Should I stay or should I go now?
By Editor
Monday 18 Feb 2019 14:56:00
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It's somewhat ironic after nearly 5 years of going to DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centres and even other football grounds, that when it comes to the big return to Bloomfield Road that there is so much hesitancy. It was never going to be the utopian return we'd all dreamed of with marching bands, a sea of tangerine and a sell out crowd but most thought that once the Oyston family had been removed that we would return as one. However, whenever you mention the words Oyston and Unity, there is always going to be a divide. As we await news of what will actually happen once the receiver gets his knees under the desk at Blackpool, that fixture against Oxford on Saturday grows ever closer, as does the question of whether fans should return.

Football fans are a strange breed and little is ever straight forward. Over the last 5 years we've had every suggestion possible as to what should happen on the 'first game back', from the burning of the 'Oyston estates' sign in the centre of the page, to the parading of season ticket holders around the ground with mushrooms on their heads, to Justice Marcus Smith being carried aloft on the wooly mammoth! Needless to say none will ever get off the ground. The first match back should be a celebration and not a witch-hunt, it should be the reunification of fans, the coming together of sides from all divides and the support of the one thing we all genuinely have in common, the result from the players on the pitch (who will no doubt be scared to death by the arrival of five times the usual number of fans). Any unpleasantness should be left at the turnstiles or the Oyston family will have secured one last win. For many the club and the fans will be as much on trial that day and we'd want as many of them as possible to enjoy the experience and want to return.

Putting all of that to one side, will there be a divide before we've even started. Whilst the fans groups have said that we should return en masse and wait for their green light (bar one supporters group who took a leaf out of the labour party and broke away), there are many who want to get back to normality and return this Saturday no matter where the club is at. Paul Cooper is the man from David Rubins and Partners who has the unenviable task of trying to undo all Owen's tricks, deception and subterfuge, whilst at the same time attempt to smooth the path for supporters to return. So what will it take for that to happen? Reassurances that money paid for tickets won't end up in the Oyston's hands and Owen or his family has no control or say over what happens at the club seem to be the main criteria. Of course for others, some want guarantees he's not still in his Penthouse and others say if his scrawny old face appears anywhere near the ground they'll not go in - both perfectly understandable. However Owen is old news and the sooner we move on from our fixation about his every move will be for the better.

In a recent Twitter poll, 60% of Blackpool fans said they will return for the Oxford game. Whether that was out of defiance, hope or promise we'll see on Saturday. However, hopefully before then we will get a clear indication about what is happening at the club and the return, when it happens, will see a flood of fans back and not just a trickle.

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