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Oldham 1 Blackpool 0

Imagine Blackpool FC were a hospital patient. After months of deteriorating health, it has now lost all feeling from the neck down. The only solution is to cut out the evil cancer which is causing all the pain and misery because, until it has gone, there is the real risk that Blackpool FC could die. Like the NHS, this patient is receiving treatment from a vastly under resourced and inexperienced staff under the guise of a deluded and desperate Neil McDonald. Tuesday night\'s defeat against ....

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Oldham V Blackpool Preview

Blackpool’s Last Chance Saloon is a lonely old place. The Oyston family have been thrown out on numerous occasions, plenty of managers have sat on the stool at the end of the bar and now Neil McDonald cuts a lonely figure as he awaits his fate. You get the feeling defeat at Oldham on Tuesday night and he’ll be the latest in a long line of managers awaiting the inevitable bullet in the back, be it now or later. McDonald discovered that if you’re going to have a bad run, have ....

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A Letter From A Grandparent

  We get plenty of correspondence to AVFTT but this e-mail from a fan stuck out over the weekend, so much so that we thought we’d share it with you. Dear Mr Oyston, I am writing this both as a Blackpool fan of 70 years but also as a fellow Grandparent. I\'m sure, like me, your Children and Grandchildren are now the focal point of your life and you want what is best for them as they go through life and to enjoy some of the experiences that you have had. I haven\'t enjoyed the ....

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Blackpool 0 Coventry 1

  It was quite appropriate that the seagulls were swooping at the end of the game at Bloomfield Road. Had fans stayed a bit longer they would have also seen the vultures gathering and the chickens coming home to roost. There is no solution to the current plight whilst the Oyston family are still at the club (although only Owen bothered to watch the debacle today), but the fact the majority of fans won\'t have seen today\'s game doesn\'t give Neil McDonald carte blanche to make out that ....

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Blackpool V Coventry City Preview

The story so far: We were bad, improved, went rubbish, got slightly better, deteriorated, had a good run and now we’re awful. That’s how the season can be summed up with more bad sequences of results than good. Neil McDonald’s side have only ever been consistently awful or consistently average this season and unless they can get themselves out of the current poor run then it may be too late to do anything about it. It\'s six games without a win now for Neil McDonald’s ....

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Non-renewable Enthusiasm

Maybe the only surprising aspect of the Gazette poll in to season ticket renewal is that 5% of respondents said they would be extending their ticket for another season. Surprising because 1. They don’t know which league we’ll be in 2. They don’t know the cost of a ticket 3. They faced the wrath of the other 95% and 4. That so many Preston fans read the Gazette. The poll was flawed from the start as there was no guarantees that those who responded would be either Blackpool ....

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Millwall 3 Blackpool 0

A game which can be summed up with a free header from a throw in, a free kick where a player turned his back on the ball and a third goal after our third sending off in as many matches is how Blackpool’s afternoon at Millwall went. No need for a long match report, what the statistics for both sides were or how Neil McDonald got it wrong yet again, instead the stark realisation that Karl Oyston really is going to take Blackpool where they were when he took over and remarkably in a far ....

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Millwall V Blackpool Preview

Whenever you see the New Den from the outside, rather than think of Millwall, who thinks back to Sky One’s Dream Team drama which used the ground as it’s setting? The drama was an unrealistic make believe fantasy which followed the fortunes of a football club featuring infedility, corruption, adultery, incompetence, scandal, law-suits, failure and filled with dislikable and disgraced characters. Of course all entirely implausible and never likely to happen in the real world (fill in ....

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Chesterfield 1 Blackpool 1

  We accused Blackpool of sleepwalking their way to relegation recently, well at Chesterfield on Tuesday night they finally woke up. However, rather than remembering the last 6 months as a distant dream, they\'re waking up to a real nightmare. With results elsewhere not going their way, Neil McDonald\'s side have slumped back in to the bottom four after a run of five games without a win. With two sides in the top six next up for the Seasiders, the missed chances against Shrewsbury, Oldham ....

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Chesterfield V Blackpool Preview

1st January 2007. Blackpool were at Chesterfield at the old Saltergate ground. It rained from start to finish (took me a week for my coat to dry out), the Blackpool team that day played like XI men who’d never seen each other before and the pie hut ran out of hot drinks 30 minutes before kick off on the coldest day of the season. However, whilst the 2-0 defeat was instantly forgettable, the one aspect of the day that was memorable was the Blackpool Chairman choosing to stand for 90 ....

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Blackpool 0 Bradford 1

Will Watt from the Blackpool Gazette tweeted a world cloud this week for Neil McDonald’s season. As you can see, the most popular words he’s used are chances, disappointed, disappointing, poor, outplayed, lost and frustrated. Therein lies Blackpool’s season in a nutshell. If Blackpool fans were to have a similar world cloud about McDonald they’d include clueless, inept, selections, formations and sack. The barrel of the shotgun is starting to look familiar as Blackpool ....

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Blackpool V Bradford City Preview

Undoubtedly the result, which will have aroused most Blackpool fans attention this week, was the 60/40 votes in favour of not attending a meeting involving Karl Oyston at Bloomfield Road. The decision by YS, BASIL and BSA to follow suit has left the Oystons and the remaining members of the FPG lonely soles, whose only real decision now is to whether to cancel the Jammy Dodgers or not. The silence from Bloomfield Road, in reaction to the decision, has been as deafening as the East Stand on a ....

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60% Bst Members Vote No To Meeting With The Oystons

On the day that Parliament discussed the weighty issue of whether the UK should remain part of the EU, a much smaller but just as significant vote was being counted on the Fylde Coast. Would Blackpool fans want to take the first tentative steps to facing Karl Oyston at a meeting at Bloomfield Road? Well the answer was ….. NO! There seems little appetite for any sort of reconciliation and now we await the next step by the Blackpool Supporters Trust who it looks like will be joined by the ....

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Which Way Will Fans Vote?

With the in/out Europe referendum, the American election and the FIFA Presidency all coming up, there are plenty of voting outcomes which will be scrutinised, evaluated and discussed this year. Arguably for Blackpool fans, in the short term, the most important vote will be announced on Monday night. Whether or not BST attend the forthcoming meeting at Bloomfield Road. Votes have been cast, opinions made and now we await the result. To the credit of Blackpool fans it’s not been a bloody ....

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Swindon 3 Blackpool 2

With the club still in disarray (despite what some may say), it seems most of the assembled cast have come under the spotlight. The bumbling Chairman, the confused Owner, the ‘off the rack’ players, the Milkman Groundsman and the diverse, frustrated and divided fans. One person who seems to have avoided the spotlight, as he was apparently the only person who’d take the job, is the manager. So why, if he’s had all the funds and backing he’s needed, is Neil ....

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Swindon V Blackpool Preview

  At the end of season AVFTT awards, there will probably be a nomination for the Oldham fans in the category of \'best away fans\'. The way they supported their side on Tuesday was a throwback to the good old days of a proper Seasiders away following. From the roar when they got a corner, to the \'give us a wave song\', the predictable goading of home support (has that ever been so relevant than at Bloomfield Road!) and even the nutters who took their shirts off in freezing ....

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Blackpool 0 Oldham 0

Well fair play to Neil McDonald – he dropped his Captain David Ferguson after Saturday’s debacle performance, he stuck with the attacking formation which almost got the Seasiders back in the game against Shrewsbury and he brought back Haydn White to add pace and width in place of Emmerson Boyce. So what went wrong against Oldham? Quite simply, whatever belief the players had a few weeks ago seems to have disappeared and they’ve reverted back to being a long ball, error-ridden, ....

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Blackpool V Oldham Preview

Usually the final Tuesday night home game of the season is the point where supporters bemoan the gradual passing of another campaign. However, Blackpool’s return to League One has been the ultimate damp squib where, for many, they could have had naked mud wrestling in the centre of the pitch and it would still have been a distraction to what has gone on off it. Saturday’s defeat to Shrewsbury was a stark reminder to Neil McDonald’s side that this season is far from over and ....

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Blackpool 2 Shrewsbury Town 3

You would think that, like everyone else in life, football managers learn as they go along. Whilst Neil McDonald should be commended for putting a squad of players together in the worst possible circumstances, he still hasn’t learnt some basics about them. Cullen and Redshaw don’t work as a strike partnership, David Ferguson is as good a Captain as he is a left back, Danny Philliskirk is not a winger and playing hoofball for the last 20 minutes of a game very rarely works. Had he ....

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Blackpool V Shrewsbury Preview

So what is Karl Oyston relying on to turn things around at Bloomfield Road? Apologies (2%), the March 10th meeting (1%), ambition (0%), his charisma (-3%) and Neil McDonald’s team turning the fortunes of the club around (100%). There is no doubt that the Blackpool Chairman equates success on the pitch to success off it and therefore the Seasiders manager is carrying a very full basket of eggs. There were no real revelations in Oyston’s interview on BBC Radio Lancashire, other ....

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Karl Oyston: \"sometimes You Get In Spectacularly Wrong\"

So Karl Oyston has spoken but what did he have to say? Well, in the words of Frank Sinatra ‘Regrets .. I’ve had a few …’ but Karl Oyston has done it his way which is the reason many feel that the club is in the mess it is. However, according to Karl on the pitch things are far more stable than they have been in recent seasons and he pinpoints the appointment of Jose Riga as the moment it all went wrong. Speaking to BBC Radio Lancashire Karl said the reason he’s ....

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Home Time

In 2012/13 Blackpool managed 8, in 2013/14 that figure fell to 7 and in 2014/15 it went down to just 4. This season the Seasiders are already on 7 with 8 to go. What are we talking about? The answer is home victories. After three years where ‘Pool failed to ignite the home crowd, the ironic thing about them doing so well at Bloomfield Road this season is there’s not really been a crowd to ignite! Having watched Blackpool beat the likes of Liverpool and Spurs in front of 16,000 fans ....

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You Have To Break A Few Eggs ....

  Of all the news that Blackpool fans didn\'t expect to wake up to this weekend it was that Karl Oyston has finally agreed to sit around a table with fans. Much is being made of which allegiance these  fans belong to - BST, FPG, Yorkshire, Basil or BSA - but actually in the grand scheme of things, the fact that a man who has treated his customers (the fans) with utter contempt is now willing to break bread with them (you can guarantee it\'ll be Price Slice economy white) is the ....

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Oldham Athletic V Blackpool Preview

After the defeats to Barnsley, Burton and Port Vale, Blackpool fans (even the NAPM’ers) might well have been checking the map to Newport, Crawley and Stevenage as Neil McDonald’s side cemented their place in the bottom four. However, a resurgence, which has seen the ‘Pool pick up 8 points from 12, has seen them move away from the relegation zone and up to the heady heights of 18th in the League One table. Nose bleed anyone? Of course three of those four games were at ....

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Blackpool 1 Gillingham 0

Whilst the last few years at Bloomfield Road can be described as tragic, one of the real tragedies is that the club’s fans are missing out on a side that is building a bit of a fortress at home. If the league table was based on home form then the Seasiders would be play off bound, but our performances on the road have been relegation material which is why Neil McDonald’s side is still looking over their shoulders. Inside Bloomfield Road these days is a mixture of silence, ....

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