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Blackpool V Exeter Preview

  So here we go again. The tears, the tantrums, the joy, the heartache, the arguments, the tension and the downright unbelievable .. and that\'s just off the pitch. Another 9 months of drama awaits played out against a back drop of in-fighting, unrest and uncertainty. Some say that the good ship Blackpool is heading for calmer waters but with court cases, legal wrangles and ethical boycotts, it\'s still choppy as Hell. Many of the crew have jumped overboard and are refusing to return ....

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Aghast At August

  There were a number of differences between Jose Riga and Neil McDonald\'s tenure as Blackpool manager. One of them was popular with the fans, took on the Chairman, had style and panache and the other was called Neil. However, they did have one thing in common - neither manager won a game in August. By the end of the opening month Riga didn\'t have a point on the board whilst McDonald could boast one sad, solitary point. With both also facing insult and injury with an early exit from the ....

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Curtain Falls On Pre-season

It is Owen Oyston\'s hope that having established Blackpool FC as one of football\'s most financially viable clubs (his words, not ours) that they now need to translate that in to success on the pitch. Most would say they are only financially viable because they\'ve not spent any money, whereas Owen would say they spent on average £12 million on players in the three years since the Prem season. That\'s a lot of players and agents who\'ve taken the club for a ride and who have all left ....

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Things We Learned From Saturday\'s Performance

The 1154 Blackpool fans who headed to Bloomfield Road on Saturday must have either been worn down by Saturday afternoons in B&Q, couldn\'t face another afternoon in a packed supermarket or maybe curiosity got the better of them and they genuinely did want to see what Gary Bowyer\'s team were all about. Certainly the crowd was a prelude to what they can expect this season. With Blackburn fans out-numbering home support, the days of flags flying, drums beating and the \'best trip\' being sung ....

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Safe Hands At Bloomfield Road?

  It\'s inevitable when any side gets a new keeper that you go on rival websites to find a review of their strengths and weaknesses. Sam Slocomb\'s arrival from Oxford United this week was hardly greeted by their fans with raised eyebrows or a rousing fanfare, in fact a search of their forums and the only comment which seems available about his departure is \'Good. Terrible Keeper\'. There again, when did fans ever have anything positive to say about an out-going player (to counter that ....

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Who And Pugh?

  The on going dramas at Westminster have been described by some as Game of Thrones. Maybe Blackpool FC could be based on a TV programme. Bargain Hunt? New Faces? Have I got news for you? Surprise, Surprise? Cash in the attic? All seem quite applicable after the events of the last 24 hours. Takeover bids, company accounts and the 6th signing of the summer for Gary Bowyer. The summer in football was once described as the \'silly season\' because  nothing happened and journalists would ....

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The Season That Fans Forgot

  There have been many memorable seasons for Blackpool Football Cub. From the 1953 FA Cup to the Premier League Season, the notorious 95/96 season and the season Blackpool lost their top two tier status without even playing. However, how many will remember the 2016/17 season? Even though the Seasiders may well achieve promotion or measured cup success (ie. getting past the first round of any comptetion!), there will be so few who will actually witness it, that if it is talked about in the ....

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The More Things Change…..

  ..... the more they stay the same, or so the old saying goes. It has to be said that the spectacle of the club\'s owner facing hundreds of his detractors at the Hilton Hotel today was in some senses novel. The Oyston family have become increasingly remote from the club\'s fan base in recent years, so to see Owen walk into the lions den will have been a surprise to many. That, alas, is where the surprises seem to end. Under a barrage of hostile questioning, Owen had very little new to ....

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High Noon At The Hilton (well 12.30)

If NASA can send a spacecraft to Jupiter, they must be able to send one to Hell. If they did they may find that, just like Jupiter, it has frozen over. For many Hell freezing over came just before an Oyston meeting a fans group but that is what Steve Rowland at BST has organised for Saturday 9th July. It is hard to imagine where the two sides could possibly start after the acrimony and resentment of the last 26 years (those coming late to the party must realise there’s never been any love ....

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Kelvin Mellor Is Bowyer\'s Number 5

When you reflect on the way that Blackpool went about their business in the past it was hardly ‘the envy of the Football League’ and more the laughing stock. Deals falling down because the player had the audacity to have someone represent him, players being shipped in on the opening day of the season and when we did get bodies in, the Club Secretary of the day was too busy looking at pictures of Rita Ora to get them registered! Little wonder that so many starts to the season have ....

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Taylor Made For Blackpool

Blackpool Football Club needs to change, for many that will only ever mean the removal of the Oyston family, but in the meantime any signs of progression are welcome. In the close season we’ve had the appointment of a Chief Exec and a respected manager, a squad of players returning to training (with no flouncing or hasty departures) and a decent haul of 4 signings before the end of June. Whilst the real test will come on the pitch in August, Gary Bowyer is certainly ensuring he has the ....

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Back To Training

The only consolation about returning to school after the 6 week holiday was the knowledge that you’d be able to finally wear those football boots you’d been banned from wearing all summer in case you ‘ruined them’. Not sure Blackpool’s footballers will be quite as excited as they pack their ‘Predators’ ready for a return to Squires Gate on Wednesday especially as they’ll be returning to a whole new ball game. New manager, new league, a few new ....

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#brexit, #euro2016 And #blackpoolfc

  AVFTT has seen some flouncing over the years but the politicians make us look like amateurs. First Cameron flounces after losing the EU referendum, then half of Corbyn’s cabinet flounce off and the UK’s exit from Europe looks as if it could be the biggest flouncing failure of all time. What the politicians didn’t take in to account is that the British public can only be pushed and shoved so far before they bite back. In a similar way that Blackpool fans have sent a ....

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The League That Time Forgot - Fixtures Are Out

Michael Jackson, Uri Geller, the Royal Clarence Hotel, Tommy Cooper and Gerald the Giraffe. All names that are synonymous with Exeter. Hardly a place that is on most people\'s bucket lists but one which will be a few residents lighter on August 6th as the Grecians Army make their way up the M6 to kick off the League Two campaign. Whilst their supporters wonder what they\'ve done to deserve that, they should spare a thought for Blackpool fans who just a few years ago were enjoying opening ....

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The Cowdy Of The County

The ‘good old days of 2006’ – a decade ago the dream of reaching the Championship was Blackpool fans ambition. Ending the 29 year wait since our last appearance in the second flight of English football, pinning hopes on Simon Grayson and heading to Brentford on the opening day of the season only to see a 1-0 reverse. It was also the year that Blackpool had their first Chief Executive Officer – until today he was also their last CEO. Peter Orr in an interview with the ....

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Daniel Makes It Three In Three

One of the best lines to come out of Gary Bowyer’s interviews after he’d become Blackpool manager was his revelation that he had attended a number of Blackpool games the previous season at the request of Neil McDonald. At the time, it didn’t take a footballing genius to work out what was wrong with the Seasiders and it would be fascinating to know what Bowyer told his predecessor. It would seem his observations were the same as everyone else if his first signings are anything ....

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Vassell In

Had Neil McDonald had some of Roy Hodgson’s belief then maybe Blackpool would still be a League One side and he’d still be in a job. However, McDonald’s reluctance to make substitutions until late in the game and his unwillingness to utilise his strikers in a positive ultimately proved his downfall. Hodgson proved against Wales that changes and strikers can win games and so the news that the Seasiders new manager Gary Bowyer has added a 5th striker to his personnel may be ....

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Matt Finish For \'pool

It’s the harsh reality of being a Seasider that next week’s fixture list release will contain a list of sides we thought we wouldn’t be playing again, unless they’d enjoyed a swift progression through the leagues. However, it’s our demise which will means next season we’re facing Morecambe, Accrington Stanley and Exeter. In preparation for that, Blackpool’s first signing of the season is a player who Fleetwood Town released - another wake up call of ....

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Meanwhile Over On The Pitch ..

It feels a bit like that awkward moment at a funeral when someone asks ‘did they leave a will?’. Most people are trying to remain respectful whilst wanting to know what they can expect. It’s the same as being a Blackpool fan. Whilst clearly there is a much bigger picture as to what is happening at Bloomfield Road this summer, there is also an interest in what Gary Bowyer is doing behind the scenes. As many have written in the last few weeks, not attending home games ....

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Why Bst\'s Conditions Are Spot On

The meeting between Steve Rowland and Owen Oyston (along with Councillor Williams) gave plenty of food for thought over the weekend. It’s unfortunate that someone chose not to keep the information to themselves as the furore that has followed has somewhat diluted the resulting statement from BST. In it, they announced that in a wide ranging discussion, there were four key things which needed to be addressed at Bloomfield Road. So why were these so important? 1. to recommend an immediate ....

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Over the years there have been many Gary’s who have frequented Bloomfield Road. From the flouncy Megson, to the brave Brabin, we had the mad Briggs and the disappointing Ablett, not forgetting the fly by night Madine and the legendary Parkinson. So welcome to Bloomfield Road the latest Gary – this time it’s the Bowyer. In a twist that will have surprised fans but delighted bookies, a man who didn’t once appear on any shortlists or latest odds has taken over the hot seat ....

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Life In The Dung Heap

A headline made me sit up and take notice over the weekend “Barnsley have gone from the Dungeon to Paradise”. If Paradise is the Championship then the Premier League must be the Holy Grail. In which case, if Barnsley have gone from the Dungeon to Paradise then Blackpool have gone from the Holy Grail to the Dung Heap. Whatever Dungeon Barnsley were in, it can’t be any worse than the unmentionable place that the Seasiders are in at the moment. So is there any way back, will we ....

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Blackpool\'s Biggest Own Goal!

The last two years has seen fans largely ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ when it’s come to condemnation of the Oyston’s legal action against fans. However, there have been a few who have been less sympathetic, to those accused, with expressions like ‘it’s their own fault’ or ‘shouldn’t have said those things’. However, the news that a popular member of the Blackpool FC family, who has been as committed and as loyal as any fan, has ....

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Another One Bites The Dust

It’s ironic that 12 months ago Jimmy Armfield warned that Karl Oyston couldn’t make any more bad managerial appointments. After Appleton, Ince, Ferguson, Riga and Clarke, it had become obvious that the luck which Oyston had enjoyed finding Ian Holloway, had long since gone. The arrival of Neil McDonald was always going to be a gamble but the Blackpool Chairman felt he had the ability to change fortunes at Bloomfield Road. As recently as February, he was still ‘the right ....

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Ferguson\'s Fate Is Mcdonald\'s Failing

If ever there was an example of the mismanagement of Blackpool FC, we present the case of David Ferguson. Plucked from Sunderland by Lee Clark, he arrived in the worst of circumstances with Blackpool FC on the brink of relegation from the Championship. He was a rare light of hope in a perpetually dark season, giving some decent performances out wide and notoriously scoring a last minute equaliser in the 4-4 draw against Forest at Bloomfield Road. When there were only 6 players left at ....

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