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Merry Christmas Boro Fans - Fmttm 500 Up

Merry Christmas Boro fans. Boro take on Hull City this afternoon before a bumper Boxing Day crowd at the Riverside. Let's hope it is also a bumper result for the Boro. Issue 500 of Fly Me To The Moon is on sale today. Thanks to Robbie Boal, Tony St.Pierre and Andy Gillandi for having the incredible foresight to set the ball rolling back in 1988. I took hold of the baton a few years later and have run with it ever since. As Rob said to me on facebook if the trio of original editors hadn't made ....

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Boro: The Art Of Winning Ugly – Podcast

The Mogganaut rolls on. Malaury Martin's free kick heroics at Ashton Gate were followed by another 1-0 win at home to the Seagulls of Brighton. That is exactly how bona fide promotion candidates respond to a defeat by winning the next two games. Let's keep the form going over Christmas and really take advantage of the two home games. And so we reach Issue 499 of Fly Me To The Moon. Almost there now to the big 500 mark and for a warm up we have created a retrospective podcast courtesy of Alex ....

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Fly Me To The Boro Podcast

  Boro channelled the anger and disappointment of defeat at Southampton by bouncing back with a victory. Fmttm celebrates a return to winning ways with this podcast that also reflects on a moving episode at Doncaster with the tragic loss in Billy Sharp’s family.   Southside Broadcasting’s Alex Lewczuk and myself debate Boro’s current promotion chances and talk through some of the highlights of the Boro v Watford fanzine. Issue 496, but who is counting? Certainly ....

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Fmttm On The Radio

This Championship is absolutely non stop. Game after game, it is incessant. Thank goodness for the international breaks is what I say and another one coming up after the Watford game.   Anyway, this is a long and rambling way of saying we have doubled up 2 podcasts for you to accompany the last two fanzines Issue 494 and 495 – we will be at Issue 500 before you know.   Anchorman Alex and myself were joined in the Southside studio by young Nunthorpe pupil and Riverside season ....

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Fmttm Podcast Unbeaten Run

Boro remain unbeaten and yet haven’t quite brought the wins back home to the Riverside. Can we change all that this week against Millwall? I’ve been looking back over the past two home games and talking about the recent upward curve for all things Boro on this double header podcast.   I looked back at the latest 0-0 classic between Boro and Sven`s Leicester lions - with anchor man Alex Lewczuk and University of Teesside Journalism Graduate Jericho Keys.   Then we ....

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Boro Will Beat Cov Podcast

With Boro going great guns what better time to have a podcast and wax lyrical about Mowbray’s Mega Middlesbrough. Alex and myself chat in the Southside studios about recent excitement at Peterborough and at home to Birmingham. We consider our new Belgian import and get all elated about Malaury Martin’s screamer. And just how good were we in putting a stop to Peterborough’s fine run at London Road.   All this and far more as we look backwards and forwards to M86 project ....

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Boro V Birmingham City Podcast

Hey second home game of the season and after all those great away, away, away successes we talk about Boro on the victory trail. And are we pleased? Yes you get your life we are. But Andrew Glover is there to bring us back down to earth, keep us rooted on terra firma.   We discuss the M86 launch on Monday. Where a brand new lottery funded Boro fan based project will be launched at the Ayresome gates, Riverside by Tony Mowbray,e exactly 25 years since we made the escape from liquidation. ....

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Latest Fanzine Podcast

  Middle of April and Boro were on a roll so it seemed a good time to record a podcast.   Presenter Alex Lewczuk and myself are joined in the Southside Broadcasting Studio by Sunderland Uni Sports Journalism student (but a Boro fan) Callum Henwood. We debate recent Boro games and get down and dirty with grassroots football chewing the cud over bullying coaches and parents. And we fill in our end of season polls.   We also review Boro’s Got Talent, a school’s ....

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Boro Podcast To The Moon

  Predicting a Boro win against Watford and plotting a way towards Championship survival fmttm podcast the victory message.   Join us for the companion podcast to the 484th Fly Me to The Moon Fanzine hosted as ever by Southside Alex with fanzine editor Rob Nichols. We were ably assisted by work-placement and contributing writer on giving Racism the red card Louise Scholes (Sacred Heart School, Redcar).   Louise also reads out Ellen Gunn`s prize-winning Linthorpe Community ....

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Boro Podcasting - The Fly Me Way

Boro have been busy playing and we have been busy down at Southside broadcasting podcasting the day and night away.   We have two new fmttm podcasts for you, aural accompaniments to the Nottingham Forest fanzine and tonight’s Derby fanzine. We talk about losing at Reading and the devastation of conceding a last minute equaliser at home to Forest. Which was the biggest disappointment? It is all relative I suppose.   Fresh from the latest Boro press conference, school trainee ....

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Fmttm On The Radio – Two For The Price Of None

  There are a couple of new fmttm podcast for your listening attention. Talking about career of Bernie Slaven, the return of Andrew Taylor as well as running the rule over recent Boro victories and challenging defeats. And even reading out the odd poem as well.   Yesterday we recorded a couple of podcasts as companions to the last two fmttm issues 279 v Scunthorpe and Issue 480 v Swansea City. I was in the company of Thornaby Academy student Ryan Sullivan and under the tutelage of ....

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Boro Fmttm Podcasting

  Fmttm podcast for your entertainment, we talk Mowbray and away victories. Look back over January and look forward to February and hopefully leaving the relegation zone behind. Fingers firmly crossed.   There was also lots of talk about that orange man Phil Brown and transfer windows etc.   Last Friday we were very busy down at James Cook Hospital podcasting the day away. Myself and Egglescliffe school work experience Helen Woodhouse took part in not less than three radio ....

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Merry Christmas - Up The Boro

A very Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you have a brilliant day and santa hasn’t let you down. Sadly, no football tomorrow but maybe a bit of time to recharge the batteries and stock up on mince pies, wine and stuff the turkey sandwiches.   It has been such a difficult time for our local team of late. Pre-season promotion favourites instead struggling for Championship survival. Off the field we are trying to get to grips with the financial squeeze both as supporters and a ....

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Snow Business At Boro

  Boro v Hull City, a game that anyone present will be talking about for years. I nearly said “anyone that saw it” but of course we didn’t see a great deal of Hull, white shirts on snow white pitch. Referee, please take note, once you’ve learned to fasten your boot laces! As for those new fangled luminous yellow balls, well they’re plainly not luminous are they? Not a patch on the old orange ball. But as we were always told there were only 6 of them in the ....

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Fmttm Mowbray Special Podcast

  Fmttm heralded the second age of Tony Mowbray with a very special podcast. Fly Me To The Moon with Tony Mowbray.   After all the pre-season promise this campaign turned so sour so quickly. Gordon Strachan’s post match outburst was almost the last rites to his year of struggle and strife on Teesside. Instead of blazing a trail at the head of the table Boro were locked in a do or die relegation struggle.   Desperate times called for a big man with broad shoulders, Tony ....

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We All… Leeds And Leeds

  When I was young Boro v Leeds was THE game. It was the match you always looked out for and it was match you simply could not even consider losing. Tomorrow’s match is going to be every bit as important. If Boro harbour any ambitions of finally stepping on the gas and moving on up then surely we must clean up against the fallen giants of West Yorkshire. Or is that the club rising again from the ashes? Another reason why tomorrow’s teatime kick off is so important to both ....

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Boro Must Sink Pompey – Podcasts

  Boro must get back to winning ways at home today and blast Pompey out of the water. Nothing less is acceptable for a team that has slid perilously close to the relegation zone after back to back defeats on the road.   We have a couple of podcasts for you chatting about recent events and our hopes and expectations. Click on the links at the bottom to listen. They are both about 20 mins in length.   We are back on home soil again today and hopefully we can click into that ....

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Time For Perspective

It has been a terrible weekend for Boro fans. The damaging defeat at QPR but then the news filtering through about Gary Parkinson being in a critical condition put everything into perspective. We all wish Gary well and can send him a message by chanting his name at the match on Tuesday night. Burnley and Boro fans alike.   Torrid times at Boro at the moment. Only five games into the season and already our pre-season promotion favourites status seems like an almost unachievable dream. How ....

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Big Weekend For Boro

Boro will be looking to start the season all over again this Sunday. We need to finally get off the mark and start to turn all that promotion potential on paper into real goals and points.   Sheff United always make for difficult opponents and we hit tem on at the start of a new era, the age of speed. Will it be a different Blades we see? Will they come out into the open and try and take us on or pack behind the ball, put themselves about and make themselves hard to break ....

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Come On Boro: Stop The Tractors In Their Tracks

It’s here at last the first game of the brand new season and there is a real feeling of hope and optimism in the air. We are favourites for promotion and no wonder with the squad Gordon Strachan is assembling. But the acid test will be with the actual kick off out on the field against Ipswich. Come on….   You might have seen last night just how easily worlds can come tumbling down. Norwich were strong favourites against cash-strapped Watford but were put to the sword by ....

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Fmttm World Cup Podcast

It is less than a week away now to the big kick off in South Africa. The Boro is on the back burner for a time as England flags are going up all round the shop. Excitement is growing before the very first World Cup finals to be played out in Africa.   Best prepare the big match environment in your front room. Bagsy the best chair in front of the new surround sound flat screen HD telly and prepare enough light and not so light snacks to give you sustenance for a month. Take care to read ....

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Boro Inside - The Podcast

  The season is over – we wrapped things up with a special end of season podcast at Southside studios. Featuring surprise guest, Boro poet and new father, Khadim Hussain, he was certainly a surprise to me and Afonso Alves former dietician Aaron Craig (not really). Oh as well as Southside anchorman, Alex and myself.   Coventry was a flat end to the home campaign and of course we lost at Leicester to finish in 11th place. But we try to end things on a bighter note, or at least ....

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Afonso Alves Ate All The Pies

  No one would ever accuse Jonathan Woodgate of being any other than normal with his eating needs and requirements but the same could not be said for Boro’s Brazilian striker Afonso Alves. Perhaps the reason why the “goal machine” went badly out of order is revealed by his eating disorder i.e. he ate two tatties more than a pig.   Fmttm podcast presenter Alex and Robert Nichols were joined by a former Hurworth restaurant chef, Aaron Craig who lifted the lid on ....

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Can Boro Still Take It To The Play Offs

  Dropping those 2 points against Crystal Palace at Easter looked crucial at the time but do we still have time to claw our way into the play offs?   There is no doubting the make or break nature of Saturday’s game at the Hawthorns. Hopefully West Brom might switch off having clinched promotion and with Newcastle having one hand and two fingers on the Championship crown.   If only we hadn’t drawn quite so many games in this unbeaten run. As Chris Riggott stated ....

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Fmttm Boro Podcast No. 19

Here is our latest podcast, recorded st Southside Broadcasting on Friday 19th March just before the double header home games v Reading and Preston North End.   We talk about the ups and downs at Derby County, the derby game v Newcastle and lots of other stuff to do with Boro. Frustrations about Boro drawing. Flood Disasters. A special tribute to the mega charity fundraiser Carmen Varley aka Blondie and her fantastic night at Derby v Middlesbrough. And how she bumped into Robbie Savage in ....

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