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Blackpool V Gillingham Preview

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Bloomfield Road boardroom on Saturday (albeit you’d probably be squashed and evicted for illegal entrance). On the one side of the room a convicted fly tipper, statue remover and previously banned Chairman and on the other side a Chairman who was once fined for \'race victimisation\', has a son who was jailed for GBH and once banned a fans website from his ground (best be careful what we say then!). At least they\'ll have plenty to talk about over the vol ....

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Blackpool 0 Sheffield United 0

Against a backdrop of unrest, resent and anger, some might say that football is irrelevant nowadays and what happens on the pitch should be ignored. Whilst there are many thousands staying outside Bloomfield Road, as a Blackpool fans website it would be remiss not to acknowledge what’s going on inside and in a warped way it’s the only positive you can take from the club at present. Our home form hasn’t been this good in years, we’re competing against the league’s ....

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Blackpool V Sheffield United Preview

There will come a day when football returns to the top of the agenda for Blackpool fans, when Saturday afternoons are for spectating and not protesting and when the message board discusses formations and tactics rather than court action and prosecutions. It’s tough to predict when that will be but whilst the sands of time continue to trickle by, the one and only constant at the club, which is the football played on the pitch, returns to Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night. It feels like ....

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Walsall 1 Blackpool 1

  All the majority of football supporters want is for their team to care, compete and challenge (unless you’re a Manchester United supporter and then you sit on your hands for 90 minutes harking back to the ‘Fergie era’). It is something that has been missing for too long at Blackpool but maybe, just maybe, a group of players is emerging which has more pride in the badge than those paying their wages. There is no doubt that a large percentage of the ‘stay ....

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Walsall V Blackpool Preview

In a week where a Blackpool goalscoring legend announced his retirement from the game, what Seasiders fans wouldn’t give to see the spindly legs of Brett Ormerod back in a pair of tangerine shorts. Instead, they will be looking to a 6’3” striker called Karl Anthony Uchechuckwu Mubiru \"Uche\" Ikpeazu to put the ball in the back of the net (although it may take longer to chant his name than it will to see his score!). Back in August Neil McDonald said that Walsall were the ....

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Silence Is Golden

You can imagine after the Apocalypse some world leader sat in his bunker reading ‘The Dummies Guide to not ending humanity’ regretting he hadn’t read it before he pushed his red button. Similarly at Blackpool, it would seem that, having already done the damage, the Oyston family are now reading ‘The Dummies Guide to not ruining a football club’. For the last 25 years the owners of Blackpool seemed to have used the Kevin Costner ‘Field of Dreams’ ....

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Blackpool 5 Scunthorpe 0

14,266 saw Blackpool beat Ipswich 6-0 on 25 August 2012. Some three and a half years later and it’d be a surprise if more than 4,000 fans saw their side beat Scunthorpe 5-0 (the first time they’ve scored 5 since that day). What is sad is the 10,000 who decided not to attend today would have enjoyed their team’s performance as much as they did 3 years ago despite a complete change in personnel. However, it’s the one place in the club there has been no change which is the ....

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Blackpool V Scunthorpe Preview

Looking at the remaining fixtures for January, it might not be too over-dramatic to say that Blackpool are heading in to ‘must win’ territory. Whilst there’ll still be another 17 league games left at the end of the month, the remaining fixtures in January are Walsall (3rd), Sheffield United (7th) and Gillingham (2nd). Pick the bones out of those fixtures Neil McDonald. So you’d think a home fixture against a team who are 15th has to be taken advantage of. Maybe ....

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To Hull And Back

The most asked question last summer was ‘Who the Hell would go to Blackpool?”. Six months later and arguably that same question is still being asked. Yet, already this month three players have signed permanent deals and it looks like another couple could be on the way. Whilst some keep heralding the end of Blackpool FC, it would appear there’s enough around who are happy to keep it going.  Hull’s Will Aimson is the latest to put pen to paper on a two and a half ....

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Blackpool 0 Port Vale 1

Whoever made the decision to request to move this game from a Tuesday night later in the season to this Saturday must be regretting they opened their mouth – whatsmore everyone who trundled through the turnstile will be wishing they’d stayed quiet as well. A dire game from a side that had supposedly been strengthened but despite the addition of two new players, it was the ‘same old’ from a Blackpool side that increasingly looks like it’s sleepwalking it’s way ....

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Blackpool V Port Vale Preview

It’d be little surprise if Neil McDonald’s favourite song is the Small Faces ‘All or Nothing’ because as a manager that’s what his side has given Blackpool fans. Some of his results sequences this season have been 5 lossess, undefeated in six, seven straight defeats, three wins on the bounce and now another sequence has started with another couple of defeats.  Everytime you think Blackpool’s season has finally sparked in to life, it fizzles out like a ....

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A Crack Of Light In An Increasingly Grey Sky

  ‘Will 2016 be any different to 2015?’ was the question many Blackpool fans asked themselves at the end of another torrid year. Before Big Ben had struck it’s first bong, most already knew the answer. The New Year has already seen court action against fans, a spat between the manager and a player, a spat between the manager and fans, a spat between a player and the fans and the side drop in to the bottom four of League One. There is no doubt that until court action of ....

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Mcdonald\'s Whopper

When Neil McDonald became the Blackpool manager, clearly someone forgot to send him ‘the beginners guide to being a football manager’. If he had read it he’d have seen the first rule of management is “Never slate the fans”. Unfortunately for Neil, not only did he break that first rule after Saturday’s defeat to Burton, he may as well have dropped his trousers with the words ‘Up Yours’ painted across his bottom and turned on the travelling ....

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Burton 1 Blackpool 0

If Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned, one has to wonder what Owen Oyston is doing whilst his football club crumbles around his ears. Apparently, the man who is “dedicating his life to the success that we all want” was at the Pirelli Stadium on Saturday afternoon watching his side fall apart in front of him. Against a side who were only just establishing themselves as a football league side when Blackpool were enjoying the riches of the Premier League, Oyston saw his side out-played, ....

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Burton Albion V Blackpool Preview

  So what did Owen Oyston put down for his 2016 resolutions? Spend, Spend, Spend, love and respect to all supporters groups, suspend all legal action, invest and grow the club and of course sack old bowlhead. Well unless someone spiked his Egg Nog, the chances of that happening are as likely as Cheryl Cole running across Bloomfield Road in just a tangerine balaclava. However, as he wakes up to a New Year he must know that it would be wishful thinking to presume the worse is behind ....

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The Line That Can\'t Be Drawn

  Someone asked me recently \'when did all the problems at Blackpool FC begin?\'. The simple answer would be the day the Oyston family bought the football club. However over the last 25 years you could say it started with the coffin procession down Bloomfield Road, the march to Claughton Hall, the \'Oyston Out\' abandoned car, the \'spitting incident\' in the Tangerine Nitespot, the Ormerod money .... the list goes on and on. For most though the current problems began on March 2012 the ....

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Barnsley 4 Blackpool 2

  If 2014 was the year that the Oyston family killed the Golden Goose then 2015 was the year that they stuffed it, ripped the heart out of it and ensured it left a bad taste in fans mouths. There is no club to support anymore but there is always the hope that those who pull on the tangerine shirt may give Blackpool fans something to acknowledge, but, as we end the year, today was another reminder of just how far we\'ve fallen as a club. Of course Barnsley fans may feel exactly the same ....

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Barnsley V Blackpool Preview

As Joey Barton found out this week, Christmas is a time for giving but not forgiving. Comments made about the Oyston family earlier in the year cos the footballer a six figure sum (which we\'re sure will go straight in to the budget kitty for January!). Sadly legal action and courtroom dramas have attracted more interest in 2015 than events on the pitch with 2016 looking like it could go the same way. BST quite rightly pointed out this week that there\'s little fun in being a Seasider. What ....

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Match Postponed

  It\'s more the weather for building arks than watching football and so little surprise that Blackpool FC announced that the game against Oldham had been postponed. So an extra day for the players to work off the roast spuds and figgy puds before they head to Oakwell on Bank Holiday Monday for their final fixture of the year. A new prediction league for Monday has now gone up on the site.....

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Blackpool V Oldham Athletic Preview

  As Joey Barton found out this week, Christmas is a time for giving but not forgiving. Comments made about the Oyston family earlier in the year cos the footballer a six figure sum (which we\'re sure will go straight in to the budget kitty for January!). Sadly legal action and courtroom dramas have attracted more interest in 2015 than events on the pitch with 2016 looking like it could go the same way. BST quite rightly pointed out this week that there\'s little fun in being a Seasider. ....

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Budgets And Bodge Jobs

  Whilst it seems the FPG (Fans Parliament Group) is everyone\'s favourite punch bag, at least we get to hear from Karl Oyston when they meet (although some would say that in itself is not a good thing!). Their latest minutes from their meeting with Oyston cover a wide range of subjects and, in fairness, their questions were more probing than the first time they met with the Chairman. What comes across from their meetings is the hardline stance that Oyston has taken on issues such as ....

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Blackpool 2 Peterborough 0

  Most match reports in 2015 have referred to the mess created by the Oystons at Bloomfield Road (as there is no getting away from the fact that what happens off the pitch has had a major impact in what happens on it), however the players who put on a tangerine shirt deserve more than that. For once, let\'s focus on a real positive at Bloomfield Road which is the attitude and resilience of this squad of players. No one is asking any fan to return - it is a personal decision and whether ....

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Blackpool V Peterborough United

  Most managers will tell you that the first aim of any campaign is to get to 50 points. Well, a win on Saturday and \'Pool will reach 25 points with a game to spare until the mid point of the season. It\'s a sad reflection of where we are that we\'re talking survival rather than promotion but after the last 12 months at Bloomfield Road, it\'s a minor miracle to be talking about the team rather than everything behind the scenes.  It seems everyone bar Leicester are a crisis club at ....

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The Forgotten Man

  If 2014 was the year that Karl Oyston didn\'t shut up, then 2015 was the year he failed to put up. In fact, the man who has had plenty to say on everything in his time as Blackpool Chairman - from how well run his own club is to the inadequacies of other clubs and everything in between - has remained distinctly quiet in 2015. From not commenting on the departure of one manager, to the appointment of another and with another relegation to his name, Karl is like the \'forgotten but not ....

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Lowest Scorers In League One And Two

  The Sun\'s pull out football section is called Goals! Goals! Goals! Well, they\'d be hard pressed to find many scored in a tangerine shirt. Take away Jack Redshaw\'s three penalties and the Fleetwood own goal and in their 21 league games this season Blackpool have scored just 13 times. With just 17 goals to their name, the Seasiders are still 4 goals behind bottom club Crewe and a massive 30 behind Saturday\'s visitors Peterborough United. When McDonald signed Mark Cullen and Jack ....

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