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Blackpool V Portsmouth Preview

  The last few seasons there has been the accusation that Blackpool just didn\'t have enough shots on goal to win a game. In comparison this season, there have been shots aplenty .. just not enough going in the back of the onion bag. In fact, if shots on target was the way that leagues were measured then Blackpool would be 7th. 42 attempts at the oppositon\'s net but with just 12 converted in to goals. The problem for the Seasiders over the last 9 games is that the goals they\'ve scored ....

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Crewe 1 Blackpool 1

  Crewe is renowned for trainspotters but at Gresty Road on Saturday, Blackpool\'s midfield could have been plane spotters the amount of time they watched the ball pass over their heads. 9 games in to the new season and the reason Gary Bowyer\'s side is 16th in the table is starting to become clear. They don\'t take their chances when they\'re on top of a game (yes you Jim McAllister from 6 yards out), they are very one dimensional in the way they play, there\'s little variety in our ....

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Crewe V Blackpool Preview

  2-0 down against Carlisle last week and one Blackpool fan tweeted \"That\'s it, had enough, don\'t go anymore and don\'t care anymore\". By full time they had tweeted \"Decent point, sounds like we could have won it\". Welcome to the world of being a Blackpool fan where, after all the decline, depression and devastation of the last few seasons, most have a towel on hand ready to \'throw in\'. However, despite the owners, the league position, the uncertainty and our failings, there is ....

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Blackpool 2 Carlisle 2

It\'s ironic that a thread on AVFTT this week was about \'best comebacks\' because when Blackpool pulled two goals back after being 2-0 down against Carlisle, it looked possible an unlikely comeback was on the cards. However, there wouldn\'t have been anything noteworthy about the Seasiders getting back in this game even if they\'d gone on to win it. What today did prove again is that Gary Bowyer\'s side are increasingly looking like a team of \'also rans\' who are failing to make their mark on ....

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Blackpool V Carlisle Preview

  As a team, Gary Bowyer\'s side have been one step forward, two steps back this season. As a club, Blackpool have been one giant step forward, three even larger steps back. Both the club and the team are as flat as the proverbial pancake and there seems little chance of an upturn in fortunes for either. The Seasiders manager says his side are doing everything right bar winning games and sadly that\'s the only stat that shows up in the League Two table. After 7 games, \'Pool find ....

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Colchester 3 Blackpool 2

  \'Consistancy\' hasn\'t been a word to sum up Blackpool in quite a few seasons. A win here and a win there always brings optimism but ultimately disappointment. We wrote in the preview to this game how first half performances against Morecambe and Plymouth should potentially have lead to better results but rather than learn from those lessons Blackpool\'s soft underbelly was evident again at Colchester as they failed to put in a 90 minute performance. When you\'ve lost more than you\'ve ....

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Colchester V Blackpool Preview

  13 months ago Blackpool travelled to the Weston Homes Community Stadium (the new Layer Road would have done!) as they made their return to League One after a 7 year absence. After Judgement Day, a summer of legal misery, the reality of an unnecessary relegation and with 4 (not very good) players on the books, the fact we were in League One seemed to pass many by! It certainly passed Neil McDonald by as, in blissful ignorance, he plotted the Seasiders return to the bottom tier. If ....

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Yeovil 0 Blackpool 3

  Supporters have asked the question this season \'is there any difference between BFC and OFC\'. As many have commented on, the two are inextricably linked and that has lead to the conclusion that if you support the team then you support the regime. However, there has always been a clear distinction between \'the team\' and \'the club\' with little love lost seemingly lost between the two. Ask the Premier League side of 2010/11 what they think about the Oyston family and it won\'t ....

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Yeovil V Blackpool Preview

  It\'ll be 10 years ago in May that Simon Grayson took the first steps on a journey that would take Blackpool to the Promised Land. What followed was the journey from Hell. Had Blackpool not beaten Yeovil at the Millenium Stadium then things might have been different. Would fans have been happy with a team knocking on the doors of the top two tiers, owners claiming measured progress and a 6,000-7,000 weekly fan base - at the moment that sounds a scenario that seems a distant memory. Even ....

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Deadlines And Deadloss

  It was the Football League Trophy Jim, but not as we know it - and ironic as we use a Star Trek play on words that the only supporters inside Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night were the klingons! A competition that has always lacked much kudos, albeit Blackpool fans have had two good days out because of it, is now as bizarre as it\'s sponsor (ChuckaChicken or something). Football has become a tacky, greedy sport that knows nothing about what it\'s fans want and fails to adhere to the \'if ....

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Blackpool 0 Plymouth 1

  Three bits of advice for Gary Bowyer. 1. Always play your best players. 2. Make sure your team take their chances. 3. Ensure your side are alert from corners .. oh and a fourth, if you need one, smile a bit more at the officials because at the moment they\'re doing you few favours. From the penalty at Morecambe, the absurd amount of extra time at Barnet, a number of penalties that should have gone Blackpool\'s way and Saturday\'s harsh sending off, it seems as though referees in this ....

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One In, One Out And Plymouth Preview

  The good news for any keeper who comes to Bloomfield Road is that they will be measured on the ElliotParrish-o\'meter. To be worse than the Parrish you needed one leg, failing eye-sight, arthritis in both elbows and the reaction speed of a pigeon (or Rhys Evans for a better name). So whilst Kyle Letheren\'s departure from Bloomfield Road is a sudden one, his departure to York will hardly set the football world alight. However, replenishing the numbers in Blackpool\'s squad is Jack ....

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Palace 2 Blackpool 0

  When you look at the results on Tuesday night, it would seem the days of a good giant-killing in the league cup are becoming rarer. Nowadays, getting away with a respectable scoreline seems the norm. On Tuesday, Liverpool\'s 5-0 thrashing of Burton, Everton\'s 4-0 demolition of Yeovil, newly relegated Norwich\'s 6-1 drubbing of Coventry and Stoke\'s 4-0 hammering of Stevenage proved that on the night, class does show. Only Northampton beating West Brom on penalties really caught the eye ....

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Crystal Palace V Blackpool Preview

We\'re not too sure how much the fee for Armand Gnanduillet was but it wouldn\'t have been a fraction of the cost of Christian Benteke who joined Crystal Palace last week for £27 million. However, that\'s the Premier League for you - not that Blackpool ever dug their their hands that far in to their pockets six years ago! Such is the desire to say at the top table, sides lose all sense of reality in the elite league and try and buy themselves another season. So where does the EFL Cup sit ....

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Blackpool 0 Wycombe 0

  If this game had been as colourful as the Wycombe goalkeeper\'s kit then it might have been a classic, but sadly it was more resemblant of the weather - dull, tedious and unpleasant to sit through. Gary Bowyer is right to say it\'s a \'work in progress\' but the last four games have been against sides who, with the greatest respect, Blackpool should be beating at a canter. However, until the Seasiders manager gets his injured strikers back, toothless performances up front like today ....

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Who The \'eck Is Armand Gnanduillet?

  The days of plain old names like Barry Shuttleworth are a long distant memory at Bloomfield Road. We\'ve become used to the likes of Miguel Llera, Lomana Lua Lua, Ishmel Demontagnac, Sergei Kornilenko, Al Bangura, Salaheddine Sbai, Hameur Bouazza, Biko Youanda and even Pa Modu Jobe .. and yes they were all at one time or other in the last six years Blackpool players. Well now there is a new name to get your tongue round and hopefully he\'ll make more of an impact than most of those ....

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Blackpool V Wycombe Preview

  A survey of Football League managers this week stated that winning two thirds of points available in the opening month was the start most were looking for. Well if Gary Bowyer is to have a satisfactory start then his side need to win their next two games. No mean feat with Wycombe and Plymouth heading to Bloomfield Road and a cup tie at Crystal Palace in between. If ever there was a manager who could do with pressing the pause button then it\'s Bowyer, as he attempts to spark life in to ....

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Barnet 1 Blackpool 1

  Gary Bowyer must be cursing whoever introduced the concept of time added on. He\'d have avoided extra time in the EFL Cup, have gone in at Morecambe 1-0 up and picked up 3 points at Barnet on Tuesday night. However, if there\'s a time to learn some harsh lessons it\'s at the start of the season, rather than at the end. The Blackpool manager watched his side throw away the opportunity to pick up their first away win of the season as they conceded in the 94th minute. It leaves his side ....

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Barnet V Blackpool Preview

  Anyone who remembers the last time that Blackpool were in League Two may remember the start to that season. They won their opening game at home by a two goal margin and progressed in the League Cup (albeit over two legs) 4-2. A mirror image of the current campaign. Unfortunately, they failed to win any of their following nine league games and it still seems remarkable that the Seasiders sneaked in to the final Play Off place that season having lost 18 games. Gary Bowyer will be hoping ....

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Morecambe 2 Blackpool 1

  We wrote pre-season that in League Two, you have to see teams off once you\'ve taken the lead or you\'re always vulnerable to a goal on the break or a dubious decision from the officials. In a nutshell, that was what happened at the Globe Arena on Saturday afternoon, albeit the penalty at the stroke of half-time looked about right. For all Blackpool did right in the first half, the second half was a throwback to last season with poor decisions, substitutions weakening the side and ....

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Morecambe V Blackpool Preview

  TwelveAngryMen on the AVFTT forum maybe best sums up many fans approach to this weekend\'s game against Morecambe \'Saturday should be a good turnout and it seems that after a turgid 2/3 years we are now capable of winning a game or two\'. It\'s like that moment when two scrapping dogs stop to catch their breath, there is a welcome silence and both take the chance to look at the wider picture. To describe the last 2/3 years as turgid seems quite generous. Since the 5 wins out of 6 at ....

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Blackpool 4 Bolton 2

  Blackpool have become a bit like a tea bag in a weak brew in recent years - don\'t stay in the cup for long - and coupled with the fact that Gary Bowyer said his league cup record was dismal, little was expected from the first round clash against Bolton. Indeed, our record in this competition along with feelings towards the current owners, lead to just a sprinkling of fans occupying the West stand. However, a bit like when we got beat 7-0 at Barnet a few years back when supposedly every ....

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Blackpool V Bolton Preview

So what have the last five seasons all got in common at Bloomfield Road. Clearly there are many answers to this question but one of them is Blackpool\'s failure to get past the first round of the League Cup. 2011: Sheffield Wednesday (a) 0-0 (lost on pens). 2012: Morecambe (h) 1-2 2013: PNE (a) 1-0 2014: Shrewsbury Town (a) 1-0 2015: Northampton Town (a) 3-0 - other than for the debacle against the Shrimps, all our exits have been away from home. On Tuesday night, Gary Bowyer gets the chance to ....

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Blackpool 2 Exeter 0 Analysis

  As summer finally returned with temperatures in the mid-70\'s, you have to question if it\'s the right time of the year to start the football season. With scarves and wooly hats replaced by cropped shorts and t-shirts, players taking on fluids at every opportunity and few clouds in the sky, you might have thought that Blackpool would walk off the pitch after a 2-0 win against Exeter having been worn down by the conditions. However, truth be known, Gary Bowyer\'s side rarely got out of ....

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My Name Is ....

  \'The centre of midfield still looks a weakness ..\' we wrote in our preview for the Exeter game and maybe Gary Bowyer had a quick scan of that article before he dipped in to the loan market. The result is the signing of Michael Cain on a 12 month loan from Leicester City. For once, it news that was greeted with enthusiasm on Twitter (albeit from the Leicester and Walsall fans) \'Good Signing\', \'that\'s a quality signing for you guys\', \'decent never got a chance at Mansfield\', ....

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