesday\'s win against Chesterfield was \'Think I\'m going schizophrenic. Yay a win, Boo a win, Yay a win, Boo a win, Yay a win, Boo a win!\'. That just about sums it up being a Blackpool fan at the moment. It appears every silver lining has a cloud and many are now in the position where they genuinely don\'t know how to react to a Blackpool win! In a week where a planning application has been put in for a new training ground (well, the old training ground ....

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Blackpool 2 Chesterfield 0

  So, well done to Neil McDonald who has managed to do what neither of his predecessors achieved - to see his side win a game both home and away! You sometimes forget just how dire things have been for Blackpool fans the last couple of years but the statistic that this is the Seasiders first home win since January is a stark reminder. Whether it\'s green shoots of recovery or yet another false dawn remains to be seen. Whilst undoubtedly the players take a large part of the responsibility ....

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Blackpool V Chesterfield Preview

  Once upon a time there was a tangerine balloon. This balloon was much loved by many. For years it just floated around but then suddenly a big gust of wind from the Baltics saw it rise and rise and the whole country admired it. However all it took was one prick and it soon deflated and kept going down and down and down until people stopped caring or watching it.  Anyhow, where were we? Oh yes, Blackpool FC who on Tuesday night welcome Chesterfield to Bloomfield Road. Without a ....

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Shrewsbury 2 Blackpool 0

  A fellow football fan asked me recently \'how bad can it get at Blackpool?\'. My answer \'each week somehow seems to get worse than the last\'. In a week where Karl Oyston continued his lily-livered vendetta against fellow supporters, the team slumped back to the foot of the table and we were roundly beaten by one of the favourites for relegation this season. Can things get much worse? Probably. Like his predecessors Neil McDonald has got away without much scrutiny because of the ....

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Shrewsbury V Blackpool Preview

  Being a Blackpool fan there has to be a masochistic streak in most of us but anyone who confesses that the 95/96 season was their favourite as a Seasider is clearly in need of help. Well call the men in white coat because the author of this preview has very fond memories of that year. The season we were finally good, the Preece/Ellis combo, top of the table, big Sam, Andy Morrison, a packed Bloomfield Road and of course Micky Mellon. I loved everything about that season - well ....

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Fans Progress Grouo - Is It Worth It?

  Being a member of the Blackpool FC Fans Progress Group must be on a par with being an emissions control analyst at Volkswagen at the moment - both viewed with suspicion, both under the spotlight and both pretty unpopular. After the first meeting with Karl Oyston and the release of the minutes, have we really learnt anything that we didn\'t already know or is the much maligned Fans Progress Group really serving a purpose? From ticket prices to covered seats and from legal action to ....

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Happy Birthday Jimmy

  There\'s not been many articles recently where we know that opinion will be divided and so it\'s with great pleasure that we wish Happy 80th Birthday to Jimmy Armfield. The man rightly has the title of \'Blackpool legend\' bestowed on him and whilst there have been a few players who have come along and made their mark, none will match what Jimmy achieved during his years at Bloomfield Road. There has been so much written about the man and so many plaudits given to him that there would ....

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Blackpool 1 Barnsley 1

  Whilst a clear message was delivered to Blackpool\'s owners by the crowd that gathered outside their hotel pre-match, inside the ground manager Neil McDonald will have hopefully seen a few clear messages of his own. A formation that scraped a win and recorded a loss in the last two away games wasn\'t the right system at home, Jack Redshaw should not be left on the bench and if you give what\'s left of the crowd some decent attacking football, then they will get behind the ....

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Blackpool V Barnsley Preview

  Whilst the war at Bloomfield Road is fought out between the Oystons, Belokon and the fans, what is happening on the traditional battleground, the pitch, seems to be largely ignored. The passion and the vocal support from supporters is saved for pre-match whilst what goes on inside is largely unobserved. Maybe as well for Neil McDonald, who starts his fourth home game as Blackpool manager without a home point to their name. After two promising, if uninspitrational, home games against ....

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Latvian Love Affair

  In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. If the Oyston\'s are the yin, then Valeri Belokon is the yang although in this case it would appear that the two have gone their separate ways. In some ways it must irritate Owen Oyston that Valeri Belokon will always be regarded as the ....

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  It\'s been noticable this season, especially at the start of August, how Blackpool\'s squad numbers lagged behind other sides when they appeared alongside each other on the back of matchday programmes. Bit by bit though Neil McDonald is chipping away at that deficit and his latest acquisition takes his player numbers up to 23. There\'s debate about how many Blackpool are now short, although arguably only results will answer that.  Too little, too late will be the cry of ....

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Good First Half, Awful Second

  One area, of many, that Neil McDonald has undoubtedly saved Blackpool money is in tea cups because judging by his interviews he\'s not the sort to start throwing them round the dressing room. Well, maybe the club can find him one or two cups to break because clearly his \'softly, softly\' half time team talks aren\'t working. In fact you do wonder if the players are coming out slightly comatose at the start of the second half! What leads us to these conclusions? Well, if you take each ....

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