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Wigan Athletic 0 Blackpool 1

  It\'s nose bleed time! Two wins on the bounce and Blackpool climb to 19th in the table. Wigan fans may feel we\'re becoming a bit of a bogey side at the Crusty Pie Stadium with another unexpected win. Despite being a couple of game shy of the halfway point of the campaign, it\'s realistic to say that this season is all about damage limitation and getting as far away from that bottom four as quickly as possible. At the start of the season what you wanted to see in this Blackpool side ....

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Wigan Athletic V Blackpool Preview

  Arguably Karl Oyston\'s last \'big\' gesture to Blackpool fans was free tickets to the DW Stadium to see their side beat the Latics 2-0 and avoid the drop to League One. We now know it was delaying the inevitable and arguably made matters worse. The club and it\'s fans have been kicked around like the proverbial football since then and it\'ll be more with apathy than anticipation that fans head to Wigan on Saturday. There are plenty of chickens coming home to roost in football at the ....

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Old Mcdonald\'s Yarn

  If Blackpool\'s players had defended their goal as well as Neil McDonald has his employers this season, then they would have recorded a few more clean sheets. It\'s fair to say that the Seasiders boss has batted away his fair share of questions about the Oystons since taking charge at Bloomfield Road with his latest line implying that \'he gets on with his job, whilst they get on with theirs\'. There were probably more applicants to be Tyson Fury\'s PR man than there were to be ....

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Not Quite The Half Term Report

  BRR2 writes: One of the most interesting posts on the forum in recent weeks was one that asked the question what would we be looking for - and needing - in terms of new signings in January. It prompted me to have a long hard look at the players and see where I felt we stood going into a pivotal period in the season. The most obvious problem we have is that we don\'t score enough goals, and also don\'t have enough players who seem able to contribute in this area. I think Cullen has ....

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Wanted: A Club To Support

  Ormerod89 writes: \'Blackpool \'til I die\' used to be the chant\' from the delapidated old wooden South stand when I first started going to Bloomfield Road. Reckoning on living until I was about 80 it meant I was sentenced to a lifetime of doom and gloom watching the Seasiders until about 2050. I presumed at the time that only liquidation, administration or the Russians invading would change that but then I didn\'t factor in the Oystons. It looks like my support for Blackpool FC may ....

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Blackpool 1 Fleetwood 0

  In the days when Blackpool FC deserved the support and recognition of it\'s supporters, the sighs of relief from Bloomfield Road would have matched the wind speeds on the Fylde coast as the referee blew full time on a Blackpool victory against Fleetwood. Headlines of \'Thank Cod for that\' would have adorned message boards but Saturday\'s win was as hollow as the Oyston\'s hearts. Make no mistake about this, whilst acknowledging and applauding Fleetwood\'s progress through the leagues ....

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Blackpool V Fleetwood Town Preview

  Saturday 27 November 2010 and Blackpool had just drawn 2-2 with Bolton in the Premier League whilst in the VNL Fleetwood had just beaten Southport 2-0. Whilst one was playing in front of packed houses with the world\'s greatest players in front of them, the other was struggling to reach a four figure attendance. Whilst one had the Golden Goose, the other had the scrag ends and yet Fleetwood\'s rags to riches story is in sharp contrast to what has happened at Bloomfield Road. In a way, ....

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Port Vale 2 Blackpool 0

  Neil McDonald said that Tuesday\'s defeat at Vale Park was hard to take. Well Neil you\'ve only had 3 months of disappointment. Compare that to 3 years. It did look like the cancer which has taken hold at Bloomfield Road had gone in to remission but now it\'s back and is as rampant as ever. Another game without goals, points or any sense this club is going anywhere.The fact that Blackpool haven\'t now scored in six games does make you wonder why it took until the 87th minute before ....

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Port Vale V Blackpool Preview

  \'Damage limitation\' is what this season has come down to. When David Ferguson was asked for his ambitions forBlackpool this season in the summer and replied \'Promotion\', you may have been so startled that you failed to see pigs doing a fly past in the background. Clearly Ferguson\'s predictions are as good as his defending has been this season as the Seasiders only have Crewe Alex to thank for not being bottom of the pile. Captain Ferguson is going down with the good ship Blackpool ....

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Southend 1 Blackpool 0

This week the Blackpool players went in a cryotheraphy chamber where the temperatures go down to -110 degrees. Well it clearly worked because for the fifth game running the Seasiders players froze in front of goal! Maybe next week Neil McDonald should stick a red hot poker up their backsides and see if that has a more positive effect as his side made it six defeats on the bounce. Despite the introduction of new striker Andy Little (surely a sign of desperation that we throw in a player who has ....

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Southend United V Blackpool Preview

  So the relegation battle begins at Southend. At the start of the campaign our misfortune to be bottom of the table was almost laughable, but 16 games in the grim reality that Blackpool could end the season with back to back relegations seems a reasonable prediction. Five defeats on the bounce is pretty reflective of what we\'ve deserved of late and the players now have two away games in 4 days to put it right. Southend, who the Seasiders face on Saturday, are 11th and Port Vale who we ....

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Little Loans

At Blackpool FC we\'re only ever three steps away from more embarrassment. Well, after being dumped out of the FA Cup, now taking a loan player from Preston North End and with probable defeat to Fleetwood at the end of the month, another humiliating month is upon us. Who\'d have thought after lording it over the Nobbers for so long, we\'d now be going begging bowl in hand for one of their players. When Neil McDonald took over this side, one of the things that many Blackpool fans said they ....

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Blackpool 0 Doncaster 2

  Events in Paris on Friday night put both life and football in perspective and we share the sympathy currently being felt by those in France. However, life has to go on, and sadly so does the misery at Bloomfield Road. Five defeats in a row more than cancels out the optimism of six games unbeaten and Neil McDonald is now back to where he was two months ago with a side staring relegation in the face. One of my favourite threads on AVFTT was one which featured a conversation between two ....

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Blackpool V Doncaster Preview

  No pressure then Neil McDonald but effectively the rights and the wrongs of your team selections in the last two matches boils down to the result on Saturday. Unfortunately for Mr McDonald it couldn\'t come at a worse time. Doncaster are a side that we need to beat to above the drop and after this Blackpool are on the road for three of their following four games and so need the points. Other than the obvious unfortunate connection with our incumbent owners, McDonald has done a fairly ....

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Neil Down And Give Up!

  The two words that Neil McDonald won\'t have to worry about for the rest of the season are \'fixture backlog\'. In the space of two weeks the manager has seen his team\'s improvement in form turn in to a league and cup nightmare. Back amongst the relegation favourites, out of two competitions and if he\'s entirely honest, he only has himself to blame (despite the Oystons being at fault for everything!). The usual AVFTT report on every game has been thrown out of the window because ....

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Cup Nonsense

Well Neil McDonald if you think you chose the right team on Saturday then you may as well ask the FA not to bother putting our name in the hat next season! Inevitably putting out the side he chose against Barnet in the FA Cup will lead to a few conspiracy rumours including was this a message to his Chairman to say that his side is woefully inadequate and short of quality? There can\'t have been many managers who employed the same tactics as McDonald which appeared to be to put his best players ....

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Barnet 2 Blackpool 0

  As Blackpool fans we are well used to suffering embarrassing results on a weekly basis but arguably our FA Cup exit is slightly different. Neil McDonald disrespected Blackpool\'s players, fans, history and the competition itself by putting out a side that was pitiful. Why, when confidence has taken a knock in the last couple of games, would he leave his best players on the bench or in some cases at home? All the pre-match promises of taking the competition seriously soon vanished when ....

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Fa Cup: Barnet V Blackpool Preview

It\'s probably a ridiculous statement to make but maybe the last few years we\'ve been spoilt with regards the FA Cup. Certainly not spoilt when it\'s come to the results but because we\'ve automatically entered the competition at the 3rd round phase. There is no doubt if Blackpool manage to progress to that stage of this season\'s competition then our inclusion in the draw will be that little bit more special. During our barren years progress to the 3rd round of the FA Cup was always seen as ....

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Bradford 1 Blackpool 0

  A six game unbeaten run can so quickly turn in to a run of two games without a win and it\'s ironic in a week that David Norris said no teams in League One have impressed him that we\'ve now fallen foul of 8 of them and only managed to beat 4. He\'s right of course, there\'s little to fear in this league, but fine margins and too much money in the bank are costing Blackpool. A club with the riches that the Seasiders have shouldn\'t be playing some of the very average players we have in ....

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Bradford City V Blackpool Preview

  It\'s a bit early to describe a \'season defining game\' but if Blackpool are to challenge at the right end of the League One table then they obviously need to get more points on the board. What better time than on a night when there is only one other fixture in this division. A win against Bradford would push us up to 17th place and reduce the gap to the play off places to 8 points however a defeat and a win for Barnsley in the night\'s other game and Blackpool could be back in the ....

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Bury 4 Blackpool 3

  Halloween at Gigg Lane was a horror show that the Blackpool defence will want to forget. Credit to Bury who for 45 minutes were excellent going forward but with a rookie keeper between the sticks for the Shakers a lack of shots and a cutting edge from the Seasiders midfield ended up costing McDonald\'s side. The problem at Bury was the good displays were far outweighed by the bad ones . It was a bit like one of those \'old school\' days with Blackpool travelling in huge numbers and a ....

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Bury V Blackpool Preview

(*Crap Joke Alert) Halloween and Neil McDonald will be hoping all the ghouls will be conceded by Bury and it\'s not a horror show at Gigg Lane. It\'s been a decent turnaround for the Blackpool boss and his players climbing off the bottom of the League One table and going on an unbeaten run but if this season is to be about any more than \'making up the numbers\' then the next month will prove a real challenge for the Seasiders. It\'s 12 months since Lee Clark took over at Bloomfield Road and ....

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Nasty November

  As Blackpool fans we will have all been asked why our fortunes on the pitch have improved in the last month or so. Neil McDonald thinks it\'s down to the togetherness of the squad, the defenders are taking the accolades for not conceding whilst those up front will point to their winning goals. However, truth be known the manager has made few changes and improvements have only been small, if significant. For those already dreaming of a return to the Championship, other than results, are ....

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Off To Barnet In The Cup

There is a conspiracy theory that Blackpool don\'t want another cup game at Bloomfield Road. Well, another away tie keeps that theory going! It\'s off to the Hive Stadium for the Seasiders which is good news for the BASIL contingency and at least the North West #napm fans won\'t have much of a decision to make. In many ways it\'s a draw that pleases no one but avoids lots of awkward questions. There are many undignified aspects of relegation from the Championship. Playing games on ....

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Blackpool 2 Crewe 0

  Six games unbeaten, 4th in the League One form table, out of the bottom 4 and chipping away at a negative goal difference. However David Fox\'s involvement for Crewe was a reminder of that Blackpool team from 2007 that got us promoted and this team has a long way to go to get close to achieving what they did. Few of the players in today\'s side would get in the one from 8 years ago but today\'s team spirit is a reminder of that time. What that side from 2007 did have was a big man up ....

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