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Stevenage V Blackpool Preview

\'Treading water\' would be an appropriate expression for Blackpool Football Club at the moment. As the wreckage of season\'s past heads over the horizon, it feels like Seasiders fans from both sides are clinging hold of whatever they can. The stormy waters of 2016 may feel a bit calmer because of success in the league and cups but with court cases still to come, not to mention a strengthening #NAPM from fans, there\'s still uncertain times ahead. With just one defeat in ten games, Gary Bowyer ....

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Blackpool 1 Brackley Town 0

  The second round of the FA Cup is a necessary evil if you want to be in with a chance of getting one of the big boys in Round Three. However, they can often be torturous, tight and drawn out affairs where the rewards often outweigh the match. At 3.06 at Bloomfield Road on Saturday afternoon, it looked like the sparse crowd were going to be treated to a goal-fest and anyone who bet on a substantial goal margin between Blackpool and Brackley Town must have been rubbing their hands in ....

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Blackpool V Brackley Town Fa Cup Preview

The second round of the FA Cup is a bit like an appearance on TV\'s Bullseye. Get through and there\'s a chance to win the star prize or failure to win and it\'s a case of \'look what you could have won\' (albeit the star prize could be anything from a top Premier League team to a boring League One side who we\'ve played a million times before). At this stage of the competition, having progressed through the minefield of the first round, it\'s all about progressing through to the third round ....

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Blackpool 4 Newport County 1

  The problem with Blackpool\'s start to this season is a defeat like Tuesday\'s against Mansfield will always see them slip down the table. It will take another long run of unbeaten results before they can cement their place in the top 7 and start to chip away at the lead of the top 3. You\'d have thought plemty of gamblers would have seen this as a home banker despite Newport\'s improvement in form and had the visitors scored their second half penalty the result could have been a coupon ....

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Blackpool V Newport County Preview

Blackpool feels a bit like Brexit at the moment. Everyone is in limbo, results aren\'t conclusive either way, debates rage on both sides and it\'s getting to the point where everyone is sick to the back teeth of hearing about it. If you hoped on the field results would help alleviate some of the off pitch problems, in typical Seasiders style we couldn\'t even get that right. What looked like a 7th game unbeaten on Tuesday night ended with the 6th defeat of the season and further question marks ....

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Mansfield Town 1 Blackpool 0

  We\'ve already seen this season that Blackpool are more than capable of missing an \'open goal\' and on Tuesday night they missed a real opportunity to consolidate their place in the Top 7 and close the gap on the Top 3. However, the old adage of \'lump it anywhere away from your penalty box\' clearly failed to register with the Blackpool defence as they gave away one of the sloppiest goals they\'ll concede this season in the third minute of stoppage time at Field Mill. On the night ....

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Mansfield Town V Blackpool Preview

  There\'s a few parallels occuring between this season and the last time Blackpool were in the basement division. That season they had a decent win on the opening day at Bloomfield Road before it all started to go wrong and the Seasiders ended up in the bottom half of the table. We were a free scoring side that just couldn\'t see out games and around the time of Halloween it finally started to click and \'Pool began to climb the table. The only difference between now and then is that ....

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Leyton Orient 1 Blackpool 2

  The last time Blackpool lost in any competition was at Accrington Stanley. Having lead that match, they conceded late on and capitulated in the dying moments and left with nothing. In the six games since, it\'s been a more confident side that Gary Bowyer has sent out, one that has taken chances that previously they would have been missed and more importantly they have kept the opposition out sufficiently to take the points. 10 points from 12 has pushed Blackpool in to the Play Off ....

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Leyton Orient V Blackpool Preview

  In life, there are some people who really shouldn\'t do certain jobs. For instance, some shouldn\'t take to the dancefloor on Strictly, some shouldn\'t stick on a baseball cap and attempt to rap on the X Factor, some probably shouldn\'t have stood for President of the United States and there are definitely those who shouldn\'t become a football Chairman. Step forward two such men. In a popularity contest, Owen Oyston and Francesco Becchetti would struggle to pick up a vote between them, ....

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Blackpool 4 Notts County 0

  Gary Bowyer has often said he has been left scratching his head wondering how his side haven\'t picked up more points in this league. Maybe the best reflection of that is that \'Pool are 17 points behind leaders Plymouth and yet have only scored one goal less and conceded just five more. A third of the way through the season, Bowyer\'s side has only won a third of their games (and have lost as many as they have won). However, five matches unbeaten has seen them finally climb in to the ....

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Blackpool V Notts County Preview

  In a week where Donald Trump became the US President, Ed Balls got through another week on Strictly and Karl Oyston (sort of) admitted he got things wrong, it would seem that anything is possible. However, the chance of a full house at Bloomfield Road on Saturday is as unlikely as Joey Barton becoming the next Pope. After a season where Gary Bowyer\'s side has failed to achieve any consistancy, the one outcome of this weekend\'s game could be a fifth game unbeaten, which in itself ....

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Blackpool 2 Kidderminster 0

  Much has been written about off the field events at Blommfield Road this week and even ahead of this FA Cup game there was as much interest as to what was happening outside the ground as in. In the end, the numbers who gathered to protest at the continuing presence of the Oyston family didn\'t out number those who attended this game but the real story was those who chose to attend neither. Whilst the idea of another protest was never going to attract massive numbers, reduced admission ....

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Blackpool V Kiddermister Preview

  As far as the majority of Blackpool fans are concerned, they\'ve already had the one victory this week. Whichever way the result was secured in Liverpool, the one thing fans can agree on is that it was not only a victory for the defendant, but for football fans in general. A bit like the Giants up against the Minnows in this weekend\'s FA Cup games, Blackpool\'s owners have flexed their muscles and taken results for granted, however the reason we all love the cup is because of the ....

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Cheltenham 2 Blackpool 2

  In a league where seemingly anyone can take points off any other team (apart from Carlisle!),  you could argue that a point on the road is always welcome. However, if Blackpool are to ignite what has so far been a flat season then they are going to have to record succesive wins. From shots on target and and corners won, this is a game where the Seasiders should have been travelling back up the M6 with 3 points, however instead Gary Bowyer heaped praise on the opposition keeper for ....

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Cheltenham V Blackpool Preview

  With events behind the scenes continuing to overshadow what happens on the pitch, it\'s become easy to almost forget that Blackpool Football Club is just that. Not that there\'s been much to report on the pitch, as the Seasiders have languished in the bottom half of the table for most of the season. The problem for Gary Bowyer\'s side is that there\'s been no consistancy and they\'ve failed to secure back to back league wins. In fact, it won\'t have gone unnoticed by the Seasiders ....

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Blackpool 4 Doncaster 2

  If there was ever a game that reflects the current situation at Bloomfield Road it was this one. At times farcical, not short of incidents, plenty of \'shooting themselves in the foot\' and ultimately a result that doesn\'t change anything. The sprinklers coming on during the game, which may have been accidental, but were another example of a club that has become a bit of a laughing stock. As the visiting fans callied for the owners to go much louder and more vociferously than the ones ....

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Blackpool V Doncaster Preview

  The excitement, anticipation and trepidation of a football fan on a Friday afternoon disappeared a long time ago on the Fylde Coast. Nowadays, for most, the only excitement, anticipation and trepidation is whether they\'ll get a car park space at Tesco\'s on Saturday afternoon. The Oyston family has killed the dreams, the hopes and the fanbase at Bloomfield Road but there will always be tangerine blood running through the veins and an interested glance towards the results at 5pm. As Jim ....

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Come Follow The Band .....

Let me start by saying I\'ve never regarded myself as a bumspider, a mushroom and nor do I consider myself now a #napm\'er - I\'m just a Blackpool fan. One who has got drenched on a Saturday afternoon in Brentford, has basked in 100 degree temperatures at Loftus Road, did see us lose 7-0 at Barnet, had a 100% record for both LDV runs, kind of enjoyed the Premier League season and stuck with this side, if not the owners, on our rapid descent down the leagues. Last week though the \'Club ....

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Accrington Stanley 2 Blackpool 1

  Karma. It can be a bitch. You just get the feeling that if karma really does exist then the Oyston family are reaping what they sow. Sadly the losers are still the fans and players, however long term they may yet benefit from another mid season slump which leaves the Seasiders just 2 points above the drop zone. Having endured the nasty end of the stick for the last few seasons, Blackpool supporters may well feel a bit more pain is worth some long term gain and if that means losing games ....

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Accrington Stanley V Blackpool Preview

  \'Accrington Stanley, who are they ..\' was once the catchphrase, nowadays \'Blackpool, where are they ..\' seems to have replaced it. From Number One after the 4-0 win at Wigan, just six years later and the Seasiders are 83rd in the football pyramid - even Bryan Adams didn\'t have that much of a fall from grace when they stopped producing \'Everything I do ..\' after 16 weeks at the top. Not only are Blackpool 83rd, they are 3 places behind Accrington Stanley. One club had a £90 ....

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Blackpool 1 Cambridge United 1

  Everything about Blackpool is frustrating these days. The off the field events, the on the field results and even decisions on fracking. In fact, there were a few fans mumbling that the Seasiders were fracking awful at times today as a stubborn Cambridge side defended resolutely and only succumbed to a brilliant Andy Taylor free kick. There is something not quite right thought about the balance of the side. An anonymous midfield, two strikers that are as out of tune as Honey G and a ....

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Blackpool V Cambridge United Preview

It\'s hard to believe but the last time Blackpool played Cambridge United it was in front of just over 20,000 supporters. Fair to say that there\'ll be considerably fewer than that at Bloomfield Road on Saturday. It\'s 14 years since that game when Blackpool lifted the LDV Trophy at the Millenium Stadium. It was the good old days of the competition before group games and Premier League school boys were included. The prospect of 16th against 19th in League Two will hardly open the floodgates to ....

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Crawley 1 Blackpool 0

  Could this be the \'season that never got going\'? Whilst Plymouth continue to rack up points like they were the USA on the opening day of the Ryder Cup, Blackpool are missing the hole from a yard out. In 2000/2001 the somehow racked up 17 defeats and still got promoted, well with four on the board already they\'re chancing their arm if they think they\'re going to repeat that feat. With more draws and defeats now than wins it is clear that Gary Bowyer\'s side haven\'t got what it takes ....

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Crawley V Blackpool Preview

  Anyone who is a staunch member of the \'92 club, and sticks rigidly to the rules of being a \'92\'er, may have been one of the few Blackpool fans who were pleased to see our foray back in to League Two this season. Purists say to be a proper 92\'er you need to have seen your team play at every one of the other 91 clubs and, with Blackpool making their way through the leagues like liver salts, the only side they\'ve not played at is Crawley Town. Well, Saturday presents that opportunity ....

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Blackpool 3 Portsmouth 1

  For many fans, a Blackpool victory remains a hollow prospect. The link between the Oyston family and the team remain inextricably linked and therefore any win under the club\'s owner is not newsworthy. However, this group of players will claim they are fighting for \'Blackpool Football Club\' and on Tuesday night they finally proved they can compete against the rest of League Two. It\'s taken 10 games, during which this side have repeatedly failed to take their chances, but against ....

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